Thursday, October 27, 2011

This will tick you off.

Want to know what your hard earned taxes do, watch this Judge Judy clip.


  1. I had a chance to watch this clip a few weeks back, and remember how mad I felt my taxes support such idiots. It's a damn shame.

  2. Dear Duke - i must admit that back in the city - i loved watching good 'ol Judy put idiots in their places. but man it got tiring after watching all of the same old idiots being supported by hard-working Americans' taxes. so i eventually stopped watching.

    i didn't watch the clip as i have a very active imagination and don't want to upset myself. and Stephen and Borepatch's comments lets me know that i would!

    your friend,

  3. Stephen and Borepatch, It is a shame these piles of debris breath the same air as us
    Kymber, I hear you girl, I find myself wanting less and less to watch stuff that raises my blood pressure.

  4. As if the dude living off the state wasn't bad enough. The clincher for me was the woman not paying rent either! I wish Judy had mandated that they both pay back the money they've been given. And I hope she does send that tape to Congress.

  5. I used to get a real laugh from Judge Judy until she got uppity about one of the defendants having a gun.
    "What do you need a gun for, sir" She inquires shrilly?
    My response would have been "in case the British ever manage to regroup..."

  6. Kris, It does show how dis-functional a group of society has become, I wish congress would change it, it may take a collapse for it to happen.
    Ausprepper, I agree