Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Still Kick'in

I am alive and well even though I have had to endure mornings in the 50 degree ranges.
I had a chance to do some ground hog hunting the last few days. Yesterday morning in my cousins field I was hunting I saw 13 turkeys in a group, a bunch of rabbits, one bob cat, 3 deer and numerous ground hogs, most of which which met their demise.
On another note I ran across a neat link for Gun Manuals it is pretty handy to have all this info in one location, thought some may like it as well.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Checking in.

I made it here safe although it was slow dragging my 5th wheel through the mountains. One thing I have noticed traveling is you can tell which states have money issues by the conditions of their roads especially the interstates. Florida has good roads the worst I have seen in a while is South Carolina which has large cracks and pot holes in the interstate. Virginia is good but I would expect that with the proximity to DC. 
I have a little quiet campground at the base of a mountain and we are the only camper beside the caretaker. There is a big chain fast food joint about 3 miles down the road where I can get the an internet connection so I will check in when I can.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


As a side note, I get better fuel mileage going down hill fast.

I will be traveling to the mountains of West Virginia  for a few days but will check in when I can. Stay safe.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Zimmerman Won, Obama Zero.

This case should never have been brought to trial. When the police first investigated it they discovered it was a clear case of self defense however before the last election 0bama injected himself into it by saying "Trayvon could have been my son" (well that is true, he would probably raise an equally worthless boy") he turned it into a race issue.
In the course of a week there must be dozens of self defense killings across this country but this one got national attention due to race baiting. Florida's State's Attorney got railroaded into prosecuting Zimmerman because she had no guts to stand up to the race pimps.
True to form (as I predicted) liberals can't accept facts, last night on TV they were saying things like "this is not fair, she lost her son" or "Zimmerman should go to prison, he was bigger than that little boy" as if that is a reason to send someone to prison. Liberals have no rational basis or logic for their beliefs so they must rely on 'feelings' or made up reasoning.
Anyway it could have been worse, Trayvon could have turned into a real 'gangsta' and we could be supporting him in prison for the rest of his life.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Concealed Carry Philosophy, Part IV

I hope through this series someone doesn't get the idea they need a lot of carry guns because you don't, I have a few because it is a hobby with me and something I have been collecting over 30 years. I also have no intent to 'show off ' but hopefully someone who is still trying to get the feel for concealed carry or even a seasoned pro might just get an idea and want to try it.
Yesterday I said I don't really feel the desire to have the latest and greatest carry piece, well that is pretty much true however this one is fairly new, I have not carried it much but I like it's design and it fits well with my 'Carry Philosophy' in that it is compact, something that can be carried all the time without feeling the need to have 13 rounds in the magazine and will work as intended (or at least so far as I have tested it)
This is the Springfield XDS it has a 3.3" barrel, is chambered for the 45ACP it is lightweight and very thin due to a single stack magazine. It carries 6 rounds (one in chamber and 5 in magazine) and unless you are a bleeding heart liberal what's not to love about the 45 ACP.  There are many good pocket size guns among which are 22, 32, 380 and even a few 9mm's but a 45 got my attention and I wanted to try it. You will not find a more compact semi auto 45 in fact you will have to look hard to find a 9mm this small. Springfield does make a 9mm this exact size now and a 40 cal is coming as well and they will carry a couple more rounds.
I like that it does not have a manual safety as such (one less function to worry with) there is a grip safety which means you have to be holding the gun to fire much like a 1911 and the trigger is like a Glock which is pre-set striker-fired which allows for good control of shots when practice shooting. I have only fired about 50 or 60 rounds through it but it functioned flawless with everything from FMJ to hollow points and defense loads and even some reloads and cast bullets.
XDS with extended mag.

Being 3 dot the sights are easy to acquire for target practice and recoil did not seem too harsh to me and is a blast to shoot. Springfield does make an extended mag (shown at right) which I think holds 2 more rounds but I don't care for it and probably won't buy one as it takes away from its concealability which is my focus here.
Overall it seems a fine carry gun.
The 9mm version holds 7+1 rounds which I think would make it a good option as well with a little less recoil and a little cheaper to shoot if that was a concern. 

