Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bob's New 1911

See it's bigger than a 9mm
I want to give a welcome to 3 new followers,  kenlowder ,borepatch and wethepeople
thank you for clicking the 'follow' button and joining my site, I promise not to hit you up for money, also if you link me to your blog let me know so I can return the favor.
I added my email address to the right of my page if you want to drop me an email feel free, I try and respond as soon as I can.
I like to have my 'blog reading list' shown on my blog sorted in order of most recent update (most of you do this already) I like this because I don't miss new postings, I don't have to scroll down past blogs which are not as up to date because the most recent is always on top. This speeds up my blog reading greatly.............just a idea for those who don't and wish to do this.
I have also removed my work verification from the comments section to make it easier to leave comments.  
  Who knows what any of this has to do with Bob's new 1911
As you were, Carry on.


  1. i like to have my blogroll sorted in order of most recent updates for the same reason as you - it always you to check in to any posts and know where you left off.

    i'm glad the word verification is gone - i really hate those things. not as much as Stephen does though - BAHAHAHAHAH!

  2. Kymber, always good to read your comments. Stephen talked me into removing the word verification.

  3. Duke buddy - always nice to see your comments back! and i am really loving your latest blog posts - please keep them coming kind Sir!

    your friend,

  4. Howdy, your on both of my blogs, ken-Lowder.blogspot.con and Keep up the good work.