Thursday, September 26, 2013

Gun Dealing

I mentioned a few days ago I was long over due to go over and aggravate my good friend Stephen, as many of you know he is always wheeling and dealing in firearms he comes across, well yesterday was my turn.
As I walked in the door I noticed he was preoccupied with another customer and as I glanced around I noticed he had a note tacked on the wall for some guns he had for sale, 2 in particular caught my attention, one a British made 30-06 and a Remington 7mm 08 both of which were bolt action rifles.
I did some quick math in my head and the total price for both was just under $700 which on the surface is not a bad deal but a little high for me considering I know how he operates and I figured he had about $100 in each gun.
After some casual greetings I wandered in the back and drained the last cup of coffee from the pot and pulled up a chair and cooled my heels.
After the last remaining customer left we talked about the events of the last few weeks and finally I mentioned the rifles, "make me an offer" he said, I didn't answer but remained silent. When I did speak it was about the availability of ammo and other general gun related issues.
After a while Stephen walked around and pulled the two rifles out of a cabinet and leaned them against the wall next to me, "take 'em with you he said, make me an offer" I did not speak but instead picked up one and then the other inspecting them closely. The older gun was a BSA, imported from England in the 50's and is a fine made, smooth operating 30-06. The other is like new condition (I could not tell it had been fired) stainless Remington in 7mm 08
I mentioned I did not need any more guns but he seemed determined to make a sale.
As I stood up to leave I threw out a number " I'll give you $300 for both"..............He hesitated a second, "load 'em up" is all he said. (trust me folks, he still made money)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Review update, Grizzly Target.

A few months ago I did a review on a new target from Grizzly Targets,  I took the target to the range and let our band of misfits try it out. I performed as expected with no damage.
Things have been pretty hectic lately but I want to do a follow up on the target. We have had it to the range a couple more times.
These targets are made of AR500 steel and hold up extremely well against all we have thrown at them.

On the last trip to the range one of the guys was sighting in a 300 Win Mag rifle with hot hand loaded ammo. The target had been set out at 25 yards for pistol work and I invited the shooter it put a couple rounds into the target which he did. After close inspection it revealed a slight dimple but no real damage and due to the way the target hangs the bullets were deflected into the ground just a few feet behind the target.
On this same day I had also shot the target with a few rounds of 7.62 X 54R with absolutely no sign of damage

Shown here is the target after being hit with the 300 Win Mag, I see no reason for a person to want to shoot this target with this kind of fire power at this close range but it goes to prove it can handle it with no damage and even more importantly it does it safely meaning ricochets were not an issue.  
In the past I have spent a lot of time and money building targets only to have them destroyed under normal conditions so it is nice to have something that will last and the money I save can be used on better things like ahhh......more ammo for example.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

No Rest

This week has been a bear, I spent all day roofing a carport and the heat has me all cramped up. I just wish we had some cooler weather.
If I had any free time I would go over and aggravate Stephen, he is well overdue a visit. Anyway hopefully things will settle down in a day or so and I can post more.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Shooting, why am I not supprised ?

I guess everyone has heard about the nut case that went postal at the Washington Navy Yard.
As details came out it appears this idiot was kicked out of the service for mental problems as well as having a gun violation in Texas so the obvious question is how did he get a security clearance to work at the Navy Yard.
At first this puzzled me but then I got to thinking, what can we expect when we have someone in the White House who could NEVER pass a security clearance, all the standards have to be relaxed.
I expected in a day or so 0bama will come out and say if he had a son he would be like the shooter.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Maybe there is hope

By all accounts the 2 million motorcycle ride did not reach the 2 million goal but it was still hundreds of thousands and the million monkey Muslim march had a total of 25 so maybe there is hope for the country. Another bright note is the motorcycle ride snarled traffic for hours in and around DC but it seems most of the people stuck in the traffic jambs were happy to get out of their cars and wave or toot their horn in support of the riders.

