Wednesday, October 19, 2011

TEOTWAWKI, What to do.

Yesterday I tried to express some of my feelings about what we might be in for. Thanks for all who commented, I think most of us see things very similar. The main point I was trying to convey is get your mind ready for what may be coming. We know we can't sustain our current situation without things boiling over, whether its triggered by inflation, wars in middle east, terrorists attacks, bankruptcies of governments or people just getting fed up. In a post SHTF we will not be in a recognizable society, we tend to think that if it goes that route we will eventually come out victorious and things will be all hunky dory again, I don't think so, we may be building out of ashes and starting from scratch with only what we were able to salvage before things went south, and with less family and friends.
So what are our options and what do we do? I don't wish to tell anyone what to do but I can tell you how I prepare. As some of you know we have a BOL with a few friends including my friend Stephen we like to camp and cook out and shoot and this serves two purposes,  it lets us prepare and train but at the same time it is fun so if the SHTF we have a place to go but if it never does or is a long ways off we still have a good place to go hang out do what we like. We also brainstorm about strategy, supply's and logistics on a monthly basis. Next is the food, I like to store up stuff I like to eat right now. Personally I don't want to invest thousands of dollars in MRE's (or similar stuff)  which may never be used, if you want to do that go for it. I prefer to buy way ahead in bulk and use up older stock to keep it rotated and fresh. I do buy bulk rice and beans etc, which can be stored but for the most part I like to rotate food so regardless of when it is needed it will always be up to date and I have saved money because by purchasing early I have the option buying when on sale and beating inflation somewhat. So the way I see it is regardless of what happens I have saved money and am still prepared. I won't go into seeds, gardens and all that stuff but you get the drift. As for guns, ammo and other protection tools it is a hobby with me so it is a non issue and I wont go into what you may need, there is tons of info out there and it can start more arguments than religion and politics.
I want to be prepared to tackle what may come and still stay sane doing it. I mentioned earlier about getting your mind ready, do not underestimate your mental state. You have all heard of PTSD which effects war vets it is caused by things they do and see, in my opinion in a SHTF scenario we may see it worse, let me explain. A combat troop has an 'out' so to speak, they can reason they are doing what is ordered by their government and are therefore exempt from their actions now they may or may not see it quite that way but the point is in a SHTF case we will not have that option. We may be acting to save ourselves or our friends and family but the responsibility will all be on us. We will see a problem, decide what to do, attempt to solve it and regardless of the outcome take full responsibility for the action. I can promise, you will never know how it will effect you till you walk down that road, there is no training to prepare for it. Maybe that is why in the Bible it mentions in the last days men will cry out for the rocks to fall on them, no doubt to stop the torment.
So with all this doom and gloom what do I hope for, I would like to see people wake up and start being responsible and not wasting all our money and government stop restricting us, I know I'm living in fairy tale land but this did not all occur in the last year or so and it may take generations to reverse it, I know  not a very realistic option but I never stop trying to educate when I can. I do see some hope (believe it or not) in some of our young people......I said some. They realize they don't want to work their whole life to support the leaches in society. Things tend to go in cycles, my generation, the peace and love generation probably won't be able to reverse it but maybe there will be enough young people who make a difference, they don't have the phoney guilt that was thrown on the baby boomer generation to solve all the problems in the world, or at least they reject the guilt for the most part.
To sum it up, we know for a fact things can't possibly stay like they are, there is no way to sustain it. Maybe it can be reversed, I don't know. In all likelihood it will take a major event throw us into a tailspin, it will not be pretty and the outcome will not be sure. In a SHTF scenario it will be TEOTWAWKI, we will be changed forever and things may not be better.


  1. Amen, my friend...amen. Hope this wakes a few to what the future holds. Well done.

  2. What Stephen said. I appreciate the thought & care with which you've prepared these posts; we can only pray that more people take their blinders off and consider what's most likely ahead of us.

