Monday, July 30, 2012

Mountain Adventures.

Two days ago my wife and I decided to go look at a a piece of mountain property tucked away in the edge of the Smokey Mountains. I put the coordinates in the GPS and headed about 50 miles from our present location. The country was beautiful however when we got within 2 miles of the site we were stopped due to a bridge being closed across the river. The map showed no alternate route without going 100 miles around the mountain so we decided to scratch the idea.
View from mountain top.
After heading back about 5 miles I saw another bridge across the river so we crossed it to see if the GPS would recalculate another route, it did and about 3 or 4 miles later we turned onto a small dirt trail. I decided to follow it to see where it would lead and the GPS now said we were within 4 miles of the destination. The road wound back and forth and up the side of the mountain, about the time we decided it was not worth it it was too narrow to turn around. The road had turned into a pig trail with 2 wheel ruts and was almost an impossible slope for my 2 wheel drive Dodge truck. The road was so narrow I was parting the trees with the truck and on the drivers side was a straight drop off. My wheels were inches from the edge. The slope had gotten so steep I could not stop because I knew I would have no traction to move again. I don't think the brakes would hold on that steep slope anyway. At one point I looked down and saw the trail we had just traveled a few hundred feet below us. I was starting to worry I might have to attempt to back down the mountain. The trail was almost impossible, in the curves I could not see more than 20 feet, I risked taking my eyes off the road for a second to glance at the GPS and it had totally lost track of the road.
When I though it could not get worse I had to slam on brakes to avoid hitting a rock climbing jeep head on. My heart sank. We looked at each other and he started to back up. He backed up for over half a mile till we came to a curve near the top of the mountain where I could squeeze by. I asked him if the road came out anywhere and to my surprise he said there was a paved road a mile or so further. 
We came out on the hard top and never did find the property we were looking for, I had to drive a little out of the way to avoid going back the same way. I think I will wait till the bridge is repaired if I decide to go back.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

In The Mountains

I am in the mountains this weekend and will be visiting friends and family over the next few days.

Hope you all have a good weekend and keep the greasy side down.

Friday, July 27, 2012


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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Where We Are Headed Part III

 This is a combination of 2 posts I wrote a while back and bears revisiting and is something to think about when considering armed revolt and possible martial law..................
There were some very basic differences between 1776 and now , first of all it was not one family or a small group of 'like minded individuals' fighting them off, it was a fairly organized militia with leadership to keep them together. Second of all, the civilian soldiers had weapons which were identical (for the most part) to the British army.  Today we (the general population) do not have near the weapons and technology our modern armies do, However if  you have a few thousand troops and a stash in your garage of automatic squad weapons, tanks, shoulder fired rockets, Apache helicopters, GPS guided rockets and bombs, grenades etc and the ability to arm all the troops with almost unlimited ammo you might have a 20% chance of staying alive 24 hours. If you want to draw an analogy it would be like Mel Gibson in the movie 'Patriots'  fighting the Brits with a sling shot and a pocket knife.
I am not going to saying "give up" but you do need to be smart  there may come a time to take a stand but it will come at a very high cost.....very very high indeed.

We all read about the KIA's in Iraq and Afghanistan and how the insurgents (guerrilla  fighters) are giving us so much trouble, well I can tell you as someone who has been there the ratio of their KIA to ours is about 5:1 ...... not very good odds and they actually have some advanced weapons.
If you study military history, tactics have changed drastically over the last few centuries. Even WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq etc were all very different so you can expect it will still change a lot in the future so stay flexible and learn as much as possible. One thing that does not change is 'timing' and 'surprise' both are your allies. You have to have both to have your best odds of survival. 'Surprise' is easy, 'timing' is not.
I can assure you I am not one to give up without a fight but you have to pick your fights and you don't show up to a gun fight with only a pocket knife because they sure would be surprised but it would not be good timing. My intent was not to tell you how to operate but to get you to maybe think of different options which maybe you had not considered. In a survival situation the most common threat I think will be looters, thugs, zombies etc who did not prepare and wish to take your stuff anyway they can, defending against them is something you need to consider and take proper steps to ensure survival.

Another  issue is trained, well armed troops.  These troops will very likely be used if martial law is enforced. I should also point out most of them will no doubt be doing so reluctantly and this is even more reason not to cross them because if you appear to comply they most likely will move on.
 I have heard comments about how some want to  take on all threats regardless of what they are, if that's a hill you want to die on be my guest I'm just here to tell you if you tangle with a squad of Marines or Army troops etc you will loose. That group of soldiers at your door is backed up by more troops and one well armed Humvee can level your home in seconds. This is why most people who have been trained by the military in these weapons understand what they can do and don't want to be on the receiving end of them.

