Monday, December 31, 2012

Liberal mindset for a New Year

Today is New Years Eve, time to do some soul searching about the past and what the future may hold. Many of us 'rag' on the far left because they are easy to make fun of, they do not use any logic much of the time but I have been doing some thinking and maybe some of those liberal ideas are not so bad after all, I mean maybe it is time to try something new.

I remember back in the 60's and through the 80's there was a huge increase in teenage pregnancy and sexual transmitted diseases. This was a serious problem, people's lives were being ruined and kids were dying from Aids and such so the liberals came up with Sex Education. The idea was "kids were going to do it anyway so teach them to be safe" The schools started to teach about sex and how to use condoms and use birth control, all this got me to thinking...........
Today we have a rash of shootings, kids are dying and lives are being ruined and lets face it you can't have a policy of "Just Say No" so lets have Gun Education in the schools, lets teach kids how to handle a firearm and how destructive they can be if mishandled and how to be responsible gun owners and handlers. If teachers weren't comfortable teaching this they could employ retired police and military persons to help out, some may even volunteer their time.
The more I think about it I like it, Maybe liberal ideas aren't all bad.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Today's Sermon

Maybe I am a little dense, maybe I tend to  be a little slow but I wonder about some things, like for example....why did a shooter in a movie theater drive past two closer theaters, was it only because they did not ban concealed carry?
Here is another thing that I wonder about....why do most shootings happen in areas which don't allow guns like malls, schools, liberal cities etc.

The biggest question of all is why do policitians ignore simple logic and facts when trying to solve problems.
I think the answer may be found in the Bible,  "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools" Romans 1:22

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Les Miserables

Last night my wife and I went to watch Les Miserables. The story line was good and I don't mind some musicals but usually the don't sing EVERY line.
The movie could easily have been an hour long if all lines were spoken however it turned into almost 3 hours.

I suggest they should have produced the movie with all speaking and called it Les Miserables then they could have produced this musical version and called it More Miserable.

Maybe it's a good thing I don't produce movies

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas and Drive-by's

Christmas Day Massacre
I went for a little walk this morning mainly to relieve some guilt for over-eating yesterday and today, anyway I walked past a yard with this Christmas display

A few doors down I saw this display, obviously victim of a 'drive-by shooting' during the night.

Is nothing sacred anymore.

Merry Christmas to all my friends.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Shots

I have been a little slack lately welcoming new followers but I want to say welcome to Izzy 2184, she has a blog called   The Compound please be sure to stop by and say hello. I would also like to welcome Badger Medic.
I always try and answer all comments and questions in a timely manor.

On another note I was reading over on Stephens blog and it reminded me I had intended to buy him a new AR lower for Christmas, Oh well not much chance of that......maybe next year.

Santa is not coming this year.

Don't tell the kids. Santa is not coming this year......

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Are we still here ?

Did I miss anything?  Somebody pinch me.
 Did the world end or are we still here ?

Friday, December 21, 2012

Gun Sales, Gun Bans.

I was reading the paper this morning and saw where congress was thinking of banning high capacity 'clips'.......if that will make them happy and solve the problems I can live with that as long as they leave magazines alone, see I could compromise.
 On another note, I went by a local gun store today to check out some supplies, the parking lot was packed and I had to wait for a parking spot. Once inside people were stacked 10 deep at the counter and the line was around the store for the cash register.
Here is prices I overheard quoted to customers.
Stripped AR15 lower, $500 (CMMG $110 last week)
S&W stripped lower, $600
Plastic  30 round AR mags, $35
Basic Bushmaster AR15 $ 3000
I understand many stores are sold out but this one had a good supply however they were way down from normal supply levels, I guess they decided to gouge as much as possible.
BTW, this is probably the largest gun shop in NE Florida and I have bought a lot here in the past, don't think I will forget their price gouging any time soon.
No..... I did not buy anything.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Adopted....Special Day.