  3. The truth is out there....

    It's just that so many willingly have their blinders on.

    On an off note.... from the looks of your first photo it appears that you and your group have solved the fuel crisis that will also be visited upon us after the SHTF.

  4. And if you can prepare by going off grid (certainly as far as you find it possible), you'll also be in a better place WTSHTF :)

  5. Duke,
    Great write here.

    Don't exclude the Powers of God, our maker of this earth and what we call home.
    A nation without God, is a nation condemned.
    We are past the cusp of returning to what we once had in this nation.
    I also do not envision that just by changing a president, is going to magically resend the corruption that is amass in our entire governmental system.
    The global powers that be have successfully entrenched our nation into "a malleable leveling field", the likes of other socialist countries, so that we can Assimilated into the global ruling system of government. The turning point occurred 40 years ago, when we lost the controls of our educational system, today they have bankrupted our US dollar and sabotaged our nation with financial debt we will NEVER be able to balance, labor unions have unwillingly been used in blackmail schemes to ensure their lobbying interests and they literally pay for a job.
    In addition,we will never be able to recoup financial losses sustained in this bailout scheme, because the loss of our nations abitilty to make profits, and to acquire non-union work, has been removed in the last 25 years, due to relocating this country's labor force industry in manufacturing, to oversees and across our borders, to other "less fortunate" countries.
    All this was done while our elected officials, who we put in positions to "represent us", went about representing the Globalist agenda.
    Can this all be reversed?
    Look at history for the answer to all subsequent oppressive governments. Most are still busy oppressing their serfs, and using their financial and political prowess to "level out other dissenting countries" a few at a time.

    If you believe in prayer, Pray fervently to God for His order of "levelling" against corruption and evil.
    Whatever method that may be to Him.
    Trust fully in Him, because he is the only power that can wipe clean the evil from this nation.
    He waits to hear for our unified call to fold those mountains upon the modern Pharoahs of our time with their un-Godly agendas.

    Pray as a part of your preps.
    Pray to never fall prey to become a slave to anyone but God.

  6. Good post Duke!

    Hopefully by Christmas, I can be off grid with my freezer and well. My wife, who thinks I am nuts about prepping (but knows i'm right), has gone so far as made an arrangement with a couple that we are friends with and are like-minded for them and their 2 year old to move in when SHTF. I can't love her enough for that. Just the two of us holed up would be a nightmare, but 5 of us is more manageable. They both have their CCW and have a nice collection, and we are more than willing to share our shed and our safe if they need to store. It's nice how God works sometimes, to let us know we are going in the right direction...

  7. Stephen and Rev Paul thanks for the vote of confidence.
    Matt, Thanks...good one about the fuel.
    Dani, off grid is always good for any reason, saves tons of money.
    Anonymous, I agree but I don't think it is impossible to reverse, this country has broke so many molds and survived so long we just might do it if we cut the size of Govt drastically. For sure Govt. is not the answer, it's the problem. We can't go by what other countries do or have done, none are set to operate like we do so I hold some glimmer of hope.
    Mudbug, good deal, Good thing about prepping is it's a win win situation. You get prepared and save money as well.

  8. Great writing and great advice!
    I have one question, though...."BOL"?
    Bug Out Location??

  9. drjim, you got it. Bug out location. Thanks.
    Rob's Bunker, Thanks.

  10. Thanks, Duke!
    I've learned a tremendous amount about many, many things since I started blogging a couple of years ago, and it's all been due to good people like you!
    Take care, my friend.

  11. Duke - you know that i love your posts about anything! but when you talk about TEOTWAWKI - then i really sit and listen! i have nothing to add or comment about - except to urge everyone to get seeds, grow seeds, learn about saving seeds - and OF COURSE - make sure that the seeds are all heirloom, organic and GMO.

    my dear friend - please keep up with these kinds of posts and we may all be able to save our beautiful, strong and free North America!

    your friend,