 I know somebody will say "what about guerrilla tactics" , well let me tell you the difference. You can't use them when you are face to face with someone. When I was in Iraq it was somebody shooting from a building a long ways off and guess what, they still lost....almost every time, this is why they resorted to road side bombs. Bottom line is if they know where you are, you will loose, sure you may take some of them  with you but is that really a good plan? You have to understand there in nothing in a city block that will stop a 50 BMG. It will go through 10 houses and kill anyone in it's path...and it's fully auto, also a Mk 19 is a machine gun which shoots grenades which upon impact have a 5 meter kill radius (over 15 feet) not to mention the AT4, all these are squad weapons. We have not even touched on helicopter mounted weapons.
It goes without saying the VERY best plan is being a long ways away when these events go down, bug out before hand. If you have no option but to stay home, be smart. Play it safe the best you can IF you really want to survive, defense may be the best option. 
I am not trying to defend the government and actions they may take, just pointing out the probable outcome if you act without thinking.

TEOTWAWKI, can you handle it.
Where are we headed part I
Where are we headed part II

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Where Are We headed (IMHO) Part II

Yesterday I gave some background for my thinking, I am not a genie with a crystal ball and I can't tell the future and I am not a insider who is privy to information, I don't even play one on TV but I do read and understand history to an extent and try to read into it our present situation.
I have seen ideas kicked around about things which may trigger an uprising much like 1776 where the patriots fought off the British, in a nutshell, it ain't gonna happen, at least not the way I see it.
There are many differences between then and now. Back then there were only 2% or 3% willing to fight but the majority of the population was more behind them. Today you may still have 2% or 3% willing to do their part but most of the population would be against you so it would be a loosing battle physically and intellectually.  the 2% would be viewed like the Waco group. Also back then the patriots had weapons and 'technology' equal to the British, today that is not even close to being true. Sure you could fight but it would be like a gunfight between a single shot 22 and a 50 BMG, anyone with extensive military training understands this.
Thirdly, back then we had our leaders in 'government' to follow, who is leading the charge today? I have an idea, lets put out an internet message for all patriots to show up for a meeting to lay out a strategy, let me know how it turns out............... I am not trying to be  sarcastic just observe reality.
 I do see the Patriot movement having a key role but not like in the past, wars and battle strategy evolve over the years so today things will look different.
I hope Romney wins because if not 0bama will make things much harder to overcome if at all and our second amendment rights will be either gone or heavily restricted.  There are two main things we have to worry about, our gun rights (key to freedom) and our economic freedom, they are both important. 0bama will attack both. In regard to gun rights he will probably start out wanting to register weapons, the general population will agree because they can still keep them (for now) next will come a ban and they will have to be surrendered.
Here is where the patriot movement will split away from the sheeple and things will get harder, you see right now about 30% to 40% of households have guns after confiscation it will only be about 5% (I guess). This will be acceptable odds for total government takeover be it martial law or whatever. Anyone who wants things to come to this is  foolish, pure and simple. You will loose a lot, most will die and without a doubt everyone will loose many friends and family and your life will never recover.
 Most of us are concerned about our second amendment rights and they are key but if you don't have a country or home to protect it is little comfort.
Personally I think the best option is to get Romney elected I understand he may not be the most gun friendly person but first and foremost we need to get strong economically and I really don't think Romney will go after gun control only because he will focus on the economy and gun control will have to pass the house as well, it won't be an issue for him. Even the Democrats don't dare push for gun control right now, it would be suicide for them.
So where do I see the patriot movement coming into play? I see it mainly in a defense mode (if you need more explanation read the links in the text above) At some point the entitlement benefits have to be sliced, it is a huge portion of our budget. They wont be cut for people in real need but we have entire families on government assistance who have kids just to get money to live and they feel they are entitled.  It could be caused by TEOTWAWKI disaster or economic collapse or reform. There is a number of ways this could come about and that that is not as critical as the result. When it happens government will try and solve the problem or deter it by offering food programs much like in past years, if things get really bad you may see FEMA camps to house people. Any of this will cause riots and mass looting on a  large scale  and it will force people to protect them selves with deadly force, many will die. Right now we have over 50% of the population relying on government for assistance in one form or another this will by default decrease greatly after a huge reset and maybe we will be equipped to elect a better government.
0bama being reelected greatly complicates the process  in a number of ways one of which is gun control, he needs it for his plan to try and succeed. Bottom line is NEVER succumb to any attempt to register weapons, it will lead to confiscation at some point and the more people you resist it will be harder to enforce.   
All of this is speculation and if we have a huge nuclear disaster things may be vastly different.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Where Are We Headed (IMHO)

This post turned out to be longer than intended so here is part one. I (like everyone else) don't know what the future has in store but his is just some 'gut felt' observations.

