Wednesday, February 27, 2013


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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Grizzly Target Field Review

This past weekend our shooting group converged on the range for a weekend of camping, work and shooting. There were seven of us among whom were Stephen and Senior. After a morning of work we set out our array of firearms everything from modern day weapons to WWII, handguns and rifles. I had been anticipating this because I wanted to do a extensive field review on my new Grizzly Target. I had done a preliminary review a few days ago and was eager to test it with a variety of weapons.

First up I set the target out at the 15 range and we tested it with a variety of handguns which included 22, 9mm, 45 ACP, 38 Special, 7.62x25 and even a 32-20 revolver and one of my newest carry guns a Charter Arms 44 Special.
There was really no surprise with this test, with a good solid hit the target would fold down and pop right back up. The 22 would not fold it completely down (maybe half way back) but still enough to tell it was hit. After at least 50 hits from handgun ammo and a careful examination there was no damage to the target and apart from a few smudges of lead no sign of being hit.

Next I moved the target out to 50 yards and grabbed my newest build a 300 ACC Blackout on a AR frame. I shot it 3 times (.308, 150gr bullet) and with each hit it would flatten down and spring back up with a clang but again after inspection I could not find any damage.
Next up Jim (shown at right) put a solid hit on it with a 303 Enfield at 50 hit hard, the target folded down harshly and sprang right back up. Everyone of us walked up to the target and looked down, we were all shocked, there was not even a dent. I run my fingers across the surface, front and mark. the only telltale sign was the heavy galvanizing was chipped. As we walked back Jim said "mind if I hit it with my 7.5 X 54 French" I said "go for it" again it hit hard and after a repeat damage.

Senior had been shooting his AR-15 with the 22 conversion bolt and had switched back to 5.56 to blow the carbon and crud out of the gas tube so with the target still being at 50 yards he put five good hits on the target.
With each hit the Grizzly Target would fold down with a clang and spring right back into position. We all inspected the target again, this time the surface us slightly deformed, you could see the hit marks (proof below) each impact point was about 1/16 of an inch deep but still no danger of total penetration.
Steve had been sighting in a Mosin Nagant with a scope (at right) so I moved the Target out to 100 yards and he landed a good solid hit with a 147 gr bullet. This time we were all surprised, for those who don't know the 7.62 X 54 Russian round is a beast but after inspection of the target there was less sign of impact than that of the little 5.56.
I decided to bring the target back to the 50 yard mark and test it again with the Nagant just to make the range equal and give a fair comparison. Stephen decided to try his hand at destruction, At 50 yards the target was slammed hard with the mighty Russian round, I thought the target might destruct....  you could hear the clang of the target as it was shot even over the blast of the muzzle then Steve (different Steve) shot it again with a 147 grain bullet and again with a 182 grain machine gun round.
After inspection there was a slight indent but noticeably less than the 5.56. This was a total surprise, each of us would have bet money that the big Russian round would do more than the 5.56 but the proof is here.
I know from experience what rounds will do to mild steel, this is not made from mild steel it is AR500 (3/8" plate) it is the same steel used in some body armor and is laser cut to shape and it makes a superior target (I just wish we had a supply of this steel in the early days of the Iraq War for hardening vehicles but that's a different story for another day)
To sum it up we were all impressed with the target, while there was slight impressions left in the target from the 5.56 and 7.62 X 54 rounds it was in no way damaged and still functioned flawless.
 I have spent countless hours in the past building targets and welding plate only to have it needing extensive repair because some goon blasted it apart with a high power rifle and to be honest I thought this test might be a repeat that is why we worked up to higher powered rounds but to my amazement it held up.... and very well at that.
 Steel targets are so much more fun to shoot than paper targets, especially any moving (or in this case) auto-reset type targets, they give you a visual and audible response which is especially nice if you don't have a spotter scope which means you don't have to walk miles a day back and forth repairing and replacing targets which makes this target a winner in my book. 
This Grizzly Target is quality, American style. Many thanks to these good folks for the chance 'test drive' this target, they have every right to be proud of it. We would be in so much better shape is Congress worked a fraction this well.
Read another Grizzly target review Here.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Another Carry Option

For all mothers of small children, This would give all your liberal friends screaming fits.

The beauty of this setup is if a purse snatcher is running away you have a close range and long range weapon.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lost my dignity.

Recently  it was brought up that Congress should take a pay cut, while I grant you it would have no real impact on the Nations financial problems it would have been a 'we feel your pain' solidarity moment.   
Nancy Pelosi was against it and said it would lower the dignity of the Congress. This is mind boggling on more than one level, first of all what is she smoking, obliviously they need to drug test her, does she not know the dignity of Congress can't possibly go lower....most people in prison have more honor than she does so voting themselves a pay cut would boost their image immensely and they are in a position to not be needing the money that bad anyway.
More important than that it shows what she really thinks  of those of us who have had to take pay cuts for the last few years, she thinks we have no dignity.
I firmly believe people like her will one day get their judgement. 

Monday, February 18, 2013


I have been as busy as a one arm paper hanger it seems. It has turned cold and we had our first (maybe only) freeze of the year which is good for killing off a lot of bugs and other pests in the garden and yard. 
I was visiting a local gun shop the other day and they had quite a few CMMG   AR-15's for $789 (best I remember) one guy was buying one and asked if his friend from NC could get it shipped to his FFL in NC but was told no, they were only selling 'in store' but it is a sign that things are cooling off.
 If the Congress and Senate keep fighting over the budget and don't talk about guns I suspect supplies will return to normal soon but be warned and don't get caught again because we will have shortages and runs on ammo and guns again.
Anything you can find at a decent price, now or in the future like magazines, ammo, reloading components etc they will be like silver or gold eventually. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day, True Love

A gentleman must always treat a lady special but especially on Valentines day.

