Saturday, August 31, 2013

Why didn't I think of this earlier ?

I was walking through a toy isle the other day and saw a toy gun with an orange tip on the barrel to make it non-threatening and I thought what a novel idea.
Obviously the solid black look is evil because the government is against it but on the other hand orange and green highlights make it look warm and fuzzy. I could paint the tip of my AR bright orange and maybe the trigger as well to give it that safe look and make it accepted by the masses. Wouldn't it be hilarious if all AR manufacturers starting producing orange flash hiders, what would the toy people do.
On another note, I will be going to the range today with some of our group, Stephen and Senior will be there to participate in some serious gun training, stuff you can't do at your local range, report to follow.
Thought for the day.....If you can't be safe at least have fun. (good range rule)

Thursday, August 29, 2013

2 Million Bikers to DC

I guess by now you have heard about the 'Million Monkey Muslim March' on Washington DC set for 9-11. If this is not an in your face so what you gonna do about it moment I don't know what is.
This would be like the Nazi's having a march in Jerusalem on a Jewish holly day or maybe like the KKK having a march in Washington on MLK's birthday (I am sure the media would frown on that) but you get a bunch of inbred Muslims who want to march in DC on 9-11 and it is a wonderful thing.
Now we have a 2 million biker march ride on DC set for 9-11 as well, they even have a Face Book page which you can go to and 'like' (over 37,000 in about a week) The organizers of the MMM are now trying to re name it due to the backlash from the general population but the word out.
What I would like to see is two million armed bikers show up, I don't care that it's against their unconstitutional law to be armed in DC (I'm fairly sure the Patriots in 1776 didn't worry about silly little rules like that) and to be honest the police up there could not handle the magnitude of something like that. I hope there is enough motorcycles show up to choke all the roads in and out of DC and I hope it's loud enough to drown out all the anti-American speeches. I know for a fact some of these bikers are just crazy enough and not afraid of being arrested to make a point, wish I could say that about the rest of the sheeple.
Free men don't need and don't ask for permission. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

All the Gold

Many of you may be familiar with the  Media Research Center and have seen this but this struck me as funny,
This morning I got an email which said rumors were swirling around Washington that all the gold was missing from Ft Knox and that it has been sold to China, it went on to say.... "Without any gold in Fort Knox, the United States has nothing backing the dollar but faith. "
I don't know what these people have been smoking but our dollar has not been backed by gold since the 60's so while I doubt all the gold is missing, ( I kinda think something like that would be hard to keep under wraps for 40 + years, I mean somebody would have spoke on their death bed) bottom line is there is NOTHING backing our dollar except faith.......Faith in the government and it's upstanding, loyal, unselfish, faithful devotion to you. I don't know about you but this makes be feel all warm and fuzzy inside, I think I will go sit the Social Security office and 'feel the love'

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Concealed Carry Philosophy, Part V

Sorry I have been a bit tardy lately I hope to get back in a groove soon. With my trip recently taking my time I got off track on  my little series on concealed carry philosophy. 

I want to mention a couple carry guns which don't cost a lot but are decent quality.  The one at right is a newer Charter Arms Bulldog in 44 special. This is one I like to carry some, the 44 special is a little costly to shoot a bunch but I reload for it which makes it as cheap as anything else and even if you buy the ammo you can buy reloads more reasonable than new factory loads. Recoil is a little harsh but not too bad, still a blast to shoot.

 At left is an older Charter Arms 38 special, another fine carry gun which can be found without breaking the piggy bank. In my opinion most Charter Arms are fair quality guns, I do have one which was made in the 90's I think which is marked 'Charco' and they don't seem to be as good a fit and finish however they still go bang when the trigger is pulled but if I was looking I would try and find one not marked 'Charco' (just my opinion)  The very early ones and the newer ones made since around 2000 seem the better quality.

Bottom line is you don't have to spend big bucks to have a decent CC weapon in fact the little Charter Arms 38's can be found for under $250 if you keep your eyes open and in the last week I saw a used 44 Bulldog for $299 so they are out there.

Part one here

Thursday, August 15, 2013

How could this happen ?

In the news Jesse Jackson Jr was sentenced to 30 months in prison for stealing campaign funds and his wife was sentenced to 1 year in prison for false tax returns.
 It was reported Jackson used the money to buy things like a Rolex and other personal things, the article didn't say but I wonder if it included this fur coat.
Who wants to wager how long before he gets out or 0bama pardons him.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Klan Rally ???

Proving again that liberals are shallow and intolerant we have this story about a rodeo clown at the Missouri state fair who dressed with an 0bama mask while the announcer asked the crowd if they would like to see 0bama run down by a bull. According to the story the crowd went wild and "hooped and hollered" at the stunt. True to life in the crowd was at least one weak minded, frail, bed wetting, anti American who took offense and said it was "It was cruel, It was disturbing, I'm still sick to my stomach" and said he thought he was watching a Klan Rally.
Of course stepping back maybe he is correct, I am sure no liberal ever wore a Nixon or Regan mask and pulled any distasteful stunts and if it did happen I am sure there would be outrage and news stories about how shameful it was and lets be real, in our enlightened society there is no place for comedians, talk show hosts and news persons openly disrespecting the president on national TV in fact I am quite sure George Bush was not treated to this kind of ridicule or disrespect from kind understanding compassionate liberals. 
 What is kind of funny is if this bleeding heart had kept his mouth shut the only people to know about it would have been those in attendance but he has boosted the 'shameful event' from a small venue to national stage, you gotta love freedom of the press.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Good Read

Chris Kyle
Things have been busy since coming home but I wanted to mention a good book I read while away.
"American Gun" by Chris Kyle, he is the US Navy SEAL killed recently by a fellow war vet he was trying to help.
The book was written by him but published after his death. In it he picks 10 of the most important firearms (in his opinion) in our history and how they shaped our country.  He gives stories of each weapon and how it was developed and used which makes it interesting and easy to read and because it covers 10 different weapons it can be enjoyed in short segments without loosing a story line which should appeal to those who don't normally like to read a lot.
If you enjoy shooting you will enjoy this book.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Back Home

Just got back this evening after a 13 hour trip through the mountains and down the coast. Hope to post more tomorrow.