Monday, October 24, 2011

Hog Day Afternoon

It's been a busy summer and the weather is turning cool, My chapter of the CVMA was having a get together South of St Augustine Sunday afternoon so took advantage of the excellent riding weather. I rolled my 2005 Harley Police model out. The fuel injected engine turns over once and fires into life and throbs with a low idle.

I headed down I-95, breathing the fresh cool air clears the mind, The big Harley engine cruises at about 3000 RPM, music to the ears. Sometimes you just need to get away.

 Must be the place, Combat Vets enjoy  getting together. We have a chapter meeting to discusses business and future rides then a cookout, It was good to see old friends again.

After a few hours I head home, I swing through down town St Augustine the bay front so pretty.

Sea wall by the old fort.


Blast from the past, Horse meets Iron Horse

 I turn down A1A to ride home along the ocean front

 I stop for a little while to enjoy the cool ocean breeze, I love breathing salt air........No really officer what 'No Parking' sign.

I day dream about days gone by when I used to take my old Chevy pickup and drive over these very dunes and drive down the beach, there is fewer beaches these days you can drive on.

Oh well back on the road it will be dark in a few hours, time to head home. It has been a good day. A chance to unwind before a new work week. Sometimes I want to load up my duffel bag, strap it to the back and hit the road for a few weeks.....maybe one day.


  1. I don't blame you one bit. I would have done the same thing.

  2. Hey Duke...Thanks for visiting my blog. When I get my son up and into his wheelchair I am going to show him your Hog pictures. That kid loves motorcycles. He had a small bike he came back and forth on when he was stationed at Camp Lejeune and Camp Geiger. It gave Mamma Bear many of her gray hairs!

  3. Nice pictures, Bubba. See 'ya later.

  4. MDR, It did feel good to get out
    Mamma Bear, Thank you, always good to see new friends. BTW, I have made the trip to Camp Lejeune and Geiger in particular many times.
    Stephen, Thanks. What time is supper?

  5. dear friend, thanks for stopping by our blog. i haven't been checking in on all of my friends' blogs these past few days but when i saw your comment, i had to come by.

    i rode a yamaha vino scooter to work for 7 years. so "live to ride, brotha'. live to ride"!

    (oh and i had a bunch of harley-riding guys always meet me at a certain light in the morning. they treated me as if i was riding a harley, too - they were so awesome! they always let me "jump off" the green light first - always!)

    thanks again, eh?
    your friend,

  6. Awe you're makin me homesick. St. Augustine is such a cool little town. Next time you're there, stop in to the Mill Top and send good thoughts my way while you have a drink.

  7. I agree Kris, St Aug. has always been one of favorite places. I don't think I have been to the Mill Top, I will have to check it out.