Friday, October 14, 2011

Not Good # 5

Not a good idea to cut the limb your ladder is leaning against.
Not a good feeling, see where chainsaw is.


  1. there are some people that good air is wasted on! although - back at our old place in the city, i was once awakened to the sound of a chainsaw. some idiot who had just purchased the empty lot next door was chopping down a 90ft white pine - i almost cried as they are rare trees in that city. he was up there with no safety equipment, no goggles, not boots, no helmet, wasn't tied on, didn't have any of the branches that he was sawing blood boiled! he was making a right awful mess and although i stood in the window and prayed that an accident such as the one above would occur - it didn't. i sure do wish he had have been as stupid in your pic.

    some people eh?

    your friend,

  2. That is one scary picture! Everytime my husband trims the apple trees I worry about the same thing. He wouldn't have far to fall, but the chainsaw. . . . Yikes. Scares me to death!

  3. Kymber, Yes some people aren't overly bright
    Stephen, I bet he did
    Red Woman, I have had things happen to me that give you the worst sinking feeling, this would have to be one also.

  4. I sometimes wonder what being that stupid feels like. Or being a liberal. Do rainbows and unicorns really float through your head?

  5. Mudbug, I don't think much of anything floats through a liberal's head unless they are told what to think.

  6. Mudbug:

    it's not rainbows and unicorns in this guy's head, more like mold and kitty litter..

    if you are an amateur limbing a tree, you do it with a hand saw which is less dangerous and forces you to be VERY conscious of where you are standing... but whatever.

    decisions that lead to accidents like this usually start with a 6-pack.. booze and power tools DO NOT MIX!!! cleaning out the gene pool, one fool at a time!!

  7. Jambaloney, I had not thought of that but I could see a drunk saying "I can cut that limb, save you lots of money"