Yesterday was a special day for our family, my son and daughter-in-law formally adopted two little boys.
It was a neat day, the court hearing was the last of the day and the Judge was very relaxed and let the kids climb around in the jury box then afterward she posed for pictures in front of the bench with the new expanded family. We then went to a local park and had sandwiches and they learned first hand what an ice-cream truck was. When the ice-cream truck arrived I commented they did not know what it was because they did not run for it like the other children however that was soon rectified shown here with their Snow-Cones. It will be a special Christmas.

Sure solution, no joke.

Yesterday I was making light of the governments ideas to stop future school shootings but I propose a serious solution.
We have thousands of military veterans who need jobs, with minimal extra training we could station 3 or 4 armed guards at every school.
 I'm not talking about a pudgy guard with a 9mm but  battle trained soldiers with a AR15's, and make them highly visible. This idea is being used in Israel and you won't see  a school shooting there.
Talk about a 'win-win' situation, we solve a problem and give a boost to returning vets who need work, you see these cowards who prey on the weak, helpless and unarmed do so because their victims are weak, helpless and unarmed but armed guards/troops would solve this.
I can just hear some left wing bed wetter saying "but what about some crazy guard with PTSD going nuts" The answer would be to screen all applicants but also by having 3 or more at each school it would prevent something like that happening. I know this is a drastic measure but we have created a society where these measures are needed and this would work, guaranteed. 
Anyone who wants to argue with this 'fix' really doesn't want to solve the problem and doesn't mind seeing more dead children they just want to ban guns, and we all know which path the government will take.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I know how to fix this.

After the recent school shooting in Connecticut there seems to be a willingness of many in Congress to shove new gun laws down out throats.  One thing being talked about is banning high capacity magazines hmmmm,  so lets use that logic to  prevent other deaths, lets see.....there are more people killed than the school shootings every day on the highways, even infants so lets ban cars that travel more than 30 MPH or maybe if people could only buy one gallon of gas a day we would drive less. Even better, we could ban all gas powered vehicles, I don't think very many people get killed in golf carts.
Another idea is to not allow private gun sales at gun shows without background checks. So lets make it a crime for you to also sell your car to a private individual unless you run a check to prove they have a valid drivers license, proof of insurance and have not had any accidents or speeding tickets in the past 10 years.

You see and I have said before this is the trap you fall into when you let politicians argue you don't need a AR15 with a 30 round magazine to hunt deer because they are correct but the simple fact is the second amendment was written not for hunting or home protection but for protection from government abuse of power.

If you want a common sense solution to the evil black rifles just make it a law to make them all pink or white and only the military and police could have black rifles. I could support this kind of legislation because after all making evil rifles black is a very underhanded form of racism. We would also have to ban black spray paint or at the very least don't allow it to be sold without a background check. Now I think this would be good legislation at lest till someone uses a sawed off shotgun to kill with then we will have to look at banning hacksaw blades but I think would draw the line there.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Shootings, who do we blame ?

The recent school shooting in Connecticut was indeed a tragedy, I can't fathom the grief the parents have. You know many of them have a Christmas tree and presents already wrapped under it's branches for some of these children. I know Christmas morning for them will never be the same for the rest of their life.
The most asked question is who or what do we blame?  Some blame the gun, mostly because they have an agenda to disarm the American public, which is fairly stupid when you think about it. With that logic we could blame bad police shootings on the gun as well or maybe wars (although some do that) but we have been fighting wars and killing long before guns came along.
Some blame God, which is absurd when you think we as a society have kicked God out of every aspect of public life  like schools, government, public property etc.  So we ask why would someone do this ? many will blame his upbringing and all kinds of social issues, some which may factor in to a degree but I believe we have raised and bred a whole generation of people who are taught via government schools, TV, movies etc that there is no moral absolutes and that we are only responsible for ourselves and we should do what makes us happy and seek imitate gratification if needed. When this is accomplished in a person they essentially become no different than an animal, they will prey on the weak and helpless with no regard for anyone else.
I do however believe as hard as someone may try to act as if they are no different than animals something clicks at some point and they realize they do have a soul thus the reason some commit suicide after such a horrendous crime because you never see a lion commit suicide after killing a baby goat. 
 John Adams said in 1798  "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."  
Maybe we as a society need to start putting down the "animals", just a thought.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

School Shooting, really going out on a limb.