I was reading over on Matt's Blog the other day and it got me to thinking especially considering I have had this discussion with my friend Stephen as well.
 Matt was talking about conspiracy theories and such and I also try not to get too wrapped around the axle over them but having said that I do think we are over due for a major reset in the country. I basically see two things happening (besides a huge natural or nuclear disaster)
Short answer either Romney wins or 0bama does. 
If 0bama wins I believe he will continue push us over the cliff into collapse. Clinton when backed by a Republican Senate and Congress went along with them to make things work. 0bama will not do so, he is arrogant enough to do whatever to drive us to ruin. He hates America with a passion or at least our system of laws and economy. 0bama is driven by power and has no love for our values as a nation.
Romney on the other hand is a rich capitalist. First let me back up. I am not rich, never have been and probably never will be but I am smart enough to know money is king when it comes to power. (like it or not) I do believe big money wins elections for a reason, you see if America collapses I stand to loose my  home and property and  retirement account but the mega rich have a lot more to loose. I don't believe the ultra wealthy want to loose their money either. Some of them may have been fooled into backing 0bama for whatever reason but in the long run they like their money more.
0bama has a African chief mentality (IMHO) he doesn't mind you living in the mud hut as long as he has the big house and all the power but I can assure you all the big money celebrities and power brokers of this country don't want to live in the mud hut any more than I do. You see in the end all the big companies and corporations like, Delta, IBM, Dell, Apple, Microsoft, GM, Ford.........(the list is endless) can't function without us, the middle class, poor people don't buy the bulk of new cars etc. The rich know they are not an island if we are destroyed so are they.  If you doubt my thinking tell me how many 'Bill Gates' you think live in Cuba or Kenya or any other third world country. Other countries may have 'a Walmart' but do they also have a Target, and Kmart and Home Depot and Lowes and Ace Hardware and hundreds of other retail choices for everything from BB's to bulldozers. I can tell you I have been to many other countries and none have the choices we do for goods and services, I would include Canada with the US because we are adjoining have a similar form of government and travel is common across borders, anyway the  reason for this is our free enterprise system.
 Bottom line is the 'big power money brokers' don't want to loose that and 0bama is not on board with the plan. The 'big evil corporations' don't want us turned into Cuba or China or Russia etc.
(BTW I doubt China wants the US to fail either, who do you think they would sell all their stuff to, do you think Kenya or Iran or Haiti or Mexico will take up the slack in sales?)
 What I am trying to say is I do believe there are big money and big power brokers who have a lot at stake, don't get me wrong I am not saying 0bama can't win, he can however both parties have been kicking the can down the road a long time because neither party wants to be the bad guy and do the 'tough love' thing which is inevitable. As a side note I marvel at why the media is so gullible to follow 0bama do they really think their life will be good if we end up like Greece? does Greece have a CNN, CBS, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, CBS etc. These networks only exist due to free enterprise advertising on their stations.
Anyway what do I think is likely to happen? I think Romney is likely to win, (at this point anyway) but I don't see it preventing a meltdown of some sort only because we are at a point where drastic reform has to take place and the entitlement crowd will protest, loot and riot but I do see it as something we can recover from.
On the other hand if 0bama wins he will drive us to ruin sooner (or try to) but I don't think the 'power machine' will allow it and you will see all the stops come out to neutralize him. This may be in the form of impeachment due to his lack caring for the rule of law or being forced out of office because of his ineligibility to be president or he may go the way of JFK. The reason it has not happened sooner is two fold I think, first 'they' hope to hang in till November and let the voters straighten it out (isn't this in effect what Roberts of the SCOTUS said in the 0bama tax ruling) second, they don't want to cause an unnecessary rift in the population,  if they don't have to (and do they really want Biden to be president)
Who are these rich power brokers?, I don't know but going back to the days of the mega wealthy pulling the strings and creating the federal reserve from within the Jekyll Island Club till now money is king when it comes to power and judges, politicians and all kinds of powerful people can be paid has always been thus. 
The only unknown factor in this is 0bama, he could trigger a disaster to bring about martial law but I tend to think his leash would be jerked at some point if things went too far South.
I have an idea as to what it might look like for us.
More to come.................................

Monday, July 23, 2012

Colorado Shooting, More Thoughts.

