Monday, July 16, 2012

782 Gear

Gear can be arranged to suit you, or removed if needed.
A lot has been said about bug-out gear and different types of equipment, there is tons of new and expensive equipment to be had but in my opinion you don't have to spend a fortune to have the best.
Those of us who have served in the military and had combat training are familiar with 782  gear it is also called Deuce gear, Web gear and Battle rattle.
To the left you see the basic setup which includes web belt, canteens, suspenders, ammo pouches, first aid kit etc. It's design makes it easy to attach extra gear and the suspenders distribute the weight to your shoulders so the belt can be worn loose, it is easy to take on and off even if you stop for a little rest in the field. Standard military pistol holsters are designed to be attached to it along with a host of other gear designed for the US military from WWII till today which means M1 carbine ammo pouches are made to attach along with M16 ammo pouches or 45 or 9MM etc.

M9 holster with 1911 pistol
 The M12 holster designed for the standard issue Beretta works for other pistols as well.
To the right is the M12 holster I use to carry my 1911, of course the US Army made 45 ACP ammo pouches designed for the web belt. The M12 holsters can be found cheaper than the old issue leather 45 holsters but they can be used also.
M9 holster with Browning Hi Power
This holster also holds the Browning H- Power very well.

I wont go into the whole break down of the 782 gear and all it's functions but wanted to point out it is a viable option for bug out gear, in fact the US military has used this basic setup for over 70 years and it is still being used. There are many aftermarket pouches and such designed to attach easily to the web gear.

Interesting note, the Navy SEAL's have a budget which enables them to have the latest and best gear available but notice this SEAL pictured left with standard issue 782 gear and ALICE pack.
The All-purpose Load Individual Carry Equipment (ALICE) pack is another valuable piece of equipment. It has many compartments which are easily accessible while on the move and even has a large water proof compartment for stuff which needs to remain dry.
It makes no difference if it is OD green, woodland camouflage or the new digital pattern gear it is all interchangeable.
You can personalize it to carry as much or as little as you need depending on the situation, the K-bar knife is a worthy addition as well.
It may not be the most high tech but it is extremely rugged, can be bought new and used through Army Navy stores and on line and flea markets. It is made in the USA and it works very well.


  1. I still have the gear I was issued in 74. I did add a later issue leather holster.

    1. I actually have one of the leather holsters as well but I don't use it. Once you are familiar with the gear it's hard to go to something else. Thanks.

  2. we used the same web gear and Alice pack when i served - that stuff is not only awesome, it is adjustable and my first MCpl did a pile of jerry-rigging my gear to fit me. we humped those things everywhere we went. i, of course, secretly kept my gear when i left the military. shhhh. don't tell anyone.

    great post Dear Duke - i love these kinds of posts! your friend,

    1. Kymber, it is pretty neat gear and hard to beat. The more you study and use it the more little things you discover about it like making your entrenching tool a make shift stool.

  3. Well done Sir, and I do 'happen' to have both, shall we say, 'readily available'... :-)

    1. Old NFO, thanks friend. It's good stuff. No need to reinvent the wheel.

  4. NSW only runs that old stuff because it's considered STERILE due to it's age and worldwide availability as surplus. They do still run similar though updated split front chest rigs and suspenders in non-STERILE operations though because it works.