Monday, November 7, 2011

Wall Escort

Police Brief before ride
 Last week was a real mess, for those who are following the story of my MIL who was almost killed in her home by a sub-human species, she had to go back to the hospital with compilations, we hope it's not too bad, she was sent to rehab too early what with the fractured hip and skull and throwing up a lot. Her daughter was able to be in town this weekend and I decided to take a little time and clear my head Saturday and go on a motorcycle ride with the Combat Vets Association along with other riding groups. Every year or so the Vietnam moving wall travels through this area and is escorted by veterans and other patriot Americans, I have done it in the past and did not want to miss honoring fallen brethren. This year we were traveling from Daytona to St. Augustine.

 I left home at 0700, it was dark and 56 degrees outside and threatening to mist rain, it was starting to get daylight as I arrived in St Augustine and met up with a few of the CVMA brothers, we rode to a little restaurant outside of Daytona and ate breakfast.
2 CVMA brothers, Darkman and Doc Reaper.
After a good breakfast we rode into Daytona and was met by over 200 other riders geared up for the ride. A few minutes before 10 we had briefing from the police who were going to escort us to St. Augustine, they went over the ride rules and what to expect. They would block all intersections for us so we would not stop for any traffic or lights. The ride would be about 60 miles. It was KSU (kick stands up) at 1000 and we rolled out on US1. There was a few people who lined up along the route and the little towns to wave as we rolled through with the wall. It is refreshing to see people showing pride in their country. We rode 2 wide, slightly staggered and arrived in St Augustine beach around 1130. First stop Elks lodge where they had, hot coffee, cold drinks and pizza courtesy of Papa Johns, we enjoyed about an hour of eats and drinks before riding a few blocks to the Anastasia Baptist Church where the wall was going to be set up for a special POW MIA event the following day.
Over all it was a good day, a chance to get away and show respect to those who gave all for our country.
Waiting to leave Daytona

Papa Johns supplied all the pizza we could eat.
Elks lodge had hot coffee and cold drinks

It's good to see a company support the troops. Way to go Papa Johns.
Bikes in Parking Lot at Elks Lodge, St Augustine Beach.
Hope the rest of you had a good weekend, I certainly hope and pray this next week is better for me. 


  1. I pray your coming week is MUCH better, and that MIL is much better, too.

  2. It's so nice to see people respect and escort a moving piece of American history.

  3. Good for you...see you later..

  4. Rev Paul and Rob's Bunker, I will keep you posted about my MIL thanks.
    Mudbug, It is good to see patriotic displays, sometime it seems they are dying.
    Stephen, Keep the coffee on.

  5. oh i love the patriotism! woohoo! and you and your Mother in Law are in our prayers and thoughts daily. please keep us updated on how she is doing!

    thanks for the lovely ride Duke!

    your friend,

  6. Thanks Kymber, will keep you updated.

  7. glad you had something you love to do to give your mind a break. looks like a great day you guys had!

    as always, we are praying for the best for you MIL and family.