I have been thinking about it and we need to stop this senseless violence and especially mass shootings. So after careful soul searching I have some Ideas.
First off we need to ban movie theaters. They are ripe for this kind of violence, they are dark and the exits can be blocked and really what useful purpose do they really serve. The side benefit would be all the liberal Hollywood types would be out of a job.
Second we need to not allow people (adults)  to gather in public unless they are armed. This is not unreasonable. The government has seen fit to not allow you to drive around without insurance (for protection) so pass a law you cant leave the house without a gun (for protection). Some may say random shootings would occur, I say not. A car can be much more deadly than a gun and how many times has someone tried to purposely tried to run you over? A gun in your pocket does not transform you into a raging madman any more than a car does.
I can argue very effectively that the Colorado shooting would not have occurred if the shooter thought someone might shoot back, this is extremely obvious due to the massive amount of body armor he had.  If it turns out 'legal' concealed carry was not allowed in the movie theater then I would love to see a massive lawsuit against the theater that put these people in harms way especially seeing as it was illegal to do so according to the Constitution.
These 'mass killer cowards' prey on people who are unarmed, this is why they attack in areas where it is 'illegal' to carry  for example, malls, theaters, sporting events, schools, colleges etc. another reason I either avoid them or ignore the ban. I don't hang around in back alleys in the bad part of town because I don't want to run a high risk of being shot same goes for these other locations I mentioned.
If I ran a business like a restaurant, theater or any other business a crowd could gather I would offer a discount to anyone with a CC weapon.
Anyone who refuses to protect themselves has no reason to complain if they are a victim.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Welcome Friends.

I want to say welcome to two new friends, Leslie and Deniersaurus-Rex. 
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I saw this T-Shirt at the gun show this weekend and it followed me home.

Colorado Shooting

It's Sunday Morning and I was having some coffee and thinking...................................
Notice 'Spanish' on police tape. Is this America????????
What if one person had a concealed carry gun in the theater and had taken out the shooter. Would the news have been different?
 I am certain that a few people in there had a permit but thought "it's not worth carrying it tonight" I wonder if the wish they had now. Or maybe it was against the 'law' to conceal carry in a movie theater?
Note: good reason to not worry about what the 'law' always says......just saying. (I was going to say more about that but changed my mind)
The news said the shooter was totally decked out with body armor so authorities were  baffled as to why he gave up when confronted by police. I think he was a total coward and worried somebody with a concealed carry gun would try and take him out, another good reason why you should train and be able to shoot where needed. I also wonder why when the shooting lulled (supposedly when he was reloading) that someone didn't rush him.
I am not trying to second guess because I wasn't there and I know there was tear gas and it was dark however it does give you lots of information to mull over.

BTW, did you see the guys picture? does that look like someone you would sell a gun to?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Friday, July 20, 2012

Basic Rules to Remember

  1, Guns have only two enemies rust and politicians.

  2, Its always better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

  3, Cops carry guns to protect themselves, not you.

  4, Never let someone or something that threatens you get inside arms length.

5, Never say "I've got a gun." If you need to use it, the first sound they hear should be the safety clicking off followed quickly by a muzzle blast.

6, The
response time of a 911 call is 23 minutes, average the response time of a bullet is over 1000 feet per second.

  7, The most important rule in a gunfight is: Always win, cheat if necessary. (there is no such thing as a 'fair' gunfight)

  8, Make your attacker advance through a wall of bullets . . . You may get killed with your own gun, but he'll have to beat you to death with it, cause it'll be empty.

If you're in a gun fight:

1. If you're not shooting, you should be reloading.
2. If you're not reloading, you should be moving
3. If you're not moving you're dead.

Also good to remember......................................

In a life and death situation, do something . . . It may be wrong, but do something!

  If you carry a gun, people call you paranoid. Nonsense! If you have a gun, what do you have to be paranoid about?

You can say 'stop' or 'alto' or any other word, but a large bore muzzle pointed at someone's head is pretty much a universal language.

  You cannot save the planet, but you may be able to save yourself and your family.


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Please Just Once !

During the health care tax debate Phil Hare a Democrat from Illinois said  "I don't care about the Constitution" when asked about the constitutionality of it. Others have said the same thing including a Florida Congressman when asked  if he thought the law was constitutional. This is from people who take an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States.
Just once I would like to see one of them arrested for violation of their oath and being severely beaten by police during the arrest. If they screamed about their rights I would just once like to hear a judge tell him "I wish I could help you but you said you didn't care about the Constitution"



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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Junk Mail Solutions.

