Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gun Confiscation

Some of you may have seen this video but it is worth watching in light of recent events. It deals with gun confiscation in New Orleans after Katrina. The differences I see in a nation wide situation is it will be harder for authorities to cover every county, city and state without being spread very thin and therefore being extremely vulnerable. 
Watch this with the perspective of how you would react and notice the mistakes some of these made due to being caught off guard.
 Learn from history.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Welcome Down Range

I would like to welcome a new follower, Garland Girl please be sure to stop over and visit her blog,
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I was talking to someone the other day about professional sports and they commented how they thought it was terrible that pro athletes made more money than the president of the United States.

I said it did not bother me at all and in fact that is how it should be.
 I told them that the president was paid less because he would not be able to fill the role of any professional athlete and does not have the talent to learn however on the other hand almost any professional athlete is  more qualified than the current president  and in fact could do a better job.

No I would say that is how it should be.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


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Friday, January 25, 2013

Something Fishy Here

I see Dianne Feinstein had a news conference and unveiled a new assault weapons ban with an array of evil black guns.
No doubt she had to bring out  her own personal stash for 'Show and Tell' because if you think about it how else would she get them, have you been in a gun shop lately and found an assortment like this? and who do you think would loan her these ? would you? 
No, these belong to her or her own personal security detail.
BTW, is this configuration even legal in California?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ammo Sales

I have heard a lot of rumblings about ammo sales being limited by certain stores and I partially understand it, there are people buying and hoarding who didn't have the foresight to see this coming but now want to cash in.
After 0bama was crowned the 'worthless prince of America' the first time around the same $15 brick of 22 ammo at Walmart  cost $35 at the gun show

I tell you what I did see with my own two eyes at a very large gun store near me was a sign which read
"Ammo purchase limited to gun sales, two box limit"

Just a thought.

The big Zero has just been give another four years to bleed us of our rights and freedoms and times will no doubt get a lot tougher. Right after he took the throne four years ago he was awarded the 'Nobel Peace Prize' for.......Ah well....... no joke, nobody really knows why but he got it but I think the NRA should award him 'Gun Salesman of the Decade' very soon.
One thing which is happening is all our taxes will go up, either income taxes or taxes via increased prices due to more burden being placed on business like health care and federal regulations and the sad part is I actually think when it's all said and done even fewer people will have health care. In times like this people need to stick together much like they did in years gone by. Government programs do not fix anything it only throws money at a problem and creates a bigger pig.
During the Great Depression folks grew gardens to feed themselves and it gave them item's to barter with as well, this could be done again today as well as trading services in lieu of paying cash. When friends and family were in need others would chip in and help to ease the pain.
 This is true today, it might mean trading child-care for house work or arranging a work party to fix someones roof for example. If someone is sick an unable to work food baskets or prepared meals might be a boost to someone, if might mean donating blood to help them or volunteering to sit with a convalescing friend so their spouse could go to work.
As things get tougher we will need to stick together and if you really need help are you going to trust the government  or your friends and family to look out for your best interest ?
Just a thought.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Some advice for AR15 users.

I like to shoot my AR15 but with today's ammo prices and availability (even primers are impossible to find for those who reload) I have resorted shooting 22 LR through an AR15 using an adapter which allows me to do so......So here is the problem. This particular weapon I have been using exclusively for 22 LR and cleaning it regularly however the one area in the AR15 which is hardest to access and clean is the gas port. In the military we would run long pipe cleaners down the gas tube and get it clean but there was no way to get the pipe cleaner through the gas port. 
AR15 Bolt top, 22 LR adapter bolt bottom.
The 22 bolt-adapter does not utilize the gas system to operate the bolt therefore it is not regularly 'blown out' via normal operation. Recently I was changing the barrel on this particular weapon and found upon removing the gas block from the barrel that the hole in the gas block and barrel was completely blocked from carbon and lead, and well blocked, so much so I had to use solvents and drill bits to clean it out. The carbon was almost as hard as steel, I realized if I had tried to revert back to 223 in this gun it would not have functioned at all and I would not have been able to 'field fix' it either, this weapon had about 1500 to 2000 LR rounds through it.
So here comes the advice, I will say I have not put this to the test yet however I just discovered the problem in the last few days and I think it will work. If you shoot using one of these adapters after each range session remove the bolt and with a can of solvent (carburetor cleaner works good) and with the aid of those little plastic tubes the solvent comes with shoot a quick burst through the gas tube and watch to see if it blows out in the barrel. After the solvent dries install the AR15 bolt and fire one or two rounds of 5.56 ammo to ensure it is operating and 'blow out' any remaining crud in the tube and port. This would ensure the gas system was functional and let you know if it needed more cleaning.
This is my solution, maybe someone else has other ideas.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hero or Zero

