Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bad Day in Bedrock - Update

Thanks to all who left comments yesterday, I can't respond to each individually but I assure you I read each one more than once. It is touching to know so many people I have never met personally care enough to show love and support and prayers. It is still hard to get my head around all this, I have experienced combat stress and I know the feeling. I know how my system becomes numb and functions on training and adrenalin, this is where I am at the moment.I also want you to know I read many of your blogs yesterday, it was good to read  other things and take my mind elsewhere, I feel like I am among friends here. I will give a little more insight here so hopefully someone who thinks there is good in everyone sees that is not the case, there is evil people out there.

Monday around noon we received a call form my step-daughter who just returned home from work, there was problems in the neighborhood, police everywhere. My mother-in-law had been assaulted in her home. I immediately headed home (it was a 10 hr drive) All during the drive I was getting updates from police, friends, my sons etc. Around midnight I wheeled into the hospital parking lot and headed for the trauma unit. When I saw her my heart was sick, she relayed the story, a young black man had knocked on her door with a story of missing the bus to school and needing money. She told me she always treated people like she would want to be treated, anyway she gave him a few dollars after thanking her he left. A little while later he returned and asked to use a phone to call his mom. My MIL let him use her cordless phone on the porch. At this point he hit her, knocked her down and drug her inside. This was not a light beating, she was repeatedly punched, kicked, strangled, she said she remembers him wrapping something around her throat while she was face down and choking her while his boot was in the back of her head. She told me all this went on for quite a while and she remembers crying out for Jesus to help her over and over. At some point during the beating he covered her face trying to smother her and she said she thought if she could just lay still and be quite he would think she was worked, laying there she passed out from the beating and blood loss and after about what we believe was about a half hour she came to, drug herself to the neighbors house who then called police. It was amazing how she got up and made it next door with a fractured hip and  skull and bleeding from ears, mouth and head wounds, prior to this she walked with a cane.

She is still in the hospital as I write but doing better and hopefully will be released to a rehab facility later today.


  1. There is pure evil in this world. I have encountered it on several occasions. I am glad dear MIL is well enough to go to a rehab. What a trooper she must be. I can't find the words I would like to say so I will end with "Bless you all"

  2. Bubba, I'm still so pissed over this I could spit nails. Again, you know where to find me, and Sweet Wife and my mother-in-law prayed long and hard last night. I'm so sorry. The gang and I are here when you are ready...

  3. I'm so glad to hear how well MIL is handling the experience. By the way, if the SOB (and I don't mean Southern Baptist) who did it wasn't already arrested, I'd have volunteered to join the posse.

  4. Duke, I am still in shock over this. Your MIL is a strong women. What ever happens to this punk, its just not enough in pay back.

  5. Still in my thoughts and prayers, Duke.

  6. There are words... somewhere. They just are not in me at the moment. I don't know if I can express such extremes as I would like to express.

    How in the same moment can I convey the utter disdain and contempt for the scum that perpetrated this injustice upon an innocent person, and yet at the same time convey the sympathy and concern for your MIL? Each want to fight to be the loudest.

    My prayers are with both of you.

  7. Duke:

    again, i am so damn sorry for your MIL and for you. she sounds smart, brave and strong.

    for such an act of charity to be returned like that is beyond my comprehension... i can't understand it for the life of me. i guess Momma Bear is right, there IS pure evil in this world. breaks my heart..

    i worry so much for you both and your family, i can offer you nothing but my prayers and best wishes. if you need anything from us, just let us know.

  8. i feel torn the same way North so eloquently expressed above. there are evil people in the world - my Uncle Gerald talks about the "two seeds" in the world...any fundamentalists will catch the meaning.

    Duke, dear friend, when jambaloney got sucker-punched and was sleeping for the first 2 days - i wrote about it on the blog and could not believe the support i felt from people i had never met. but i was among friends. and so are you. we, and all of these good people, are here for you. you just let us know what we can do.

    i am sickened to my core that when that b*st*rd asked for help - your Mother in Law helped him by giving him a few dollars. it's very telling of her character that she said she always treated others the way that she would want to be treated - "do unto others" - it's just that sometimes the others are real, true, evil b*st*rds.

    i cannot believe her strength and her ability to stay calm throughout, pass out and then make it to her neighbours house. i simply can't believe it.

    please make sure that she knows that a bunch of strangers from all over the world are praying for her and sending healing thoughts - she might get a giggle out of that.

    and please try to take care of yourself during this time. i am the pot calling the kettle black. i didn't eat or sleep for days when jambaloney got punched. but you need to keep up your strength for her and for yourself.

    words can't convey my feelings. i really wish that there was something that i could do. please let us know if there is eh?

    you will stay in our thoughts and prayers until she pulls through this. and she will. it is just going to take some healing time.

    your friend,

  9. prayers are with you and your family.

  10. I have always been one to treat others with a giving heart. Honestly I would have given him a few dollars myself and the use of my phone. I just am that kind of person. I am so awed by her courage. I hope I can be even a tenth as strong as your sweet mother in law as I get older. My prayers are still with you both.

  11. Continuing to pray! Thank you for the update!

  12. I am still praying for you and yours.

  13. We pray for her recovery. Thanks for the update.

  14. Duke, you and your MIL and family are IN My Prayers, Lord-Hear Our Prayers..