Thursday, September 5, 2013

Government is your family ???

Some fourth grade students in Illinois are being taught Government is your family and were given the following test. I thought I would list my answers.
1. How does your family keep you safe?
Answer,  They keep us away from government intrusion and buy a gun for protection and teach kids to think for themselves.
2. How does the government keep its citizens safe?
Answer, They don't, they undermine family authority, they tell us guns are dangerous 
3. How does your family keep you healthy?
Answer, They feed us good food and take us to a good doctor when we are sick. We also get exercise like hiking, camping and hunting.

4. How does the government keep its citizens healthy?
Answer, They hinder the family by forcing us to use 0bama care. They want to limit the size of sodas but not limit the garbage kids can watch on TV.

5. How does your family help you learn and become educated?
Answer, they teach us to think for ourselves and don't believe what government tells us. If at all possible they home-school us.
6. How does the government help its citizens learn and become educated?
Answer, They indoctrinate us to be good little liberals, this stupid little test is a perfect example. 

7. What kind of rules does your family have for you?
Answer, Don't smoke, drink, have sex, play with matches or run with scissors.

8. What kind of rules does government have for its citizens?
Answer, They teach us to be ourselves and if it feels good do it. They teach us parents don't know what is best for us.

9. How does your family punish you when you break the rules?
Answer, They give as a spanking or time out and we learn there is consequences to our actions.

10. How does government punish citizens who break the law?
Answer, They tell is it isn't our fault, it's because of our upbringing. They tell us government knows best how to raise children


  1. Not MY family, and agree with ALL your answers!!!

  2. Old NFO, Absolutely not my family as well, thanks.

  3. I heard about this on a talk radio show the other day. That's pretty much the line they teach little kids in school these days however untrue it may be.

  4. I would so not pass the government test!