Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Ammo Sale

One of the local gun stores has advertised a big  black Friday sale.
Included in the sales flier was this ad.
I guess ammo supplies are starting to come back a little.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

I am thankful today for family and freedom, hope everyone has a good day.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Say What ???

The other day it was cold and wet and I had put on a pot of coffee. I flipped on the TV and searched my normal channels and stumbled across a History Channel piece on the history of the KKK.
 Now I have never been a member of the KKK and don't plan to be however being from the South I had kind of a morbid curiosity and  I was interested to see what they said. They covered how the Klan was active in politics and backed many candidates especially during the 50's and early 60's and some of the politicians would join the Klan to get elected although they failed to mention they were all Democrats. As the program was winding down the commentator said the Klan today has lost most of it's members and is no longer as powerful as it once was and they have mostly discarded their white robes for more normal dress and they have morphed into the current Patriot Movement.......Say What ???, I couldn't believe they actually said that, but after that one brief statement they did not elaborate and moved on. Now if in fact they had proof of that they would have explored it but they did not so it was just thrown out.
Now I have long realized the news media is biased and slanted toward more liberal views but if you think there is not a concentrated effort to brand those of us who stand for liberty, freedom and the Constitution then either you are a closet liberal or don't have the common sense God gave a tree stump.  Who would have thought those of us who believe in our founding documents and principles would be branded as such, wake up America.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Friends, Firearms, Fun

This last Saturday some friends and myself met at the farm for a few hours of work and shooting therapy. I was eager to try out the new target I had received from Grizzly Targets.

I have never been a fan of paper targets, sure they have a purpose for sighting in and some competition but they lack real world feel.
Grizzly calls this new target the  AR500 Trifecta Reactive Target. From past experience this steel is tough and won't be destroyed by any normal hunting or hand gun round. We have shot it with almost everything short of a 50 BMG with very little sign of damage so under normal shooting it will last longer than your gun.

One of the things I liked about the 3 different target surfaces was it allows you to transition between aim points like you may encounter in real world shooting, like a follow up shots or multiple targets. The little stickers are more for display as they disintegrate after one shot but it would be fairly effective to spray paint the targets with high visibility paint for easier acquisition at a distance. 
We shot it with a verity of weapons including a great number of 22 rounds. The 22 LR won't make it totally retract down but it does move enough there is no doubt you had a solid hit. The 38 special and 44 special were a blast to practice with.
Another beauty of the target is it is easy to move around so it can be placed in close for hand gun practice or even out past a hundred yards for practice with a scoped rifle. 

Senior has his newest holster system to try out it involves a quick release so it can be reattached to another mounting point, ask him to explain it more if interested.

After a few hours of 'abuse' the target was noticeably used  but in no way damaged.

Interesting side note, I like to reload and I cast a lot of my own bullets like the 38 specials shown in the first picture, due to the nature of this target all the energy is taken from the bullet by the target and a great number of the lead bullets will lay at the base of the target which I just pick up and return to my lead smelting pot to reuse, I call it "Gunners Going Green" that should make the anti gun people and liberals feel all warm an fuzzy.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Supporting the Resistance.

With all the talk about health care and government wanting to control every aspect of our lives it is interesting that I received an email about "Supporting the Resistance" I decided to write my own idea of this.
First of all and make no mistake, money drives the greed machine we know as the government this is the exact reason they tax, add user fees, license and regulate every aspect of our lives so it makes sense to cut off any unnecessary funds from them so I have listed ways I plan to work this out.
Don't borrow money, the government collects fees on banks, credit card companies and in general large corporations pay big chunks of corporate tax so by cutting down on their business we cut down on government revenue.
Support local business. Large companies pay big tax bills and small companies not so much and some small shops will give a discount for cash.  When possible buy used items, this cuts down on import items as well and keeps money in the local economy so it goes without saying private sales are totally tax free and cut the government out of any share.  Bartering is another excellent way to not only cut off government funding but save a lot of money as well. Another little known fact, if you buy a car for example from a private individual you will pay tax on the price when you apply for the tag and title however if you barter or trade for the vehicle there is no tax, in our state for example when you apply for the title you simply put "trade" where the form asks for the price paid and the tax is zero, in fact I have never had it questioned it is none of their business what you trade. Craigslist has a whole section devoted to items for barter or trade.
Growing a garden is another good way to cut down on government funding and also gives you barter items not to mention the health benefits. Speaking of health we have decided not to participate in the health care exchanges, my wife is one who can't keep her plan, and we won't pay a penalty either (I won't give away that secret because I don't want to hurt this venue) you can do the research for yourself . I am sure you may have other ways to cut down on government funding if you do please share.
I am just a little voice in the wilderness but I will do my part to starve the beast and it goes without saying less money to the government means more in my pocket, how can you argue with that.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Have you ever,

had one of those weeks when you feel like you have been drug thought a hedge backwards and generally just feel like a waste?
 Not to mention Blogger keeps cutting me off.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Back Again

It seems I have been on the run for the last month or so, I just got back again after 3 more days away.
While I was traveling I heard about the shooting at LAX. Initial reports from those in the terminal said while they were running away from the shooting that TSA agents were passing them and yelling for them to keep running.
Doesn't that give you a warm fuzzy feeling about flying.