Thursday, July 26, 2012

Where We Are Headed Part III

 This is a combination of 2 posts I wrote a while back and bears revisiting and is something to think about when considering armed revolt and possible martial law..................
There were some very basic differences between 1776 and now , first of all it was not one family or a small group of 'like minded individuals' fighting them off, it was a fairly organized militia with leadership to keep them together. Second of all, the civilian soldiers had weapons which were identical (for the most part) to the British army.  Today we (the general population) do not have near the weapons and technology our modern armies do, However if  you have a few thousand troops and a stash in your garage of automatic squad weapons, tanks, shoulder fired rockets, Apache helicopters, GPS guided rockets and bombs, grenades etc and the ability to arm all the troops with almost unlimited ammo you might have a 20% chance of staying alive 24 hours. If you want to draw an analogy it would be like Mel Gibson in the movie 'Patriots'  fighting the Brits with a sling shot and a pocket knife.
I am not going to saying "give up" but you do need to be smart  there may come a time to take a stand but it will come at a very high cost.....very very high indeed.

We all read about the KIA's in Iraq and Afghanistan and how the insurgents (guerrilla  fighters) are giving us so much trouble, well I can tell you as someone who has been there the ratio of their KIA to ours is about 5:1 ...... not very good odds and they actually have some advanced weapons.
If you study military history, tactics have changed drastically over the last few centuries. Even WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq etc were all very different so you can expect it will still change a lot in the future so stay flexible and learn as much as possible. One thing that does not change is 'timing' and 'surprise' both are your allies. You have to have both to have your best odds of survival. 'Surprise' is easy, 'timing' is not.
I can assure you I am not one to give up without a fight but you have to pick your fights and you don't show up to a gun fight with only a pocket knife because they sure would be surprised but it would not be good timing. My intent was not to tell you how to operate but to get you to maybe think of different options which maybe you had not considered. In a survival situation the most common threat I think will be looters, thugs, zombies etc who did not prepare and wish to take your stuff anyway they can, defending against them is something you need to consider and take proper steps to ensure survival.

Another  issue is trained, well armed troops.  These troops will very likely be used if martial law is enforced. I should also point out most of them will no doubt be doing so reluctantly and this is even more reason not to cross them because if you appear to comply they most likely will move on.
 I have heard comments about how some want to  take on all threats regardless of what they are, if that's a hill you want to die on be my guest I'm just here to tell you if you tangle with a squad of Marines or Army troops etc you will loose. That group of soldiers at your door is backed up by more troops and one well armed Humvee can level your home in seconds. This is why most people who have been trained by the military in these weapons understand what they can do and don't want to be on the receiving end of them.

 I know somebody will say "what about guerrilla tactics" , well let me tell you the difference. You can't use them when you are face to face with someone. When I was in Iraq it was somebody shooting from a building a long ways off and guess what, they still lost....almost every time, this is why they resorted to road side bombs. Bottom line is if they know where you are, you will loose, sure you may take some of them  with you but is that really a good plan? You have to understand there in nothing in a city block that will stop a 50 BMG. It will go through 10 houses and kill anyone in it's path...and it's fully auto, also a Mk 19 is a machine gun which shoots grenades which upon impact have a 5 meter kill radius (over 15 feet) not to mention the AT4, all these are squad weapons. We have not even touched on helicopter mounted weapons.
It goes without saying the VERY best plan is being a long ways away when these events go down, bug out before hand. If you have no option but to stay home, be smart. Play it safe the best you can IF you really want to survive, defense may be the best option. 
I am not trying to defend the government and actions they may take, just pointing out the probable outcome if you act without thinking.

TEOTWAWKI, can you handle it.
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  1. The best thing is being smart. Don't do something stupid. Way too many will do something stupid. I have talked with my youngest son on how tactics have changed from a uniformed Army to those dressed to look like civilians.

    In every conflict since 1776 tactics have changed. Yes?

  2. Rob, they have changed a lot. The hardest enemy is one who you can't recognize.

  3. You think our military will turn on the people?

    1. agirl, no I don't think they will, that is the reason I say if they are given some courtesy it all likelihood they will move on and leave us to carry on. This would not be the case for UN troops if it came to that.

  4. Also of importance, the Dem Nazis are at it again.

    Hi-Capacity Magazine Ban Sneak Attempt

    (I have no relation to this particular blog but I am putting the word on the streets (Blues Bros))

    1. I see that, this is why we should not let the politicians tell us are gun rights are for hunting only but rather protection from government.

  5. I am reading in reverse order but I could not pass this to go to the first in the series. You are spot on and it is amazing where we are as a nation. I think that in life to succeed the best planned methods are observe and appreciate the strengths of the opposition first, the you second. A quiet mouth, a silent or low key response is often best when you are David in a Goliath situation. The battle or war is NEVER over until usually one side mentally gives up such as we did in Vietnam. I am always shocked at our military success in Vietnam as the MSM will never share this. As the daughter of a man KIA 8April 1967...I understand through his letters what worked and did not work for an outgunned guerrilla force.

    What to do~what to do? Pray~stand tall~love my family~love my fellow Americans...and honor the Founders in the incredible determination and effort they performed so all of us could have the freedoms still have(I know~eroding by the minute)...

    My thoughts may be naive but I am just an American that can see my future through that humble document~and pray it can withstand the crumbling that has been happening. Because being JUST an American means one heck of a lot and can be the equalizer. Sigh...


    1. Jennifer, you are so right on. Prayer wins a lot. Thanks.