Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mason Jars

For those who haven't heard Ball is making blue limited edition canning jars for their 100th anniversary. 
 As far as I know they are only producing the pint size but for those who can it makes a neat jar for showing off your wares.
If you are interested check around for prices some I see online are expensive. These were under $2 each at Walmart.

Monday, June 24, 2013

I am Liberal

Why is it we let the liberal, pinko, tree hugging,dope smoking, bed wetters set the meaning for words and phrases.
I think we should take some words back from the liberals, here is a start.
I am Liberal because I believe in liberty, I don't think government should control our lives. I am liberal because I have an open mind and can think for myself, I have developed critical thinking, I can read and decipher facts and not have my mind clouded by others narrow views, this is almost the exact opposite of what 'liberals' claim to be because even in the face of facts they will say stuff like "well anyway it's just not fair" or "I just feel it is wrong" or more often they just plain ignore facts and decide not to believe them because it does not fit their agenda.
I am also Pro Choice, I choose to be free, I choose not let government decide my fate. I want to choose what kind of car to drive regardless of how many miles to the gallon it gets, I want to choose what type of gun I want and how many round of ammunition it will hold. I choose to educate my kids the way I want free of government intervention. I choose not to have government force me to buy health insurance. I choose to uphold the Constitution of the United States and not abide by all the unconstitutional laws they impose on us.
 Government hates free people because they loose their power, they prefer 'slaves' who they can control. Government suckers us into thinking we are free but really we are only 'free' as far as their chain will let us go.
Some may think this view is a little extreme but why is it government and even the IRS target free thinkers like the Tea Party, or gun groups, or home schoolers, or survivalists etc. The reason is they don't want free people, free people don't ask permission from government.
I do not ask permission from government.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

We still have bacon.

20 years ago we had Johnny Cash, Bob Hope and Steve Jobs.
Now we have no Cash, no Hope and no Jobs.

But look on the bright side, we still have Kevin Bacon.

Monday, June 17, 2013


We have all seen these 'coexist' bumper stickers made for the terminally ignorant in our society, you know the mentally challenged people who think if we force everyone to sit with their legs crossed and hum in harmony that the world will all love each other and peace will become reality. They ignore history and the fact there are evil people who will always be evil. When I see this first bumper sticker I think this person is either evil in their intent to get us to let our guard down against evil people or groups so they can have the upper hand or they are incredibly naive, uninformed or maybe just eat up with stupidity. More than likely they also think John Lennon  was the greatest philosopher of all time.
The other day I saw this other 'coexist' sticker and my first thought was it was clever and funny but the more I thought about it it made sense. You see the firearms these symbols represent make it possible for us to coexist in peace in this world. If it were not for guns the Muslims and/or Hitler would have exterminated the Jews.  Firearms in the home and in the hands of citizens make it possible for them to coexist in a hostile world against evil people who wish to rob you of you freedom and possessions. Guns in the hands of police make it possible for them to uphold law and order, guns in the hands of soldiers make it possible to live in a free country and enjoy peace and freedom.
I tend to think the people who display the 'coexist' sticker with the religious symbols are more than likely evil in their intent to hide their true intent. I would also bet they claim to be either atheist or non-religious, anti gun, anti christian, voted for 0bama and extremely liberal in all their views, I am sure they would have been very happy living in Hitlers Germany or Communist Russia.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Gun Sales

This model was $619 with 2 mags and 20 rounds.
Back when the latest crisis started with gun and ammo sales I predicted that if you were patient things would slow down, the free market would kick in and prices would once again fall. Well I hate to be the one who said "I told you so" but it is happening just that way.
Today I went with my son to a large gun store and they had (and he bought because I told him to be patient) a Smith and Wesson M&P AR-15 with two 30 round magazines and 20 rounds of ammo for $619
 That is a good price and cheaper than you could have built a parts gun a year ago. Ammo is going to follow suit in fact if everyone would stop buying ammo for even a week prices would plummet and even the big box stores would have plenty, of course you can't get the sheeple to go along so we will have to wait a little longer but it will happen. Take 22 ammo for example, the government is not talking restriction on it and the FBI, CIA, DHS etc are not buying it up and the manufacturers want to make the sales so they are producing all they can at the moment and things will reach a saturation point eventually.
If government stays out of the way free enterprise will work and for now they are staying out of the way.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

'Shakin the bush boss'

Probably one of the classic movies of all time is 'Cool Hand Luke'  I like the scene where he is relieving himself along side the roadway while working on the chain gang and he has to keep showing he has not ran off  by shaking the bush while saying it out loud.
 I feel like I have been on a chain gang lately, I have been busy, in fact I just finished putting a metal roof on a house yesterday and I was reminded I am not as young as I used to be, of course high humidity and over 90 degrees didn't help either. Anyway here I am 'shakin the bush' to let you know I have not escaped (although I must admit it did cross my mind)
While I am at it I would like to recognize a new follower MaddMedic, welcome my friend, if you have a blog let me know and I will provide a link.
I am ready for a break from this heat and I am planning a trip next month up to West Virginia (for a couple of weeks)  to visit family and maybe do some shooting, I know it is still summer there but it has to be nicer in the mountains this time of year. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tolerant bunch

I was reading a post by Murphy about the 69th anniversary of D Day and it made me think about all the graves of American soldiers buried overseas and many of those countries are being overrun by Muslims. This video is of a British war cemetery in Libya.
How long do you think it will be before we see something like this at an American cemetery overseas? 

And you wonder why I think Muslims are the most worthless thing on the planet, To be honest I never even saw what the big deal Abu Ghraib was, when you play with the devil you play by his rules or you loose, anyone ever hear of Vietnam

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Government Corruption

I was watching some news about all the government corruption, coverups and scandals of Benghazi, Fast and Furious, election fraud, IRS scandal etc. (and that is what we just know about)
Anyway it occurred to me we need to dig up Richard Nixon, throw him a parade and apologize to him.