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Concealed Carry Philosophy, Part III

I have never felt I had to have the latest and most trendy carry pieces. I don't really care what is popular, I but know what I like and this next one is one of my favorites.
It is a S&W model 38 Airweight, like the 380, I have had this one a good while and really like to carry it. It is a little more bulky than the 380 but it still fits in the back pocket of my jeans with the grip being barely below the top edge of the pocket. I do have some pistols I carry in a waist band holster but with pocket pistols a shirt can be tucked in.  This 38 is an older model with a pinned barrel, a shrouded hammer and shows some wear as all good carry guns should.
It is a five shot revolver but fits my carry philosophy perfectly. Some of the reasons I like a revolver is when you are in a bind there is no safety to disengage, there is no magazine to come loose, misfires like dud ammo are instantly remedied by squeezing the trigger again. Reloading is still easy even with loose rounds and there is no slide to rack. They never misfeed, stove pipe or fail to eject and any of the above problems can cost a lot of valuable time in an emergency.
Don't get me wrong I am not trashing automatics because I have those I carry as well, I'm just giving my train of thought. For example, lets say someone walks up with a knife or gun and demands your money, you reach into your back pocket (or purse) pretending to retrieve your wallet you and draw a semi auto pistol. If for any of the reasons above (because you will be under stress) the gun fails to fire how much time is a armed man going to give you to slap the magazine, rack the slide and attempt to fire again, how long will it take you under stress, it depends on your training but I can assure you longer than squeezing a trigger rapidly two or three times on a revolver.  I have seen ammo fail to fire if it got wet or damp (over time) especially in the summer heat in a sweaty pocket or waistband, not very often but it does happen, this is another reason I cycle older ammo out of my carry guns. You have to check them often for lint and little objects which can get in the workings of a gun if carried in your pocket or purse.
 I am not seeking to persuade anyone to carry a particular gun just give my reasons and thought process....However I will say I never feel under-protected with my 38 revolver.
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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Concealed Carry Philosophy, Part II

Yesterday I did my first post on Concealed Carry Philosophy and I showed my backup pocket gun.
In the next few posts I will show some of my other concealed carry pistols. Before I get to that I want to build on my thinking. It has often been said a handgun is really just a stop-gap till you can get to a real gun (or something to that effect) This is why police carry handguns for close-up impromptu threats but if they have a standoff or have to respond to a hostage situation they break out the shotguns or AR15's.  A cop carries a 9mm Glock with extra magazines because he might be called upon to run into a situation to defuse it.
I said yesterday I choose not to try and provide for every conceivable situation because I am not a cop, it is not likely someone on the street will stop me and ask me to go into a building and stop a robbery. Nobody knows what situation may arise or how they may react and every situation is different. Part of my philosophy is everyone is responsible for their own protection just as I am responsible for mine and my family.  If I was in a convenience store for example and someone tried to hold it up there are many different responses depending on the situation, like how close is the thug, does he see me, is he alone, am I standing near or fifty feet away, does the clerk have a gun (they should and it may not be my duty to rescue them, if they don't care enough to be armed why should I care)
If I was walking down the street and saw a mugging I might react differently depending if the victim was a man or a woman or someone who was handicapped, I may risk serious bodily harm for a someone in a wheelchair but maybe not for a able bodied man especially if I had kids with me and especially if he choose not to protect himself.  Subconsciously you will determine if you are in grave danger and if the risk or odds are worth you not going home to your spouse or kids or being there for your grandchildren, it is a tough call but life is full of tough choices. Some of us may make the harder choice but it is our choice and it does not make us right or wrong.
I will add, I am not recommending any courses of action I am just stating my thoughts and beliefs, I have also not taken into account what is technically legal because my moral compass is more important than some politicians rules (especially given the moral giants they are)
Like I said before I won't debate which gun is better only show what I carry. Yesterday I showed my 22 mag pocket revolver.

Today  I will cover my Kel Tec 380 pistol. It is not my most favorite but I have had it a long time. I like this one for deep concealment especially in dress pants because it has a single stack mag and is very thin. The holster is like a wallet in the back pocket, I have only seen these holsters at gun shows, I like it because the back part hinges which allows for a good firing grip before it is removed from the pocket but still does not 'print' at all because of the solid back part which also has a grip finish on the back side so it stays in the pocket. I have had this gun for many years and by the wear you can tell it has been carried a lot. When I bought it Ruger did not make the LCP but they are almost identical in size and looks. If I had to buy one today I would probably get the Ruger because I think they have a slight edge for fit and finish but I must say this one goes bang every time I pull the trigger provided I don't have a dud round. The only issue I have is because of the location of the mag release it can get pushed when in the pocket (not exactly sure how) and the mag will not be seated correctly and may not cycle the second shot. It has only happened a very few times but for that reason I have a habit of using my thumb and forefinger to make sure mag is full seated before it is drawn and before I might use it so potential problem solved.

I usually carry the ammo in it for a couple of months before I shoot it at the range in order to test function and keep fresh ammo rotated in it.
For what it is this (or the Ruger LCP) is a good carry gun if size is a big issue. The 380 is not a bad defensive round especially with a good load and hollow points. This type of gun also makes an excellent back-up piece.
Bigger rounds may make bigger holes and kill deader but they also take bigger guns and are harder to conceal. A lot of people bad-mouth the 380 but none of them are volunteering to get shot by it to prove a point. For me personally I would not carry this in the woods but around the grocery store it fits the bill, it will stop an crazy woman from stealing the last package of bacon.
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Concealed Carry Philosophy

There have been volumes written about concealed carry guns and what is the best caliber and which guns are better and how many extra mags to carry etc. I will not get into that debate because almost everyone has valid points instead I will give you my 'philosophy' in regard to concealed carry. Some people don't want to carry all the time (or at all) and that's fine, it's a free country but if you do here is my thoughts. I want to say up front I am referring to concealed carry only, meaning a gun you have on you walking around and not one in your car or home etc.

