Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm Starting To Hate Christmas

OK maybe hate is too strong a word but seriously, I am starting to really resent this time of year. A day or so ago Rev. Paul had a blog about different ways to give gifts this year to support local, American, home grown businesses. It got me to thinking maybe some of you can think of different ways to celebrate the season as well. A couple of years ago we decided to do a few days of short trips to different things with close family in lieu of gifts like a day at Disney,  an evening at a dinner theater with a Christmas play, Church events, a day visiting different attractions in St Augustine etc. I enjoyed it as did some other family but some not so much.
I really despise how we are suckered into thinking we must spend money on things we don't need and many times won't be appreciated the next day or will be trash in a month or so.
I am serious, I would be happy getting a card (and giving others a card also) and just enjoying a good meal much like Thanksgiving. In fact Thanksgiving is now my favorite holiday by far. I want to go to sleep Christmas Eve and wake up Dec 26th and forget about Christmas. This society has sucked all the joy out of Christmas. I want to enjoy the real meaning of the season but with kids and grand kids we feel trapped. I am about at the stage to just tell them all forget it........hate me but I'm done.
If I sound bitter I am......in fact the more I think about it the more ticked off I get.
PTSD kickin' in again.

There are troops in harms way who would think the best gift of all would be holding their families and feeling safe for just a few hours.


  1. Duke, Don't hate the holiday, Hate the people who brain wash us every year to spend money we don't have. Just like the Feds.

    Way too many have forgotten the real reason for Christmas, The birth of Jesus. We don't spend a lot of money. I told my kids I wanted a book for Christmas, now to decide which one.

    As I grow older I see Christmas as a time to spend with family. Everyone works so hard during the year its hard to see everyone and catch up on whats going on.

  2. I'm with you. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. People have forgotten the real reason for Christ-mas.

  3. I'm largely with you on that, especially the troop aspect you mentioned. I was involved in retail for 10 yrs and absolutely learned to hate X-Mas. The customers came in and seemed to always act like *sses. Then on The 25, the customers would start to filter in and start complaining that you didn't have this years stuff marked down. I always thought we were opened because we were a pharmacy.... You know for those who had emergencies, or came down with colds or needed diapers and baby formula.

    Since I've gotten out of retail, I've learned to like it some again. I still hate the materialistic aspect to it, but I really like the lights, and really love the music except for that stupid John Lennon song.... :)

  4. Consumerism and my family's tendency to go holier-than-thou while squabbling over petty crap leads me to hate celebrating Christmas with my family. I've come to love it again with my in-laws.

  5. jambaloney and i haven't celebrated Christmas in the commercial way for several years. having very little family makes it easier. in my mind, Christmas is for family but it is especially for the children - and not for toys and crap but to come together and celebrate the real meaning together.

    as for Thanksgiving, it was always my favourite holiday. i love Thanksgiving dinner! and because we missed Canadian Thanksgiving (Oct. 10) - we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving with our American friends this weekend. i can't wait!

    your friend,

  6. Rob's Bunker, you are right, I don't hate the holiday just what it has been turned into.
    Sharon, Me and you both.
    Matt, my point exactly, we have forgotten the real reason, people in general are so selfish.
    Heroditus Huxley, That's the place I want to get to. Enjoy it with family and not fell obligated to spends loads of money.
    Kymber, sounds like what we all need to do. It has become a commercial nightmare. Enjoy you Thanksgiving sister.

  7. I like Thanksgiving. Besides the food and family. It is a time to give thanks for the things that make you who you are, and for family and friends.

    And, at Christmas, I'm like a little kid. I love to go and look at all the house's lit up. And, instead of buying stuff for gift's. We make gift's for family. Like, beef jerky for my Dad. Home made jelly for a friend in New Mexico. And we listen to Christmas Carols. It is a time,to spend with loved one's. And remember that Christmas is for the birth of Christ. Some take Christmas as a time to forgive. And others as a time to remember.

    So, I wish for the very best, for All of you that I have come to know blogging.

  8. Flier389, I agree, I enjoy the lights and simple things at Christmas like homemade sweets, carols, plays etc.

  9. This year I think I'll go all preppery on my family. If I have to blow a bunch of hard earned cash on presents then they're all getting survival knives, 100ft rolls of paracord, and subscriptions to Guns 'n Ammo.

  10. Ausprepper, now that's an idea I can run with. Excellent Idea, maybe a pink AR15 for the wife.