I, like all of you were sickened and saddened by the recent school shooting in Connecticut and my heart goes out to the families of those children.
 I have never been a big conspiracy theorist but I firmly believe that the hard core left wing, socialist, communists have no soul. They will stop at NOTHING to forward their agenda, a few children is a acceptable sacrifice to pay for their goal of total control through the disarming of the American public. Having said that I do not doubt that this tragedy could have been engineered for maxim effect because lets face it a mall shooting does not cause large support for gun bans, a theater shooting did not do it, a high school shooting failed to bring about the needed outrage but an elementary school might just do it. Those who wish to control the United States have to deal with a pesky little clause called the Second Amendment, if it were not for that I have no doubt guns would be outlawed here or as difficult to obtain as they are in England or Australia.
Maybe this was not a evil plot by the anti-gun crowd but at the very least the left wing politicians have publicly stated they will not let a "good tragedy go to waste" which in itself is despicable and proves they have no soul and no redeeming qualities. I also lament the fact I feel the need to voice this opinion in the wake of this tragedy however when dealing with the likes of 0bama and the liberal Democrats we need to fight fire with fire.
 I also have no qualms in saying after 0bama gave his little teary speech and went back to his cronies they were giving each other 'high fives' knowing they had been handed a golden opportunity to push their anti-gun agenda further. If you think this is a little harsh look back through history to the narcissistic control freaks like Hitler,  Saddam Hussein, Mao Tse Tung, Stalin, Lenin etc, they all had no qualms in seeing innocent people slaughtered for their own agenda and they all had the ability to gather public support to a degree. Kinda makes Home Schooling look more attractive doesn't it.
Go ahead tell me I am totally heartless, uncaring, cruel and out of touch.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Classy Lady

We have all seen the emails of the trashy dressed Walmart shoppers so I thought I would share this,
 It was sent to me by a friend and is reported to be a Walmart shopper in Alaska where you can open carry.....shows what a real classy lady looks like.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Slacking Off

Heathen Blog Followers
I feel I am slacking off.
 It is the middle of the Christmas Season (or winter holidays for any heathens reading this) I have had family in town for a few days so I am enjoying time with them.
 It seems like when I get a chance I spend more time reading others blogs than working on my own. Rest assured I have not assumed room temperature just preoccupied with others.
Thanks for checking in, more later, Duke.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Liberals and Guns.

Ever wonder why Liberals are so against guns, I mean owning a gun does not make you a killer any more that owning a fork makes you fat (OK bad example maybe it does contribute to it) but you get the point.
A killer could use a baseball bat or a car to kill but you you don't find support for banning you driving to ball games.  You see it really is not about the guns, it is about control. If the government has the guns they have control, and they want liberal government to have the control that is why they are so anti-war when conservatives are in control but how many anti-war demonstrations have you seen in the last four years?
Don't EVER get sucked into believing they are worried about the general safety of us overall. They are worried gun owners may one day foil their plans to control everything, make no mistake about it. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Rattlesnake Salloon

While visiting family during Thanksgiving my brother decided to take us to a little restaurant he had found out in the middle of nowhere. It was the Rattlesnake Saloon. We traveled over 60 miles to get there and there is nothing within 20 miles of this place.

Upon arriving in the parking lot shown we waited for the "Saloon Taxi" shown below to take us to the restaurant.

