Tuesday, April 22, 2014

In Honor of Earth Day

Today is supposed to be earth day, I see things like this bumper sticker which get me thinking.
Maybe it is not right that we take so much from the earth and not give back so I had an idea, I have quite a few gallons of used motor oil I was hoping to recycle in some way but that would be selfish of me so I am giving it back to the earth, I will pour it all out on the ground and return it from wince it came. I can attest there is nothing which gives you a warm fuzzy feeling like doing good for the planet.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Good to see....

While traveling in Virginia  I saw one of these license plates, apparently there five other states Arizona, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas are also offering this design as well.

I hope other states follow suite, I would buy one if available to me.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A better idea...continued

I could tell from yesterdays post this is a sore subject with most, and I understand but my thoughts are this idea of Eric Holders has no chance of being implemented anytime in the near future and maybe not ever.
 Just take liberal NY (now I know not all New Yorkers are liberal but they do elect some of the most liberal politicians so apparently they are in the majority) anyway point being their Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill to require residents to register their 'assault' weapons and by many accounts about 90% of the gun owners have said they refuse and will not, even holding many demonstrations to burn their registration forms. All this over just a form to register guns, how do you think this would go over requiring folks to actually wear an ID bracelet ? I can't imagine. 

Now mind you this uprising is from a state which already has some of the worst, most restrictive gun laws so it's not like this caught them off guard.
All this goes to prove Eric Holder is delusional or smoking some really bad stuff (or both)
Actually I wish so much he would really try this, I would love to watch the flack, it would be really entertaining to watch federal agents trying to enforce ID bracelets in Texas for example. Maybe it would make a really good reality TV show kind of like Moonshiners or Swamp People. TV crews could follow around ATF agents as they comb the back woods of the deep south searching for 'lawless' assault weapon owners and forcing to wear an ID tags, now THAT would be worth watching on Pay Per View.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A better idea

In the news I see Eric Holder has kicked out the idea that gun owners have a electronic bracelet which he says will make us safer and allow only the owner to fire the gun.
Apart from showing his total ignorance and the fact you will stand a better chance of shoving a snowball up a wild cat's butt with a hot poker than making this fly the real reason I am sure is to identify the gun owners to everyone including police. I have a better idea which will serve the same purpose to them, just open carry, this will clearly allow everyone to see who the gun owners are.
I don't want to hide anything.

Monday, April 7, 2014


Came back from the mountains a few days ago, no rest for the weary though but it was good to get away. It was a refreshing break from the rat race, I knew I was in the country when I stopped at the local Huddle House for breakfast and saw a deer head hanging in the bathroom.
While waiting for my meal I read this headline in the local paper, "County to close on shotgun park this week" reading further I discover the county is buying land for a shooting range for the local High School to use. Now that is the way to operate a school. Washington DC take note.