We all complain about the economy but what do we do to help it out?  I like to solve problems so here is one of my solutions. 
  I get lots of junk mail (like a lot of you I am sure) and I have read many ways stop it or slow it down but this is what's partially wrong with our economy, I mean business has it's hands full fighting all the regulations and taxes that 0bama lumps on them and so to drum up business they send out junk mail to advertise their products and services and what do we do?.....we throw it away, no wonder they are having such a hard time. 
Here is my solution, I take all my junk mail for the week and open it on the kitchen table and put it in little piles, they all have those postage paid return envelopes which is perfect. I survey all the different products I see before me and think...........
 I decide that AARP might like to have information on new window blinds for their office so I put all that information in their little 'postage paid' envelope. Maybe the AARP information I will forward to Progressive Insurance, I mean everyone likes to see what the competition is doing. I might send information on swimming pool products to Disney Vacations, they must have tons of pools so just think of the boom in business the pool company might get. I send the Disney Vacation information to the phone company (they need a break) and I send Burger King coupons to any elected officials (we need to save tax money somehow) anyway you see how it works, I then put all those postage paid envelopes back in my mail box the next day, stuffed with lots of good information for people who might need it. now here is the beautiful part, just look at all the ways you are helping the economy and environment.
1. Keep funding for the postal service, you see all those postage paid envelopes are money makers for the postal service. If they are thrown away the post office gets no money from them so by using them you help the post office stay solvent.
2. Help keep postal employees employed, this helps keep people working and off food stamps and welfare, how cool is that?
3, Help tree farmers sell more trees for paper, This is a huge boom for the tree farmers. They need to sell their products and it keeps loggers, truckers, fuel company's, tractor dealers, repair people, fertilizer manufacturing, pulp wood mills and a host of other business solvent and hiring people which also keeps them off food stamps as well.
4, Share info with those who need it and keep those business fluid by helping them make sales, If you cant use a service don't waste the information just forward it to someone who might need it, give a struggling company a boost.
5, Save landfill space, This one is for my 'green' friends. Just think of all the landfill space that will be saved by not throwing all the junk mail away.
6, Save money on trash bags, By doing this over the course of a year you save a lot of money on trash bags which is money in your pocket.
  I am sure there are other benefits I have not thought of  but you clearly see the good it can do, sure it is a little time consuming but what is wrong with us if we can't spare a little time to help our fellow citizens so do it for our country, do it for the children.
 Don't be a slacker, be a problem solver and do your part to help our economy. I promise you will sleep good at night knowing you have done so.

Monday, July 16, 2012

782 Gear

Gear can be arranged to suit you, or removed if needed.
A lot has been said about bug-out gear and different types of equipment, there is tons of new and expensive equipment to be had but in my opinion you don't have to spend a fortune to have the best.
Those of us who have served in the military and had combat training are familiar with 782  gear it is also called Deuce gear, Web gear and Battle rattle.
To the left you see the basic setup which includes web belt, canteens, suspenders, ammo pouches, first aid kit etc. It's design makes it easy to attach extra gear and the suspenders distribute the weight to your shoulders so the belt can be worn loose, it is easy to take on and off even if you stop for a little rest in the field. Standard military pistol holsters are designed to be attached to it along with a host of other gear designed for the US military from WWII till today which means M1 carbine ammo pouches are made to attach along with M16 ammo pouches or 45 or 9MM etc.

M9 holster with 1911 pistol
 The M12 holster designed for the standard issue Beretta works for other pistols as well.
To the right is the M12 holster I use to carry my 1911, of course the US Army made 45 ACP ammo pouches designed for the web belt. The M12 holsters can be found cheaper than the old issue leather 45 holsters but they can be used also.
M9 holster with Browning Hi Power
This holster also holds the Browning H- Power very well.

I wont go into the whole break down of the 782 gear and all it's functions but wanted to point out it is a viable option for bug out gear, in fact the US military has used this basic setup for over 70 years and it is still being used. There are many aftermarket pouches and such designed to attach easily to the web gear.

Interesting note, the Navy SEAL's have a budget which enables them to have the latest and best gear available but notice this SEAL pictured left with standard issue 782 gear and ALICE pack.
The All-purpose Load Individual Carry Equipment (ALICE) pack is another valuable piece of equipment. It has many compartments which are easily accessible while on the move and even has a large water proof compartment for stuff which needs to remain dry.
It makes no difference if it is OD green, woodland camouflage or the new digital pattern gear it is all interchangeable.
You can personalize it to carry as much or as little as you need depending on the situation, the K-bar knife is a worthy addition as well.
It may not be the most high tech but it is extremely rugged, can be bought new and used through Army Navy stores and on line and flea markets. It is made in the USA and it works very well.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


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Have a good Sunday, If you can't stay safe at least have fun.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Just Wondering.............

I love spell check. It makes even the worst of us look better.
A few weeks ago I started spelling 0bama with a "0" (numeral zero) instead of an "O"
Interesting however I notice now it is not flagged as being misspelled. (not kidding, try it)
I choose to think that maybe because he is such a big looser his name is supposed to be spelled with a Zero.
 I just love how even modern technology gets it right.