 We were driven to a gate and down a narrow trail, the first 200' or so seemed like an impossible slop to navigate in a pickup, here the trail had leveled out a little and we descended in a open cave where this place had been constructed.

At the bottom we unloaded
 Here is the Saloon/Restaurant nestled in the cave.

You can see some tables here outside. The food was good and the prices reasonable.
 The front of the Saloon.

 We ate outside, there were tables inside as well as out but we sat and ate with thousands of tons of rock over our heads.

Here is a picture looking straight up to a tree on the edge of the cavern over our heads.
 The Rattlesnake Saloon is located in NW Alabama not too far from the Mississippi and Tennessee lines. Below is the menu, it was an adventure worth having.
 How can you go wrong naming a burger after the "Duke"

Saddlin' Up
$4.00 Campfire Chips & Salsa a basket of fresh cooked tri-colored tortilla chips with fire roasted salsa for dippin'.
$4.00 Hay Stacks
$5.00 (loaded)
a basket of our fresh hot spicy fries to get your taste buds goin' or try them loaded up.
$5.00 Skunk Rings a big pile of crispy golden onion rings with dippin' sauce.
$5.00 Cowboy Buttons golden deep fried whole mushrooms with dippin' sauce.
$5.00 Giddy-Up Sticks 6 of our melty cheese sticks with marinara for dippin'.
$7.00 Chuckwagon Nachos fresh tri-colored chips smothered with chili, cheese, and jalapenos.
$5.00 Snake Eyes and Tails fried sliced jalapeno peppers and fried green beans with dippin' sauce.
$5.00 Bronco Bits tangy breaded and fried pickle slices with dippin' sauce.
$30.00 Tombstone Platter a huge help'n of various Saddlin' Up vittles.
$5.00(6) Wild Bill Cody Wings
freshly cooked wings like you want'em. Mild, Medium, or Hot.
Chow Time
$7.00 Polish Trail Dog* tender polish sausage on a hoagie with cheese and tangy sauerkraut.
$8.00 Buckaroo* smoked ham, turkey, cheese, and bacon on a hoagie with all the fixins.
$8.00 Prairie Fingers* our chicken tenders cooked fried or grilled. ask for the mild, medium, or hot sauce if you want'em
$8.00 Prairie Sandwich* our chicken tenders cooked fried or grilled on a Kaiser roll with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, and pickles.
$8.00 Rustler Burger* half pound burger on a Kaiser roll with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, and pickles.
$9.00 The DUKE* our famous Rustler with bacon and snake eyes on an onion Kaiser roll.
$6.00 Saloon Salad choose from grilled or fried tenders, ham, or turkey on a bed of lettuce with tomato, onion, pickles, and cheese.
$5.00 The Fred
(kids 12 and under only)
choose from a grilled cheese, giddy-up sticks, or prairie fingers served with fries and a drink.
* selections come with choice of fries or onion rings
End of the Rope
$4.00 Don't Forget Dessert! get some apple fritters or deep fried cheesecake with raspberry sauce... you will be glad you did.
Waterin' Hole
$2.00 Drinks
(with refills)
Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Dr Pepper, Sierra Mist, Mt Dew, Diet Mt Dew, Lemonade, and Tea
$1.00 Coffee
$2.50 Draft Beer
$9.00 Pitcher Beer
Budweiser, Bud Light, Miller Lite, Coors Light, Michelob Ultra, and Yuengling

Monday, November 26, 2012

Who would have thought ???

I arrived back home yesterday from a stay with family over Thanksgiving, I always drive back roads coming home due to the traffic on the interstate after the holiday. We stopped at a little road side stand in Georgia and bought some pecans and homemade jellies and jams

after our purchase Mrs Duke asked to use their bathroom and was pointed to these fine facilities outside, it was actually fairly upscale considering it had a "maw" and "paw" room. The little low area between the two is the hand sink.

