Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Like To Eat ? Try This.

A little over a week or so I was visiting family in North Alabama. Around lunch my brother told me he wanted to take us to a good place to eat. We rode out in the country for about 20 minutes and turned down a dirt road out in the middle of farm country. The only sign marking the location was the one you see here.

We rode down the dirt road about half a mile and turned into a small gravel drive way and into an unpaved parking lot, all carved out of a wooded area.

Turns out the restaurant and small shop inside is run  by a family in the local Mennonite community

As we walked up the small gardens had rocks with messages printed on them

The front porch had hand made rocking chairs for sale  

 We walked in and sat down at one of the large country style dining tables and waited for someone to take out drink order.

As we waited I saw shelves with home made jams and crafts for sale as well as hand made quilts

It was buffet style, as I walked up it was like going back in time, all farm fresh vegetables, field peas cooked with ham, butter beans, greens, squash etc. all cooked in a country kitchen.
Fresh cream style corn was sooo good.

 For meat there was fried chicken, smoked ham and meatloaf.
mashed potatoes, gravely, rice
Fresh bread was also available and a good salad bar.

 During the meal at one point all the staff stopped serving and sang a old hymn acapella, it was beautiful with excellent harmony.

After I had ate till I was about to burst I discovered the desert table. Notice the ice cream  churn in the counter, it was fresh churned vanilla to go with home made cobbler, peach and blueberry also was banana pudding, bread pudding and all kinds of fresh fruit toppings and preserves. I thought I was going to die.
As I was about to leave I thought about asking for a rain check for the other half of my meal, it was so good. I have NEVER eaten at a restaurant like this before. All the food is farm fresh  and fresh cooked. It feels so good to patronize such places where you get good service and food. They are only open Thur, Fri, and Sat (best I remember) and only for lunch and supper.  It was excellent value, under $10 a meal. I for sure want to visit again.


  1. wow! i love all the pics and i am so glad that you had such a great meal! places like that are few and far between! thanks for sharing Duke!

    your friend,

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  3. How cool was that!...Don't hardly see Mom & Pop places like this any longer.

  4. Kymber, glad you enjoyed it. I was hoping I would remember more about it but while we were away is when we got the call about my MIL. I have never eaten at a place quite like it.
    Stephen, It is called "The Ole Cookstove Resturant"
    Mamma Bear, it is cool, Yes places like this are rare, if it got to be well known I don't think they could handle the business.

  5. great post - i LOVE homemade ice cream!

    sound like an impeccable meal at a great price!

    i'm jealous ;-)

  6. Duke, thanks...after I posted the first comment, which I've since deleted, I enlarged the first photo and noticed the name...

  7. Man oh man that looks like a place to become a regular at. Thanks for make us all hungry.

  8. Jambaloney, Homemade ice cream is good, especially with the homemade cobblers
    Stephen, Rodger that
    mmasse, I'm with you on that, if I lived close I would be a regular.