Special Welcome
 I like to recognize new followers so
  welcome to Mr "C" 
   Glad to have you on board.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Little Help.... Please

Last week I did an Independence Day post and listed some ways I like to make government less controlling, then last night I turned on the TV and there was an ad saying Mitt Romney has accounts in the Cayman Islands and Swiss bank accounts in order to shelter his money from the IRS and government theft. I was so excited, I clenched my fist and said "YES" Could it really be true, at last we have a politician who understands the greatness of America lies not in the government but in the power of the people to control their own money and spend it as they see fit ?
  If I had any doubts who to vote for in November that did it for me, give me a candidate who is not afraid to stand up and say "I won't give the government all my money, I will use it like I want to"
   I started to have dreams of how I could follow his example and save even more of my money from the crooked politicians and their giveaway programs. I was so proud, here was a true American, born in this country who understands more about how the economy operates than any community organizer ever will.
  I sat back in my chair and smiled to myself......the ad was finishing, then a voice in the ad said "I'm Barack 0bama and I approve this message" ..........What the #&@!  ?????.....I almost spat out a mouth full of ice tea. I was stunned, why would the Democrat Party be running a positive ad for Romney ? I know many Democrats are boycotting their convention but are they also running ads to sabotage the big Zero???
 This is where I need help......I don't pretend to be the brightest person but I am confused, does 0bama really think this is a negative ad to help him ? does he not understand basic American culture ? I mean we buy programs and hire professionals to teach us how to save money on taxes, for crying out loud even the IRS publishes tax saving tips and info on tax write-offs. I am at a me please.

 I don't know, maybe 0bama really is clueless.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Can You Handle The Truth ?

A lot has been said about the DHS labeling many of us as domestic terrorists but I got to thinking, what are they really afraid of ? While I won't dive into the sewer and pretend to understand what goes through their little shriveled up gray matter I have some ideas which may shed some light on it.
It is kind of odd that the extreme left claims to be big on the 1st amendment but only for themselves. They have no tolerance for conflicting view points. They proudly proclaim their right to free speech but want to stifle your right. I think the reason for this is really simple, you see I can listen to arguments and form an opinion based on fact and common sense. I am not afraid of learning the truth.
Example: In the Travon Martin case, I think from what I have heard Travon was wrong and got shot and killed for acting like a thug but if it comes out that Zimmerman was at fault then I can accept that and move on. The left on the other hand will not be that understanding if Zimmerman is not guilty. They will rant and rave about how Travon was a victim of his skin color and we are all at fault in America. This is just typical of the left's reasoning, they have a set ideal in their head and don't want to be confused by the facts, this I think is one reason they are afraid of us, they are afraid we will convince others of the truth. If you stick a knife in a pig he will squeal, and the truth hurts, just think about that the next time you see some activist protesting and ranting on TV.
Another reason they are afraid of us is we have more guns and are better shots (OK funny answer, but let's explore that) We were given the right to keep and bear arms to protect our other rights.......from government.     When the 2nd amendment was written we had come out of a war against Britain, (which BTW was our country at that time) and we needed force to fend off government tyranny and the founding fathers knew that the right to keep and bear arms was key. It was not because George Washington liked to hunt or because Benjamin Franklin's wife was assaulted in the buggy parking lot at the Piggly Wiggly. 
I think for the same reason the left wants to stifle our free speech so the truth does not come out they want to control our guns so they will have no opposition to their plan to mold this country in their own little twisted idea of utopia. This is why they tell us we don't need a AR-15 to hunt deer, or a 50 BMG to defend our home and we get suckered into the argument. 
OK I am going to make some of you uncomfortable, The second amendment was given primarily to protect ourselves from government.  The ability to hunt and protect ourselves from common thugs (as opposed to elected thugs) is just an added bonus.We don't need 'A well regulated militia' to protect ourselves in our home, if we did I would move to a better neighborhood. 
I am afraid we are at the last major cross road in this country, will we become a foot note in history or will we preserve our freedom ?
There are many writings from our founding fathers concerning out right to keep and bear arms but I leave you with a few to ponder. 

"I hope, therefore, a bill of rights will be formed to guard the people against the Federal government as they are already guarded against their State governments, in most instances."
Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, 1788

"When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.  The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."
Thomas Jefferson (attributed without source)

"God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion.... And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.... The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.  It is its natural manure."
Thomas Jefferson, letter to William Stephens Smith, November 13, 1787; “The Works of Thomas Jefferson,” Federal Edition (New York and London, G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1904-5) Vol. 5
"A people armed and free forms a barrier against the enterprises of ambition and is a bulwark for
the nation against foreign invasion and domestic oppression."