Anyway it was good to be in our own bed again. I did turn on the TV for a few minuets and saw a commercial for a web site which was collecting funds to help victims from tropical storm Sandy, Who would have thought this would be possible, I mean I was truly shocked and disillusioned that government had failed so miserably that they had to resort to public begging on TV to help these poor people. What is really sad is these poor souls had such hope when they voted for 0bama he would not treat them like this, it is worse than Hurricane Katrina. I would send them some homemade jams but they would probably throw it away because it was not processed in a government approved facility.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend.

I am sorry my friends, I have been out of pocket and out of internet service for a few days due to being in the mountains with friends and family this thanksgiving. Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Will post more later. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

And we wonder.

 We often wonder what made government turn out the way it did, I am reminded of a speech given by John Adams to the military in 1798 where he warned his fellow countrymen stating, "We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion . . . Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." 
This I believe is telling because if you think about it this is the reason we have to keep adding laws to our books because people with no morals are not fit to govern themselves. I have no problem with a moral, upstanding person owning a fully auto M60 or  even an RPG however I don't think I like the idea of the local  Black Panther Party or the neighborhood crack dealer owning one.
By the same token there is nothing in the constitution about not beating your wife or not sexual abusing children because the the founding fathers never thought we would have turned into such a debase society.
Just Dukes two cents worth.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Gun Show.

Those who was reading Senior's post know we had a gun show Saturday, I actually expected a bumper crowd and extra high prices, I was surprised it was not as bad as I anticipated, maybe it was because it was mainly collectors and military buffs and the facility was large but there was bargains to be had but you had to know what to look for.

I picked up this stock for my 'United Postal Meter' M1 Carbine for $15. (The old one was messed up before I got it years ago)
Not a bad deal considering it still had the but plate and all attaching hardware.

I have always had a fondness for old revolvers and found this Victory model S&W  38 Special for $200 (after haggling over the price), the bluing is very worn but the action is good and not worn out. I may clean it up and re-blue it and use it as a shooter. 

It had some stag handle grips which I will use on something else however the numbers all match on the rest of the gun. The Victory models are basically a pre-model 10, primarily in 38 special (some were made in 38 S&W) produced during WWII for security work, the military and many were loaned to the Allies and returned after the war, they are getting to be collectible.

File Photo
 The easy way to spot these is the lanyard ring however many were removed after the war and the holes plugged to make them look civilian along with different grips installed but the other tell tail sign is the "V" prefix in the serial number.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Guns, Beginners Guide

As a public service I thought I would include this beginners guide to guns.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Romney wins election

It is strange they claim 3,000,000 less Republicans voted for Romney than McCain in 2008 , maybe this is the reason, military absentee ballots delivered one day late would have swung election for-Romney
I hope this is not true, I need a good day.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's Starting To Happen !

