Tuesday, July 3, 2012

You Think You're Independent ?

Tomorrow is the 4th of July and we will celebrate our independence from Britain. I dare say most people have no clue what it means especially those educated by the government school system in the last 20 years or so. If you don't think that is true explain to me why else a teenager thinks their freedom means they are provided with a cell phone, a car, insurance, food, shelter (even after they graduate school) without them having to work at all to contribute.
 We are living with more taxes and regulation than the British ever had on us. Most people think freedom means over 200 channels on TV and deciding between McDonald's and Burger King or deciding to go to the beach or the mountains.
Most people want to be free to choose their lifestyle and use the government to force others to comply for example, I live in a nice home so if the neighbor trashes his yard or house I want the local government to step in and force him to clean it up. Or I drive a nice car so I make the government pass a law that everyone needs insurance to protect me or the insurance company's pay off politicians to pass the law to make them rich, and don't fool yourself insurance company's are the richest, they have the biggest buildings on the skyline.
Tomorrow you will get up and drink your coffee the FDA had to approve and maybe put milk in it the USDA had to approve the you decide to go to the beach, you get in your car the government had to inspect and approve. You won't be able to drive it till you have a government drivers license and you will have to have government mandated insurance and you will buy gasoline which the government taxes highly.  If you don't drive the way big brother thinks you should you will get a fine (or even if they don't like the way you park) when you do get to the beach you can't even put on sunscreen that is not government approved. Some 18 year old lifeguard will be telling you when you get in and out of the water, your dog will have to be on a leash, there will be signs telling you how to behave but you will be celebrating freedom......give me a break. you can't even strip naked and dance around a fire in the middle of your 40 acres till you pay the government rent in the form of property taxes.
I dare you to find one activity, food, outing, product etc that you enjoy that the government didn't have to approve, inspect, condone or certify at some point, I'll save you the trouble their ain't none. 

Maybe tomorrow I will tell you how I like to celebrate freedom.


  1. All true. Most folks have no idea what "liberty" means or entails.

  2. oh yes please come back tomorrow and tell us how you like to celebrate, freedom, Dear Duke! i smell a great post coming! one that might even be better than this one!

    your friend,

  3. Well said, and oh so true... dammit... A GOOD reminder of what we are truly laboring under.

  4. “To be good, and to do good, is all we have to do.”
    ― John Adams

    The day is in celebrating our independence from the British. I cook up a nice pot of English breakfast tea and then dump it in the bushes.
    No person is truly free.

  5. So very very true. But thank god we have the FREEDOM to piss, bitch, whine and complain.

  6. Great post, Duke, and so very true. Tomorrow I will spend with family and PRAY for our country!


  7. Great post... but now I'm depressed.

    1. I feel your pain. It is hard to stay upbeat at times.