James Madison  (1751-1836), Father of the Constitution for the USA, 4th US President

"Arms in the hands of the citizens may be used at individual discretion for the defense of the country, the overthrow of tyranny or private self-defense." 
John Adams (1735-1826) Founding Father, 2nd US President  A Defense of the Constitution of Government of the United States of America, 1788


Monday, July 9, 2012


I would like to issue a special welcome to three new followers. First is Pete, I don't think he has a blog but if he does someone let me know and I will put up a link to it.
Also welcome to Goslow he has a new blog Surviving a way of life please stop by and say hi. Lastly welcome to Woodsterman he has a few links so check them out.
I always try and answer any comments or questions so feel free to chime in any time.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Please Just Once !

Why is it the Federal Government tramples on states rights and gets away with it. Sure the governors and states attorneys my complain but just once I wish they would stand up for themselves.
The recent situation in Arizona is a good example. Arizona wants to arrest illegals and deport them. and the federal government has said no you can't enforce the law it is a violation of their rights......excuse me was I sleeping in class that day ? maybe I'm not the brightest bulb but don't you have to be a citizen to have constitutional rights ?
Anyway, just once I want a governor to stand up and defy the federal government. I want the governor of Arizona to stand up and say to Eric Holder, we don't care what you say and you can't and wont stop us from enforcing our laws. I would then round up all the illegals I could and shove them back across the Mexican border. if the Feds tried to block that I would load them on a tour bus and drive them to Washington DC and unload them at the capitol building and let them deal with them. If the government sent in federal agents I would escort them to the state line by force if necessary. I would put the feds on notice if you try and stop us we will use national guard troops to protect our state.
Actually this would be a good time for any state to take a stand for their rights like this. I would like to see 0bama defend his position in an election year. I would like to see national guard and federal troops square off at the state line, I would like to see Texas side with Arizona and not allow the feds in their state either. I am afraid if we don't have states which aren't afraid to defy the federal government then the feds will continue to shove their garbage down our throats. I think the federal government would be the ones to back down.
It is way past time to make a stand against federal government abuse, the states are the perfect place for that to start. While they are at it let the state of Arizona say they are allowing prayer back in schools, and that they won't enforce federal gun laws and any other unconstitutional law the federal government is shoving down their throat. While we are at it, let Florida continue purge voter rolls and dare Eric Holder to stop them. If the feds try to cut off government funding then the state stops funneling funds to the federal government. Whats the worst that can happen? all the liberals move to California or Washington DC ?
 Wait a minute that might work. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

I Hope They Are Terrified.

Apparently a study used by Homeland Security says those who are preppers, survivalists, lovers of individual freedom,  bitter clingers and anyone who distrusts government are classified as EXTREME terrorists.
I'm thinking..........if this means the government is extremely terrified  maybe that's a good thing.  
 It's about time.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day, Taking Back Freedom.