I have often said when things start going bad and times get tough it will separate the men from the boys and the weak from the strong. Some people like to be on a winning team and when it looks like a team may be winning they are quick to jump on the wagon .I have speculated many times about these 'mall ninjas' who act big and talk tough but if weapons were illegal they would be standing in line to turn them in rather than risk prison, well we are not to that stage yet however after the election I am reading blogs and emails from people saying we should accept the fact the American people have spoken and we should all get behind 0bama and help him, as far as I am concerned that is wrong, I will not help someone who I believe is undermining our values and freedoms. If a rattle snake got into my child's crib I would not say "well I guess we should try and understand it's needs and work with it" no! I would dispatch it and discard it in the garbage. I will not try and work with those who fundamentally disagree with our founding government. 0bama is not a friend of the US, he has apparently fooled many into thinking he is trying to help us and work for our good. If he was wanting to help us he would have approved the Canada pipeline construction, if he wanted to help us he would not have spent his first 2 years (with Dem's controlling the Senate and Congress) passing a health care bill nobody really wanted and we have yet to see how that will cripple our economy. I have lived in countries with "free" health care and most of their expenses are taxes, that is why tourists come here and buy Levis for $35 or $45 instead of $145 in their country... or they pay $9 for a gallon of gas instead of $3.40 but whoopee they have "free healthcare" In case you have not heard, NOTHING IS FREE and nothing the government does is cheep or efficient. The closest thing the government does well is the military but it by no means is cheep, anyone who has served can attest to the screwed up way the military operates much of the time.
0bama was not raised American, even if he was born here he was raised in anti American countries and raised by Anti American parents and grandparents and tutored by communists and terrorists (don't even try and argue against these facts, it's too well documented) he is on a crusade to destroy our economy or at the very best turn us into Europe with all it's socialism. I will not accept that he is good hearted and needs time to work things out, he has said he wants to fundamentally transform our country,  he wants revenge on the United States for our 'oppressing' other nations. (he actually said before the last election voting for him was the best way to get revenge) That scares me, revenge for what? I take great offense to him thinking America has treated other nations wrong (as he said on his first 'apology tour' overseas) America has sacrificed over 350,000 in WWI and over 1,000,000 in WWII I think that alone makes up for 'wrong' he may think we have caused.
I, like many of you have held security clearances for the US Government and know the questions and documentation you need for all your friends, family and acquaintances overseas to make sure you are not even friendly with anti-government sources, therefore I find it totally appalling that we have a imposter living in the White House who could never pass a security clearance and yet considers himself Commander in Chief.  If Bush had miss pronounced "Navy Corpsman" do you think he would have been labeled a total idiot ?....I think you know the answer to that.
Have we all forgotten the way our ambassador was slaughtered in Libya because 0bama was afraid to see dead Muslims in the street before the election. Have we forgotten the tripling of our debt in the last four years, have we forgotten the health care debacle. The list is endless, he has heaped more grief and misery and debt on us than we and our grandchildren will ever be free of.
I for one will not try to 'get along' with him and his policies, I will not bend to his anti-American views and laws against the Constitution. I for one (by the grace of God) will not be known for how much I could bend over to get along with the enemy but rather by how tall and straight I could stand against tyranny.
Now that I have had time to reflect maybe I am wrong. I think Hitler would have turned out OK if the Jewish people had gotten behind him and maybe worked with him more. So lets all hold hands and sing.
I guess those who support 0bama would have been in the group who were against our rebellion with England in 1776 because after all we were against the policies of our own government. It is funny to me how people like Hillary Clinton can say they were patriots for opposing George Bush but somehow now we are not.  
Is there one person out there who can tell me they would be satisfied if 0bama could re-write our constitution anyway he wanted, if you said yes you are not a friend of this great country if you say no......enough said, I made my point.
As a great man once said "The only way for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing."

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veterans Day

I would like to thank all of our Veterans for your service, even though Google did not see fit to honor veterans on this day on their home page I appreciate your service. The most forgotten of our vets are the ones who served in Vietnam, welcome home brothers, we are proud of you.
 We are proud of all our vets, men and women.

God bless our veterans.

Update, Sometime after I posted this at 0830 Google updated their page to show a tribute, I guess someone at Google reads ole Duke.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sounding off

In the past I have hated telemarketers, I have caller ID and I screen my calls  to avoid them but that has changed, I now find myself eager to take their calls. Here is how one went yesterday.

Ring, Ring,
(me) Hello.
(caller) Hello I am from the XYZ insurance, would you like to purchase an extended warranty on your car.
(me) I am glad you called, normally I would like to purchase the extended warranty but after yesterday when 0bama was re-elected I am cutting out all extra spending and saving it for harder times ahead, but thanks for calling.

You would not believe how good it felt to vent just a little.  I mention this because if we all did this it would be a way to get many to realize that elections have consequences. Some employers are laying off employees to save money and this is my way to get word out to the dumb masses that their lives just got harder.
I think it is a perfect way to get rid of junk calls, especially people looking for a donation, just explain in your own words that 0bama wants to supply the "womb to the tomb" care for everybody and there is no need for you to donate anymore, then hang up before they have a chance to come back with a response.
I am sure you can come up with other clever responses.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What Has Changed ?

