Monday, April 14, 2014

Good to see....

While traveling in Virginia  I saw one of these license plates, apparently there five other states Arizona, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas are also offering this design as well.

I hope other states follow suite, I would buy one if available to me.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A better idea...continued

I could tell from yesterdays post this is a sore subject with most, and I understand but my thoughts are this idea of Eric Holders has no chance of being implemented anytime in the near future and maybe not ever.
 Just take liberal NY (now I know not all New Yorkers are liberal but they do elect some of the most liberal politicians so apparently they are in the majority) anyway point being their Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill to require residents to register their 'assault' weapons and by many accounts about 90% of the gun owners have said they refuse and will not, even holding many demonstrations to burn their registration forms. All this over just a form to register guns, how do you think this would go over requiring folks to actually wear an ID bracelet ? I can't imagine. 

Now mind you this uprising is from a state which already has some of the worst, most restrictive gun laws so it's not like this caught them off guard.
All this goes to prove Eric Holder is delusional or smoking some really bad stuff (or both)
Actually I wish so much he would really try this, I would love to watch the flack, it would be really entertaining to watch federal agents trying to enforce ID bracelets in Texas for example. Maybe it would make a really good reality TV show kind of like Moonshiners or Swamp People. TV crews could follow around ATF agents as they comb the back woods of the deep south searching for 'lawless' assault weapon owners and forcing to wear an ID tags, now THAT would be worth watching on Pay Per View.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A better idea

In the news I see Eric Holder has kicked out the idea that gun owners have a electronic bracelet which he says will make us safer and allow only the owner to fire the gun.
Apart from showing his total ignorance and the fact you will stand a better chance of shoving a snowball up a wild cat's butt with a hot poker than making this fly the real reason I am sure is to identify the gun owners to everyone including police. I have a better idea which will serve the same purpose to them, just open carry, this will clearly allow everyone to see who the gun owners are.
I don't want to hide anything.

Monday, April 7, 2014


Came back from the mountains a few days ago, no rest for the weary though but it was good to get away. It was a refreshing break from the rat race, I knew I was in the country when I stopped at the local Huddle House for breakfast and saw a deer head hanging in the bathroom.
While waiting for my meal I read this headline in the local paper, "County to close on shotgun park this week" reading further I discover the county is buying land for a shooting range for the local High School to use. Now that is the way to operate a school. Washington DC take note.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Getting Away.

We are out of town for a few days, enjoying the mountains.
On another note, it never ceases to amaze me sometimes the way the media reports certain stories like no one would ever guess,  case in point, early this morning the news station reported about a motorcyclist who had a collision with a  dump truck,  the motorcyclist was killed and then they went on to say the dump truck driver was unharmed........OK I would never have guessed that.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

You Think ?

Been real busy lately, it seems like projects come out of the wood work at times, of course
the big news is the missing Malaysia  airline. It is painfully obvious that there was some definite ill intentions involved in the disappearance, I do not think the intent was to crash the plane (even though it may have) I kind of hope it did crash because I hate to think what it may be used for if repainted and loaded with nuclear bombs or something like nerve gas. The focus is now on the pilots and the Malaysian government is handing out bad information every day.
Oh by the way, did you know the dominant religion in Malaysia is Islam, anyone see a problem here ?  
I did hear that since Russia invaded  the Ukraine 0bama told Vladimir Putin he was a bad boy and his travel was restricted so maybe the Malaysian airline was sold to Putin, you know kinda like his own version of Air Force One..... hey my theory is as good as anyone's. 
I think I need to go aggravate Stephen for a while.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ultimate Survival Ammo?

My press set up to load 44 Special.
I stumbled across something the other day which surprised me. I like to shoot a lot and have done so even more in the past because of this I have saved a lot of spent brass over the years, I also like to shoot large caliber and therefore reload my own ammo to keep from going broke.
One of my favorite calibers is 45 ACP and I have been reloading from my brass stash for years. Recently I was at a public shooting range and policed up a bunch of fresh brass some of which was new Federal 45 ACP.  

 45 ACP, Top Small Primers, Bottom Large Primers.

While reloading 45 other day I realized some of the new brass had a small primer pocket (shown here at top of photo) At first I was put out, I mean 45 ACP has always had large primers (bottom of photo) and it almost seemed sac-religious to utilize the same primer as a 9mm. I did some research and come to find out more than one manufacturer (besides Federal) has gone this route and apparently police departments are buying this stuff up as well. Most re-loaders I read about were scraping the new stuff out to get rid of it therefore  avoiding confusion during reloading, others said they would reload it and use it at ranges or locations where it was not convenient to save brass.
I pondered all this and decided it makes it a unique survival ammo. I don't know of another caliber which you have the flexibility to use either small or large primers depending on what you have available.
In fact in a real crunch if you had a stash of both these types you could physically load for your 45 ACP with any large or small pistol primer or any large or small rifle primer. I believe rifle primers are a little harder to fire than pistol primers but nevertheless it could be done in a pinch.
What some see as a inconvenience I see as a benefit......just my opinion.   