This picture tells a lot, notice the flag on the cranes on the overpass (you can bet they had no permit for that) Also notice all the people on the overpass and standing on the right side of the road. There are cars stopped on the opposite side at the ramp as well. Many police and troopers helped block traffic for the riders even though they had no permit.
This is a stark contrast to the 25 or so the MMM. You can also bet this scene was played out many time around the city yesterday.
One quote I read was classic it said it was fitting that the Muslims were surrounded by hundreds of thousands of Hogs (Hog being a slang for Harley Davidson Motorcycles)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9-11, Free men don't ask permission.

Two million bikers head toward DC. There was concern from the organizers about not getting a permit and that had me puzzled, when did free men start asking permission from government to protest or parade or picket ? Free men don't ask permission. 
Do you think the Patriots in 1773 asked for a permit for the Boston Tea Party ?
Thankfully the sponsors came to their senses and decided to ride anyway. I would also hope if they had received a permit they would have burned it on the capital steps to show they were free and did not need a permit to demonstrate.
This is what is wrong with our country, too many free people thinking they need government permission exercise their constitutional rights. 
Oh by the way, I concealed carried for years before the State said I could because it is a constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

Finally home

 I arrived back home this evening, had a good trip and got to visit family, maybe I will expand later.

On another note, I have made contact with some of the nicest people through this blog.  Lotta Joy, over at Witless Relocation Program,  made contact with me via Stephen and she has offered to send me this pencil sketch she did of John Wayne (The Duke) 
Having dabbled with drawing  in the past I can tell she has real talent as faces are the hardest to draw.
Thank you so much my friend.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Still on the road.

I am still on the road for a few more days, visiting family and taking a break.

I will write more when I get back.

A long ways from Florida.
Hope you all had a good weekend.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Government is your family ???

Some fourth grade students in Illinois are being taught Government is your family and were given the following test. I thought I would list my answers.
1. How does your family keep you safe?
Answer,  They keep us away from government intrusion and buy a gun for protection and teach kids to think for themselves.
2. How does the government keep its citizens safe?
Answer, They don't, they undermine family authority, they tell us guns are dangerous 
3. How does your family keep you healthy?
Answer, They feed us good food and take us to a good doctor when we are sick. We also get exercise like hiking, camping and hunting.

4. How does the government keep its citizens healthy?
Answer, They hinder the family by forcing us to use 0bama care. They want to limit the size of sodas but not limit the garbage kids can watch on TV.

5. How does your family help you learn and become educated?
Answer, they teach us to think for ourselves and don't believe what government tells us. If at all possible they home-school us.
6. How does the government help its citizens learn and become educated?
Answer, They indoctrinate us to be good little liberals, this stupid little test is a perfect example. 

7. What kind of rules does your family have for you?
Answer, Don't smoke, drink, have sex, play with matches or run with scissors.

8. What kind of rules does government have for its citizens?
Answer, They teach us to be ourselves and if it feels good do it. They teach us parents don't know what is best for us.

9. How does your family punish you when you break the rules?
Answer, They give as a spanking or time out and we learn there is consequences to our actions.

10. How does government punish citizens who break the law?
Answer, They tell is it isn't our fault, it's because of our upbringing. They tell us government knows best how to raise children

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

On the road again...

I am on the road again for a few days and will check in as I can.
I like taking the back roads when I can because it makes for a more interesting trip.

Thought for the day,  Unless you are the lead dog the view never changes

Monday, September 2, 2013

New Blog

I wanted to mention a new blog you might find interesting, it is written by one of my sons who is a doctor of physical therapy and is specialized and licensed in sports rehab.
He recently joined the US Army as a Captain and just completed his third week of officer training in Ft Sam Houston Texas. His blog is called Soldier Solace  and is updated daily (at least at the moment) and he writes about the training and different evolutions and functions they have to go through.
Having been enlisted myself I find the process interesting. I waited a couple weeks to post this so he would have some content on his blog and more interesting training to read about.
Stop by and say hi, offer some encouragement  and if you enjoy reading it click his follow button.