Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9-11, Free men don't ask permission.

Two million bikers head toward DC. There was concern from the organizers about not getting a permit and that had me puzzled, when did free men start asking permission from government to protest or parade or picket ? Free men don't ask permission. 
Do you think the Patriots in 1773 asked for a permit for the Boston Tea Party ?
Thankfully the sponsors came to their senses and decided to ride anyway. I would also hope if they had received a permit they would have burned it on the capital steps to show they were free and did not need a permit to demonstrate.
This is what is wrong with our country, too many free people thinking they need government permission exercise their constitutional rights. 
Oh by the way, I concealed carried for years before the State said I could because it is a constitutional right to keep and bear arms.


  1. Stephen, At least we agree. Thanks.

  2. oh man! i sure do wish i could have been in DC to see that! must have been amazing eh buddy?

    your friend,

    1. Kymber, I would love to have been there, maybe next year.

  3. why isn't this shown on the regular news?????????

  4. right on, brother

    GOD bless you,
    GI Jake