Yesterday I bemoaned the fact we have lost sight of being independent. I am not against certain rules to make society pleasant for us provided they are on a local level. I believe the Federal government should be the weakest when it comes to telling us what to do. Next should be the state and then the local government being the most powerful. This ensures the most accountability and if I don't like the rules I can live in the next town or the next state or work to change the rules. We have it all backwards, the federal government violates our constitutional rights every day, for example, we are supposed to have 'freedom of religion' but they have twisted it to be 'freedom from religion' The government tells churches they can't oppose the government publicly without fear of loosing their tax exempt status (unless of course you have Jessie Jackson speaking) but fact is churches should be free to rant all they want about government injustices.
I strive to exercise my freedom in every way I can. I don't rely on government to provide for me. I take responsibility for my actions and accept the cost. I refuse to abide by stupid regulations which violate my constitutional rights. I treat others like I expect to be treated.
 It is impossible to avoid all government control but here are some ways I exercise freedom, I won't even give a disclaimer by saying 'don't try this at home' you live your own life.
My basic philosophy is as long as it doesn't hurt others then what the government doesn't know doesn't hurt them.
I am a rebel and freedom lover to the core, this is one reason I like my motorcycles. In Florida motorcycles don't have to have insurance and if I don't want to ride with a helmet then I don't, if I do want to use a helmet I do. When I rebuilt my old Harley I refused to include turn signals, I have open pipes with no muffler, why? because I wanted it that way, I had no thought to what the DMV said was legal, it doesn't bother me, I ride by cops all the time and they don't seem to want to be bothered either. Same goes for seat belts in my car or truck, if I want to use them I do, if I don't I don't.
Our state does not require guns to be registered (and if they did I hope they hold their breath waiting for me to) nevertheless I prefer to buy my firearms privately with no paperwork or forms to fill out. It is 100% unconstitutional for the government  decide if I can buy a gun. If a person commits a crime and they pay their debt to society then they should be free to buy a gun, if they murder or rape execute them. I promise they will never do it again and I can assure you crime would be way down.
I carry a gun because it is my right. I have only called the police once. Over 20 years ago someone broke into my neighbors home while they were away, instead of wasting time I grabbed 2 guns and headed out the door and got in my truck. My intent was to block their car and catch them but they sped away before I could maneuver into position. I pursued them around back streets at high speed till I had them cornered in a church parking lot only then did I call out for a neighbor to call the police (before cell phones) so they could be arrested. The car they were driving turned out to be stolen and I felt good knowing I had help retrieve it and put the criminals behind bars (incidentally one of the two thieves committed suicide a month later) anyway the point being I did not say "not my job man" I acted as a free man and did what I wish someone would do for me if my home was broken into and BTW the police officers thanked me. 
We are taxed on top of taxes for this reason I buy as much as possible on line (out of state) or privately through garage sales, flea markets, Craigslist etc to avoid sales tax, it is one small thing I can do to cut the governments funding. Bartering is another excellent way to do this. If you buy a vehicle from a private party the state charges you sales tax on the purchase when you record the title, in our state you can write "trade" (most states would be the same I guess) as the price and there is no tax. It is no business of the state what you traded and they have never asked me.
Bottom line is when I want to do something the last concern is if  the government approves. My first thought is will this harm someone else, will it hurt my neighbor, my family or friends. Next I decide if it is worth the effort and cost. For example, if I want to put new windows in my house I decide it will not hurt anyone in fact it will help keep my family safer and the cost will be offset by the savings in heating and cooling cost's. I do not care if the government wants me to get a permit and inspect the workmanship so I don't involve them. If they want to pay for the windows then they can inspect them. In fact I can post 'no trespassing' signs on the property and they can't legally enter the property without permission they can only inspect what they see from the street. Side note: The reason the local government wants you to get a permit has nothing to do with your safety or well being it is strictly to monitor upgrades to your property in order to raise your taxes, If they worried about your well being they would inspect your car after it was repaired but they can't make money off that.
When someone broke into my neighbors home I did not think "is it legal to chase and catch thieves with a gun" I acted to protect my neighbor like I thought was the neighborly thing to do. If I get in my car and don't feel like wearing a seat belt I don't but if I am on the highway and want to I do. The governments wishes are no concern of mine, I have never had a ticket for it but if I did that would be my cost for my decision as a free man.
It gets me when someone says "you know that is not legal" or "you should get a permit to do that" I look at them with a blank stare as if to say "excuse me, you obviously mistake me for someone who gives a rats rear end"   
Let me let you in on something, there is nobody in the government who goes about their daily work thinking about what you would like so I refuse to give any time or thought to what they would like.
This is not just a catchy slogan, it is the truth.
I won't totally incriminate myself but I choose to "Live Free Or Die" I am not a rampant law breaker, I respect proper laws but government has no more power over me than I allow. You have heard 'all is fair in love and war', well make no mistake we are in a war....a big war for the survival of our freedoms. I choose to live as free as possible. Government is a power hungry machine with little regard for the constitution or your freedoms. If you doubt me see what the SCOTUS did last week.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

You Think You're Independent ?

Tomorrow is the 4th of July and we will celebrate our independence from Britain. I dare say most people have no clue what it means especially those educated by the government school system in the last 20 years or so. If you don't think that is true explain to me why else a teenager thinks their freedom means they are provided with a cell phone, a car, insurance, food, shelter (even after they graduate school) without them having to work at all to contribute.
 We are living with more taxes and regulation than the British ever had on us. Most people think freedom means over 200 channels on TV and deciding between McDonald's and Burger King or deciding to go to the beach or the mountains.
Most people want to be free to choose their lifestyle and use the government to force others to comply for example, I live in a nice home so if the neighbor trashes his yard or house I want the local government to step in and force him to clean it up. Or I drive a nice car so I make the government pass a law that everyone needs insurance to protect me or the insurance company's pay off politicians to pass the law to make them rich, and don't fool yourself insurance company's are the richest, they have the biggest buildings on the skyline.
Tomorrow you will get up and drink your coffee the FDA had to approve and maybe put milk in it the USDA had to approve the you decide to go to the beach, you get in your car the government had to inspect and approve. You won't be able to drive it till you have a government drivers license and you will have to have government mandated insurance and you will buy gasoline which the government taxes highly.  If you don't drive the way big brother thinks you should you will get a fine (or even if they don't like the way you park) when you do get to the beach you can't even put on sunscreen that is not government approved. Some 18 year old lifeguard will be telling you when you get in and out of the water, your dog will have to be on a leash, there will be signs telling you how to behave but you will be celebrating freedom......give me a break. you can't even strip naked and dance around a fire in the middle of your 40 acres till you pay the government rent in the form of property taxes.
I dare you to find one activity, food, outing, product etc that you enjoy that the government didn't have to approve, inspect, condone or certify at some point, I'll save you the trouble their ain't none. 

Maybe tomorrow I will tell you how I like to celebrate freedom.