Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Lesson

After my post the other day I got to thinking is there anything Muslims as a group contribute or good they do for society as a whole.
Hmmmm, lets see, there are hospitals, orphanages and self-help agency's run by, Methodists, Catholics, Baptists, Presbyterians, Lutherans etc,  all these and more are religious organizations trying to do good, promote brotherly love, save souls and improve society as a whole but I have NEVER seen a Islamic Hospital or Muslim orphanage.
Come to think of it you don't see Atheists running hospitals and such either, you don't see any 'anti-God'  people trying to do any good at all.......Oh wait a second, that's what the government is for, we all see how well that works.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Just my opinion,

and I am sure it seems uncaring, unsympathetic and politically incorrect but I think we need to have a policy of not allowing any Muslims to visit or move to this country and further more we should deport any currently here. These pieces of Islamic garbage who bombed the Boston marathon are proof of the need for such action. They appeared (before this) friendly and seemed to fit in to our society.  Their mother has the gall to blame their actions on America, she says they were nice, kind and decent before they moved here although she herself cant return because of shoplifting charges.

 In my opinion these worthless pieces of sub-human debris need to be bombed back into oblivion. No Muslim has ever contributed anything worthwhile to our society. We are a country proud of our immigrants who come here and strive to make our society better  not like these worthless followers of Allah who collect unemployment, tax our healthcare and get education grants while selling drugs on the side, of course what would you expect from a people whose prophet Mohamed was a pedophile.  It is funny in a twisted way that these acts of terror happen in liberal areas who overwhelming supported 0bama.
In closing is it kind of interesting that in the old testament of the Bible God instructed Israel on more than one occasion to destroy these heathens by killing every man, woman, child and their livestock.....just saying, makes you wonder. I am happy to get along with people who prove themselves decent and hard working but I see zero sign of that among this worthless bunch.
I for one am sick of pandering to garbage but we will be OK as a country if we just pass a few more gun laws......go ahead pick an argument with me.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Assault Rifles

There is a lot of hype about assault weapons, I have written before about how things may have changed if politicians in the past viewed the second amendment like the losers we have running the country today.
Just to be clear, in 1776 the average citizen could own the state of the art weapons just like the military did......Talk about keeping politicians honest, could it be that was what the founding fathers had in mind?

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Is this even legal ????

Somehow I doubt it.
You can't have a Nativity Scene in public at Christmas because anything Christian might offend some extremely weak minded frail liberal and here is a sign over a public highway (in your face) asking you to pray, but you may say any religion can pray, true but anyone who sees this is not thinking it refers to Allah. If you have any doubts do a Google search for any Muslim groups holding a prayer meeting.

Now I know this is illegal, high school girls wearing shirts to 'Pray 4 Boston'

I would think if the ACLU finds out this was at school they would fight to have them kicked out of school.
 How dare they try and drag God back into this after the government has fought hard to kick him out.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Cower in place, Boston.

OK, maybe not their exact words but make no mistake that is exactly the meaning behind Boston telling it's citizens to stay in their homes, hunker down and stay off the streets and do not go to work. Public transit will remain closed as well as businesses.
This is all a liberal government can recommended to it's citizens who are unarmed and vulnerable. I do wonder how many of those bleeding heart liberals wish they had a gun in case they encounter one of these bomber/shooters or at lest wish they had a well armed neighbor who might come to their rescue if needed.
Some may say "but the killers could shoot anyone without warning and a gun would do you no good".....true enough but do you think they would be so bold if they thought the person next to them might be armed, I don't tend to think so, you see cowards like to prey on unarmed victims.
I don't mean to sound cold at such a time but I am sick of the wienie mindset some parts of this country has.
PS, I did hear on the news that the killers/bombers listed their religion as Muslim on their Facebook page, I for one am stunned, such a peace loving bunch.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring Cleaning Outside.

Pink Grapefruit
 Spring is here in NE Florida. For the past few weeks we have enjoyed the citrus form my various trees but yesterday I decided I needed to do a major spring cleaning of the trees and remove any remaining fruit.

Any of you with fruit trees know you usually have  to resort to throwing the fruit at cars to get rid of it all but I decided to make some juice.

 As I was picking the Grape fruit I noticed the Spanish Moss has taken up in the tree, funny how I never paid attention before now.
Valencia Orange

 I started out to make a few gallons of juice so I would pick a bucket and squeeze them.

From past experience I like to mix the grapefruit juice with orange juice even though the grapefruit was very sweet this year it just makes a really nice drink.

I set up production under the tree as it was cool outside and the mess is easy to clean up.