PS, I don't know where this picture came from but I adapted it for today.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A little help please.

I was reading through my emails and ran across this comment from Rev. Jackson who said this in a recent interview on Fox News in reference to semi auto handguns and rifles.
"But officer, I was just cleaning it when it went off"
"You know that these weapons can shoot down airplanes, they can blow up railroads. This is really a whole national security issue"
 Now I am fairly up to date on the damage most hand guns are capable of but someone is holding out on me, and I certainly believe the Rev. Jackson is not mistaken so someone please help me as to what rifle or handgun can blow up railroads ? I would like to get one before they are banned, you never know when it may come in handy.
Good info like this priceless.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Grizzly Targets

            I like to shoot, it is relaxing and fun and something I just enjoy. I have never been a fan of strict range environments. I grew up shooting bottles off fence posts and  watching cans bounce along the ground as shot them with a 22 rifle. In the military range days were OK but the military has a knack of sucking the fun out of any activity......I mean who ever goes camping and doesn't build a camp fire?
 Many gun ranges are run like a Marine Corp range, some even worse. You have to shoot paper targets and stand in certain locations and shoot when you are told you can. This is all well and good for some training but it is not real world training and it treats everyone like they are so stupid they have to be instructed every move. I am all for range safety but I like to have common sense as well applied to the range, if I want to rapid fire or quick draw etc I don't want to not be yelled at like a two year old.
For this reason my friends and I maintain a private shooting range where we can develop our own skills without over restrictive rules, we are constantly finding new targets to practice with.
I was contacted recently by Jeremy with Grizzly Targets about trying out one of their targets. Before I replied I went to their web site and looked at what they offered, I have always been a fan of moving or pop-up targets so I was keen to try them out, I wrote back and soon received this target in the mail.
My first impression was it is sturdy. I have tried a lot of different targets which seem OK at first but then deteriorate with use. This one is different, it is heavy gauge steel and is hot-dipped galvanized. All the bolts are grade 8 and the spring is stainless steel.

Having many years experience in construction and engineering I know many times welds are galvanized with a cold application but not this, it is hot dipped after welding, a far better method and ensures it will not rust.
I have seen targets which require re-welding if broken up over time but on this target the welded areas are not subject to direct hits from bullets so if there was any damage to the striking surface repairs would be easy to make by simply replacing a bolt, obliviously a well thought out design.

This is a close up view of the hinge area. Notice quality of construction and ease of maintenance. The target itself resembles the "Dog Targets" the Marine Corp uses which is designed to be a head and shoulders silhouette. The target itself is 3/8" plate and is 14" high and the circle area is 4" across which is a good size for close range pistol while also excellent for up to 100 yards with a rifle.
I am anxious to give it a full work out, we have a range day planned later this month and I will be sure to give a full report later.
For full Range report click here.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

This is getting a little strange

I don't know what to think about anything anymore.
Chris Kyle, Navy Seal
 I know the left wing control freaks have no soul and I know they will stop at nothing to forward their agenda. Over the years they have failed to bring about the destruction of the Second Amendment so "Shazam" we have Sandy Hook  shooting.  The NRA and the rest of us point out that these "gun free zones" are worthless and if guns are so evil then why do you never see a killing like that at a gun show or even areas where people are known to carry. We also point out the best defense is being well trained and know how to use you weapon.
So what do you know........we now have a Navy Seal (undoubtedly one of the best trained weapons experts in the world) killed at a gun range, where everyone is armed and then the shooter walks away (however he is eventually caught)

This just seems to all  be a little too convenient for the bed wetters.
PS, if you want some really thought provoking stuff go over to YouTube and look at all the videos about Sandy Hook that claim it is a hoax, I promise you will be scratching your head in disbelief.
Not saying I believe any of it but just saying.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It's easing up.

As I forecast a few weeks ago, the arms frenzy and supplies seems to be easing up a little for now.
 I stopped by a large gun shop today and they had tons of S&W AR15's stacked on the floor on a pallet for $945
I expect in a few more weeks things will be back to like it was before Christmas, at least supply wise, prices may be a little inflated but one thing for sure, all arms and ammunition manufacturers are working in overtime, all shifts, around the clock to cash in on the situation and there may even be a glut on the market soon.

Be warned and don't get caught again when the next 'crisis' hits. It could come at any time.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Gun Show Report

I went to the gun show today and wanted to give a report. I did not want to fight the crowd but I needed some small rifle primers. We got there an hour early and by opening time the line was probably 300 yards long. I found my primers and it pained me to pay $40 per 1000.
Most AR's were $1700 and up however I did see one booth had complete 'no name' AR's for $970, not bad in today's market.
I saw a booth selling Rock River complete lowers for $399..... not too bad in today's market.

Ammo was outrages. 20 round boxes of 7.62 X 39  and 223 which used to be about $ 6 (Wolf, Bear etc) was now $12.  I also saw 'bricks' of 22 ammo (500 rounds) which sell for less than $20 at Walmart were selling between $40 and $75......and I do mean selling.
Before the show opened the guy in line behind me stopped another person walking up with 2 'bricks' of 22 ammo who wanted $80 for both, he could not get his money out fast enough and bought it.
At the reloading table I saw 150gr .308 bullets (pulled) selling for $100 per 500.......I passed.
AR mags were at least $25 everywhere I looked, I was glad I did not need any.
Needless to say not many deals,
Duke out.