Monday, October 1, 2012

This will be interesting.

Yesterday there was a shooting at a VFW in Winter Springs Florida.
 I don't think there are many details yet but there apparently are 2 dead and police confiscated a bunch of weapons. It will be interesting to find out the whole story. It appears one or two gunmen went into the VFW and started shooting, not a smart move I think. I have been around a lot of these vets and a great number carry concealed weapons.


  1. Yes, I will be interesting to find out the motive for going into a VFW and shooting.

  2. Doesn't seem to make a lot of sense, does it?

    I'm thinking it must have been something personal!

    1. Hermit Jim, I guessing it was a personal issue as well. thanks.

  3. Guys....I can assure you....things are not as they seem in this.
    Three Warlocks that died were my club brothers.
    Yes......I am one of them kind of people I reckon. I am in a Warlocks chapter in South Carolina.

    Here are a few facts....
    1.) The shooters were former members of the club I am with. THey were put out for conduct we do not condone.

    2.)The shooters then bargained with and become members of the (other) Warlocks based out of Philly Pa. and "opened" a charter
    down in Seminole County.

    3.) The guys who died were there for the charity event (at the VFW) and were UNARMED. One of them was from Louisiana, one was out of the Orlando Chapter, and the third out of our Lake county chapter.
    4.) The VFW was in no way involved in this other than the location hosting a poker run to raise money for charity.

    I did not expect this to appear in a bog I follow....golly...
    and I would not be offended by anyone's comments on the matter. pro or con. If asked a question, I personally will strive to answer as honestly and completely as I can, about this, the club or the lifestyle.

    Respectfully, I am

    Chuck "Warlock Sundance" Seay
    Warlocks MC
    Sumter SC

    1. Warlock, Thanks for the info. I knew there had to be a story behind it.

  4. Yep, thanks for the 'rest' of the story... and they were a bit 'snarky' about the way it was reported, like the VFW was at fault. But anymore, the MSM thinks ANY Veteran is a domestic terrorist...

    1. I am a veteran (Navy) and I no longer listen to any of the big networks or print news sources except for Fox News (who I trust sometimes)

      CNN communist news network
      NBC national bolsevik channel
      CBS communist broadcasting service
      ABC anarchist bolsevik channel
      MSNBC moronic socialist nationalist bolsevik channel

      It used to be that active duty military, veterans, police officers, postal workers and others held in high regard with respect and admiration within American commnuities.
      Almost every house on the block would have a pistol or rifle in it and at least one house on the block had an amatuer gunsmith in it.
      We would have chemistry sets as kids with actual real chemicals in it and toys with sharp edges that tought us the hard way to be careful with handling things.

      (I can say that I have became the amatuer gunsmith on the block and I have gotten many younger people in thier 20's and 30's into target shooting and self defence shooting)

      sorry for the long rant, I miss the America I grew up in.

    2. Old NFO, if the media and government can get any 'mileage' out of this they will
      Anon, There is a reason FOX news is blowing all the other networks out of the water with their ratings. I agree with the assumption we have become a society of wimps, thus the reason for my blog rant today (10-2-12)