To say I was disappointed last night with the election results would be an understatement, maybe it is the beginning of the end but I refuse to roll over without a fight. I love this country I do not love the Government, I love the Constitution I do not love all the stupid laws which go against the Constitution, so what has changed? nothing really, we still have a government which does not care to protect the Constitution, this has been doing on since FDR, maybe with a little more gusto at times but nevertheless it has been under attack ever since.
It is hard to believe that half of this country is either too lazy to provide for themselves, or are painfully stupid and unable to see the truth or are just flat out enemies of this country (by default they are enemies of this country)
It is also hard to fathom that we may see some new Supreme Court justices in the next four years but what has changed?  I may be in contempt of the court but what else is new, I have nothing but contempt for the court.
The government may pass all kinds of new laws for me to abide your point is??? I don't abide by their stupid laws now so what would make me start all of a sudden. You think if Romney was elected I would stop carrying concealed when I vote or go to the bank?
0bama is sadly delusional if he thinks he can make me do anything different, in fact the Congress, Senate, Supreme Court, Local or State governments etc are all high on dope if they think I will change the way I live my life, I have my God and the Constitution as my guide, I will continue to live as a free man, I refuse to 'change' or move 'forward'
  You can cross this country from one end to the other from California to NY and from Florida to Alaska and find graves of people who died to keep us great for over 200 years. You can point to the graves and say there lies a true patriot who made the choice to give his (or her) life to keep us free. It may be necessary one day but I would be proud to add my grave stone to the list.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November Surprise? You Decide

Disclamer... This is not to be construed in anyway to be racist. 
 Being a somewhat semi-serious observer I just go where the leads take me.

Today is election day and there has been much speculation about 0bama's origin and birthplace etc.

This past weekend while visiting Jekyll Island I stumbled across some evidence and thought I would let you decide for yourself what this means........ Is this the smoking gun as to his origin?
The picture to the right appears to be a young 0bama and is at the Jekyll Island Museum.

My friend Rebel found this in the bookstore.
Coincidence ?................ I wonder.

Note, I did not make this up......Just saying.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Island Blog Campout

This past weekend a few of us good friends went camping on Jekyll Island in the coastal region of South Georgia, amount us was  Senior and JUGM
We had invited  Stephen  but he was not able to attend, of course we did not talk trash about him regardless of any ugly rumors which may get back to him.
Jekyll  Island is a fascinating place for those who like history, it was only accessible by boat and until the mid 1950's but in the late 1800's it was the winter getaway for the most wealthy in America. Families like the Rockefellers, Goodyears, Fords etc would arrive via steam boat to this island paradise to hunt, fish, golf etc. It is said when they got together for a banquet they represented almost 20% of the wealth in the entire world.

 It was abandoned before WWII and the State of Georgia took it over and it is now a State Park, there is however hotels, restaurants, private residents and a campground on the island which is only about 5 or 6 miles long and maybe 1 mile wide average.

The "Jekyll Island Club" as it was called had a big club house which is still a hotel and actually very reasonably priced.
 Last I heard room could be had for about $100 per night, about the same as the Holiday inn and Comfort inn on the island.

Another example of one of their modest winter 'cottages'
The church on the island is still used and many weddings conducted here.

There are carriage rides and tours available as well where you learn a lot of history and are able to go into some of the homes, I have done it a few times in the past.

This is the old infirmary which is now a book store and gift shop.
There is however quite a few shops on the island.

There are miles of bike and walking trails.
This is the location of the original pier they would have used.
The "Club House" view from the dock

We all stopped in for ice cream during our bike ride. This building was the old steam house.

If you get a chance to visit Jekyll Island it is worth the trip.