Friday, February 21, 2014

Field Trip

Heading out this weekend for a much needed break with a few friends including Stephen and Senior. We plan to eat some big steaks, build a big fire, tell some big lies, shoot some big guns, dream some big dreams and leave a really big carbon footprint. Hope your weekend is as productive.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Life is tough and then you die.

I am sorry I seemed to have dropped out lately, heavy stuff going down.  I need a little break.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Going Postal

The United States Post Office is getting geared up for a big ammo purchase in the near future.
Now on the surface this may seem like another government agency stocking up on ammo for some dubious reasons but maybe this is different.
The mailman has to deliver in the worst neighborhoods and suffer attacks from dogs, thugs, democrats who did not get their government checks, and little old ladies upset because the price of stamps went up or the mail truck ran over their dog so I can see where the postal employees might want to be armed.
I mean how would like to deliver mail in the slums of NY, Washington, Detroit, Chicago, LA. anytime let alone during civil unrest.
In the old west the stage coaches delivered mail and they were armed so I guess if you wait long enough things come around again.

Of course it might give a little more twist to the phrase "Going Postal"

Friday, February 7, 2014

Why are men so callous ?

I guess after the last post I should redeem myself a little, I mentioned that I did not like the show 'The Bachelor' because I thought it was cruel to the women involved.

This got me to thinking, what if they changed the script a little, how about after the woman is rejected they give her a gun, she could chase him around the set while firing off a few rounds, maybe wounding him and then cornering him and giving him the option to change his that would make for a good show.
How is that for callous ?

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Why are women so callous ?

The other night I was within earshot of the TV where my wife was watching a show called  'The Bachelor'  
Now I have never had a desire to watch the show and I wondered why that was and then it occurred to me, it's because I am such a kind thoughtful person. I do not get pleasure or do not conciser it 'entertainment' to watch a bunch of  ladies get their hearts warmed up and then ripped out when they are rejected.  It is like taking a few puppies from the pound, taking them home and playing with them, giving them the chance to have a good home then sending all but one back because only one was worthy to be adopted.
I am sure those watch the show would not like it if it was their daughter getting her heart dashed and crying for the whole world to see while everyone thought it was entertainment, I think of it as the ultimate trash TV.  I don't know why I even care about stuff like this......sorry I brought it up, I am sure I am in the minority.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Survival Gun Picture History

Survival guns is not just about those we may use to survive but also those which do survive. Revolvers are old school, they have been around in their current form well over 100 years and there is a reason for that, they work.
Now I know other guns work as well but over all the revolver is the ultimate user-friendly weapon. There is no safety, they don't misfeed or jamb and in the case of a misfire you simply keep pulling the trigger (double action) till it does fire and the biggest drawback is the ammo capacity which in my opinion is not as critical as some would have you believe.
Now all this has been stated before but after writing the piece on the Victory Revolver I did a little research and came up with some interesting history and information which I will share. I hope you find it as interesting as I did.

During WW2 thousands of  Victory Revolvers were sent to Commonwealth countries in a Lend-Lease program, here is a picture of some of them being unwrapped and inventoried in England during the war.

Here is an American General pinning an award on a Australian soldier with a Victory Revolver holstered on his side. It is sporting after market pearl handles.

This is an Australian soldier guarding a Korean prisoner with one of these S&W revolvers.

This is an interesting picture, an Australian combat engineer assisting American forces in Vietnam with tunnel clearing operations. He is armed with a Smith & Wesson fitted with a suppressor. Now I understand this is an exercise in futility but my guess is if you could just harness a portion of the blast it could save you hearing in a tunnel. It does appear he is wearing ear plugs as well. Could this also be one of the first tricked out handguns with flashlight attached.

Here is an American 'Tunnel Rat' in Vietnam also armed with one of these revolvers.

Here is two pilots in Vietnam. The one on the right is carrying a Victory Revolver in a shoulder holster while the one on the left is carrying either a newer model 10 (Military and Police) or a Victory fitted with newer grips. The model 10 and the Victory are basically the same weapon with the model 10 being only a little better polished.

This VF-11 pilot is armed with a Victory revolver. the butt is visible in the lower right of the picture with a lanyard attached it also appears to be sporting stag handled grips.

WW2 pilots going over mission plans. The pilot right of center with Victory Revolver.

This is an interesting picture from the TV series 'Black Sheep Squadron'
The handguns on the right and left are 1911's while the center is a pearl handled Victory revolver.

George Bush carried a Victory Revolver on his combat missions during WW2 (left) and had it with him when he was shot down in the Pacific during the war, you can see the rescue sub right of photo.

After the ocean rescue he gave the revolver to another officer to safe-keep and lost track of it till it was returned by the officers family upon his death in 1983 Bush is shown here inspecting it before donating it to the Constitutional Museum in Philadelphia.

The gun is show below. It is Serial # V361858  and is in remarkable condition especially considering it survived a ocean rescue. The serial number dates it as mid 1943 manufacture.

George Bush Victory Revolver, Serial # V361858