Friday, October 7, 2011

Jungle Safari Weekend

It almost time for our Semi Annual / whenever we feel like it Jungle Safari Weekend camping trip where we venture into the wilds and perform strange rituals around the camp fire.
Will return Monday.

I won't identify these individuals (I am the one in the background with my cloths on)


  1. oh my. i am trying to come up with something but all that is coming to mind is - oh my.

    not sure i want a trip report now. bahahahaha!

    enjoy my friend!

  2. Kymber, I was trying to get a rise out of Stephen

  3. Duke, my friend, I had my loin clothe dry cleaned last week. It's soft and supple now. Oh, I.m gonna have fun.

  4. Stephen hope I didn't reveal too many secrets.
    JUGM, I don't remember

  5. bloody hell - i KNOW those guys!!

    they are the cadre of ravens that hung around framboise manor for about 3 months this summer - BIGGEST birds i ever saw...bigger that our resident bald eagles... i kid you not!

    they didn't seem to have any purpose other that croak, caw and shriek mercilessly from sunup to sundown oh, and jump up and down on our roof...seriously, they were the WORST!!

    they eventually disappeared - they are all yours now duke, please keep them!!