Monday, October 17, 2011

You know what ticks me off (update)

Thanks to everyone who gave input on the last post. Tam made an excellent point about keeping it turned on for older posts, I can see this as you might miss comments because it would be impossible to scan all old posts on a regular basis (As a side my note my email notification does not always tell me when someone leaves a comment.)
I did want to clear one thing up, I am not advocating  that you or I shouldn't delete  inappropriate comments, after all it is our blog, if someone wants to spout garbage they are free to get their own blog but I hope I don't do that and the only reason I bring it up is it seems to happen often to me, not that my comments get deleted just not 'approved' (I guess) for whatever reason.


  1. I keep the word verification on for the spam comments. I don't know why I am a target but if I turn it off then I get three or four on every post. Being I cannot monitor my blog 24/7, I don't want something bad to linger on there for several days before I can get it off. As far as not being approved,I have the same problem on some that I read so I just stopped commenting on them.

  2. MDR, "As far as not being approved,I have the same problem on some that I read so I just stopped commenting on them." My point exactly
    I think the blog system fails sometime to notify bloggers they have comments so they never know. Actually I would rather put up with the word verification than the 'approval' statement.

  3. we have been getting comments on our old blog posts but not receiving email notifications - it drives me nuts as i try to respond to everyone's comments. i have the settings set so that anyone can leave a comment at any time but i am just not receiving the notifications. any ideas?

    your friend,

    (p.s. - i hate the word verification AND the comment approved by thingies. not as much as Stephen though - bahahahah!)

  4. No one knows me so I will take any comments I can get. LOL How do you get noticed?

  5. Kymber, I guess Tam turns 'approval' on for old posts, I don't know how to do it.
    Rob's Bunker, I don't know, I'm in the same boat.

  6. On my blog I use the "Approval Statement" for two reasons.
    1. About a year or so ago I had numerous comments from a number of people that were rather foul (probably alcohol fueled) and I have no place for those as some of my readers may be offended by them.
    2. It is the only way I know of that will let me know I have comments on older posts so I can answer them. With almost 300 posts that's impossible to scan through every couple days.

  7. Duke, Kymber,

    Go into your Blogger Dashboard.
    Click on "Settings".
    Click on "Comments".
    Scroll down until you see "Comment Moderation" and click the button next to "Only On Posts Older Than __ Days" and set __ to whatever number you want.
    Click the "Save Settings" button at the bottom.

    Et voila! :)