Monday, June 4, 2012

Time To Go Out On A Limb

Last week it was all in the news about mayor Bloomberg of New York City limiting all non-diet soda's to 16oz.
While on the surface this seems a little harsh after some reflecting I concluded most people are not smart enough to know what is best for them so maybe the government needs to step in on some issues, this soda limit is a good start but I was thinking maybe we should expand it to a federal level and I thought of some additional limits to put in place.
1, Limit all people to ONE vote in national elections, this goes for dead people as well. This would probably    not be too popular in Chicago but needs to be done.
2, Limit all welfare recipients who test positive for drugs to only ONE child, think of the money this alone would save.
3, Limit all doughnut purchases to singles (no more dozen boxes) This would the the hardest to implement in NY city as well due to high number of police.
4,  Limit all food stamp purchases to one T-bone steak per month ( to also include any other high grade cuts of meat.)
5,  Limit teenagers to one text message per day while driving, think of the money this would save. Devices could be installed on car to shut off ignition system when limit is reached.
6, Limit all Senators and Congressman to ONE term in office, with no retirement benefits.
7, Limit all persons to ONE birth certificate. (the original would be the only one allowed)
8, Limit all illegal persons to ONE paid emergency room visit per year, if they are caught abusing this they are deported.  (Actually this penalty would apply to number 7 as well)
9, Limit anyone without a job to ONE day (24 hrs) to protest in the street, this would hit the 'occupy' bunch the hardest. after their time limit was reached all government assistance would be terminated.
10, Limit overweight people to ONE fast food meal a month, you would have to step on scales to place order. (weight of carry weapon would of course be subtracted from weight)

I am sure there are other examples you could come up with as well to save money and health insurance costs.


  1. Don't see anything there that I'd change. Good list!

  2. outstanding! the rat

    1. Rev Paul, Yart, BBBL and Mohave Rat, thanks glad you enjoyed.

  3. Replies
    1. John, I can make up good rules as well. thanks.

  4. Don't see any mags for those rifles, or any place to carry them. What's the point in carrying a weapon system without ammo, all you have is an expensive club. Might as well go without.

    A. Nonny Mouse

    1. I noticed that as well, I think this was a picture of Israeli girls, probably ROTC types.