First of all the very best gun to have if you need it is the one you are carrying. I will agree a high capacity 9mm is better if you need to protect yourself or your family than a .380 pocket pistol but if the .380 is in your pocket and the 9mm is in your safe at home then the .380 is by far superior, so the first part of my philosophy is have a gun you will always carry.
Secondly, train and practice with the gun you want to carry. It does no good if you can't control you weapon or put shots where you need them. If you were hunting wild hogs a 22 LR round between the eyes would be far better than a 300 win mag round which grazes his rump, which also means you have to know the limitations of your weapon.
This leads to my Third point, I don't believe in trying to provide for every conceivable situation, if you do that's fine but I tend to think this leads to problems addressed in my first point and that is if your only carry gun is a 1911 with 2 extra mags then chances are you won't carry it all the time like running out to the store for a few minutes in your shorts, t-shirt and flip-flops. Again I am referring to concealed carry only here, not a gun in your car or in your home because that is a totally different subject.
What do I mean by "every conceivable situation" ? well first of all I tend to think most common threats are at very close range like a robbery so this is my primary concern. If I saw a mob causing trouble for example I would steer well clear and not inject myself or my family into a potential situation for harm so chances are slim I will need a hi-capacity weapon. This also means if I was walking around the grocery store my CC choice would be different than hiking in the mountains.
Most of the cases you hear about where someone fired multiple shots it's because they could not deliver the shots where the threat was neutralized, (thence the reason for rule #2 above) and they almost always involve someone at home or in their car in which case you should be better armed with something like a shotgun or other suitable choice.

So I thought I would take a few post's to show you how practice my philosophy. This could be a forth point as well.
My friend Stephen always says "back-up to a back-up" so I though my first installment would be my back-up. This is my North American Arms 22 Mag, 5 shot revolver. It is one I always carry.  99.1% of the time I have a primary carry piece as well but I carry this one all the time. The only time I would not have it is if I was in a location where I had to go through metal detectors in which case I would leave it in the car till I returned. It stays on my dresser at night with my keys and change and is the first thing I put in my pocket. I drilled a hole in the grips which allowed me to run a braided piece of 550 cord through the grip frame. The primary reason for this is I don't carry it in a holster and it is so small and it gets lost in the other pocket 'stuff' but I when reach in my pocket I can feel the braided cord. The lanyard serves it's purpose because by feel I can pull up on it and either separate it from my change so I can grab my change without removing the gun as well or I can reach in my pocket and feel the cord and by pulling up on it the gun is positioned with the barrel pointing down so I can get a proper grip on it and my thumb covers the hammer to avoid snagging on the pocket, as it clears my pocket I use my thumb (already in position) to cock it so by the time it is drawn it is ready to fire. The gun is small enough and is covered mostly by the hand and if drawn correctly it would not be recognized as a gun until too late by a would be thug.
With practice it can be drawn and fired in one second or less. I understand it's limitations so I would not try and fire it other than almost point blank range but I can assure you a 22 mag hollow point in the chest or stomach would not be fun and beats throwing rocks.
There are other pocket pistols which will work as well but this is my choice, it's stainless and wont rust in a damp pocket, there is no magazine to get dislodged, there is no safety but by design the hammer is designed to rest on the cylinder between the rounds so accidental discharge (by the hammer) is impossible, and I maintain the very best safety on a gun is between your ears.

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

No celebration for the 4th

 Today I do not celebrate the 4th of July..... I celebrate Independence Day on the 4th of July, there is a difference, there is a reason for celebrating on this day.
I know for a fact the people who read this blog know the difference but I bet the average government indoctrinated school kid does not and probably could not even tell you what this day really means.

So celebrate being independent today, do something the government does not like. I know this day we remember being free of government tyranny from England but 237 years ago England had less restrictions than we have now.
 Here is an idea, someone in Washington area, go hoist a Gadsden flag in front of the Capitol Building.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I am spending a couple days relaxing with family. This morning I awoke to gentle rain.

After pouring a cup of coffee I walked out to the dock shelter and listen to the rain on the tin roof while reflecting on the last few weeks.

View from the dock, back along the shore line.
It did cross my mind the dock would be a good place to set up a skeet shooting station out over the lake.

Monday, July 1, 2013


I am taking a couple days rest and will be getting ready for my trip to West Virginia later this month.
 After my post a few days ago about the 'coexist' stickers I ran across a couple more worth sharing.