 Here is some grapefruit ready for the juicer.
I use an old juicer pictured here it is fairly easy to use and seems to do a fair job. Some pulp passes through the juicer which is just the way I like it.

 This wheelbarrow full of squeezed fruit  produced about 10 gallons of juice.All this and more was added to my compost pile.

Shown here is some of the Juice ready for the freezer. I like to use the Arizona Tea jugs as they are very heavy duty, you have to leave an air gap for expansion in the freezer.  This is a 50-50 mix of orange and grapefruit, all told I ended up with almost 14 gallons.
Nothing beats fresh squeezed.

 I am glad to get the fruit off the trees.

PS, Any of you reading this to please don't mention this post to my friend Stephen, he will be over here begging for a jug.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Bombing

When I first flipped on the news and heard about this yesterday (about 2 hours after it happened) it had not been ruled an 'act of terror' however after the official response changed to the "T" word my reaction was they must think it is a right wing group, maybe something to do with it being April 15th being tax day. I thought this because if they suspected a Muslim group it would be ruled a accidental explosion or something equally stupid.
It does bring about the need for universal background checks for not only guns but any items at the hardware or grocery store which could be used to make a bomb. I am sure the Senate could make a laundry list of all items needing a background check to ensure this does not happen again. In fact I'm thinking we need to do a background on every time you have to fill up your car with gas, I mean a gas bomb is one of the worst. Just my thoughts, I trying hard here to think like a liberal.
My thoughts do go out to the victims and their families.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

I don't need the money,

so I am passing the opportunity on to you. I received this email yesterday and thought someone might need it more than me.......................



Friday, April 12, 2013


I finally completed my tax return and for the first time in a few years did not have to pay in any extra. I had to decide if I wanted to leave my refund for the government to keep and use wisely (apply to next year) or get a refund check.
I hate hard choices, I mean after all the government desperately needs money for 0bama phones and other critical expenses so I had to pick between letting 0bama hold my money or myself spending it on things I need............That decision took all of two seconds.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Welcome and such.

I would like to welcome a new follower Ron Jay , thanks for hitting the 'follow' button.
I have had to change my blog settings so I can screen all comments in order to filter out all the bottom feeders. I have not had too much problem with spam in the past but I am getting more and more so I will try this for a while.
I really think liberals have a hard time getting blog readers so they have to attach themselves to a conservative, right wing blog just to get a hit or two.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Reason for NRA ?

This is a very interesting 3 minute video. I am not so sure of the facts in it however I am sure the 0bama administration would not want this to get out very much, these leaders see the real dangers in gun control.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Easy Money

I was thinking the other day about good ways to make money and it is always wise to look at examples of how others have done it. I then started thinking the only group which seems to still be going strong is government. As I pondered this I came across an excellent idea which seems to have served the government well.
What if we started making wedding rings (along with other jewelry) out of copper and aluminum and diamonds could be made out of glass. I know some of you make think this is strange but I tell you it's brilliant. Just look at the profit, you take a ring that could be made for $2 and sell it for $2000 and it could even come with a certificate which says it is worth $2000. Now I know some will think this is unscrupulous,  falsifying values of jewelry but it has to be 100% legal and the general public is stupid enough to think it's great......I mean it's been done before when our dollar was taken off the gold standard in the 60's
Our coins at one time were made of real silver and gold and our dollars were 'certificates' which could be redeemed for silver or gold but the government decided to keep all the gold and make the money out of worthless metal and paper and tell us it was worth something.
I know the government is made up of the most brilliant minds but surly there is someone in the private sector that could make this work. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring is here,

After rebuild, before paint.
At least in our part of the country. The Pecan trees are budding, a sure sign all frosts are past. My garden in in and starting to sprout.
For years I have been keeping an eye out for an old Troy Bilt tiller and I found one back in the fall, it had been neglected and left in the weather and was all seized up. The tires were flat, one rim was rusted off. The engine did spin over but a lot of parts were ruined nevertheless I shelled out $150 for it, I reasoned it was better than $2500 for a new one.  They still make these tillers with a cast iron gearbox but even used ones in well worn condition are over $600 usually.

I stripped the tiller down, replaced the coil and removed the cylinder  head and discovered it had almost no wear. I lapped the valves and adjusted them. The rusted rim I replaced with a wheelbarrow rim after I welded the center part from the old wheel and installed the original tire (it is the tire you see in the picture) I had to swap out some rusted parts I had from another engine but after putting it all back together it ran perfectly and tilled like a new on. I figure I have about $200 in it after a few gaskets, tubes and 2 cans of 'rattle can' paint.