I was writing the piece yesterday about Liberals and their character and I mentioned John Kerry. This got me to thinking about Kerry being nominated by 0bama to replace Hillary as Secretary of State.
and it struck me a picture is worth a thousand words (seems I heard that before)
Military people will understand this more because they are familiar with codes of conduct, an oath and upholding the highest standards.
This first picture is of Kerry slandering the Military before Congress in 1971. While it is bad enough he lied about alleged war crimes is there one veteran who can tell me if you were trying to impress Congress you would show up in a working green uniform with medals (not mil std) Would you not think he would wear dress blues and get a haircut. Not very sat for Navy officer.

 This second picture speaks for itself. Fonda with Kerry at a anti war rally.
This alone should end the discussion of his nomination.
 This third picture is Kerry in the same working uniform with medals and something sticking out of his right breast pocket at a anti-war, political rally (I wont even go into how many regulations this all  breaks) he has the same un-sat haircut.
Some vet please tell me what your superior would do if you were seen like this in public in this situation and to top it off he has his hands in his pockets.

Whatever happened to an officer and a gentleman. Whatever happened to honor and pride, what happened to dignity of being a member of the military. This is why the military has standards, why would he even be considered to represent out nation.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

No Joke... The Real Reason.

I (and many others) have touched on this before but it bears repeating for those who either haven't heard or don't believe yet, the extreme left understands more than you think. We like to joke about liberals believing that a 'gun free zone' will protect them or thinking that if guns are illegal all criminals will turn them in. We try and point out how you can't punish law abiding people for crimes or potential crimes of others but they get all this, they understand it fully.
The socialists know that an armed person is a free person, they are a secure person, they are an in control person and they don't need government for their protection and security and this grates on them because they rely on government and want everyone else to as well. I am really going to step in it here but generally speaking liberals are not strong people at least not emotionally, not to say they don't have emotions but they don't stand on strong principles generally, they are not normally brave souls and have to fabricate their strength (John Kerry come to mind)
Think of people you know who are strong and have principles as opposed to those who are morally weak with almost no principles (Hollywood)
An interesting side note however is when Hollywood wants someone to play the part of a tough guy hero they get usually get someone who has that in their character like Chuck Norris, Tom Selleck, Clint Eastwood, Charlton Heston, John Wayne etc.

This brings me to my point, Liberals and most politicians want control, they don't care if criminals still have guns because criminals don't want to remove them from power and they can put criminals in prison eventually. You see they want to rule over everything because they are god and know best. They want no opposition and if guns are outlawed or at least guns that threaten them then they have control and in the case of a ban if we don't give them up  then we are criminals as well and can be locked away in prison so either way they win, problem solved, this is why they don't care that gun control won't work because it works perfectly for their purposes. You see we think we can reason with them because we think they want to keep children safe or make the world a peaceful place and they will throw out stupid statements like, "we believe in the Second Amendment and don't want to remove your right to hunt or protect your home" because Bambi doesn't threaten them and dead criminals are one less headache for them but if your gun can legally leave your house with you then they are threatened.  Their ultimate goal is control and with control comes wealth and power.
That is the real reason for gun control and the EXACT reason the founding fathers wrote the Second Amendment.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Good Gun Posters

Here are a collection of gun related posters and signs I have received over the past couple of weeks. You may have seen some of them but are worth seeing again.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Flack over gun owners map

Gun owners map
Sometimes Liberals don't think their actions have consequences and now the news agency which published the map of NY gun owners is getting a taste of their own medicine.
Apparently at least one blogger has posted his own map showing locations of all the news reporters homes and even pictures of some of their children and where they attend school. This has caused many of them to receive death threats and some have had to flee after receiving a white powder in the mail (even though it turned out to be harmless). The News Paper is having to pay for some of the reporters to stay in hotels because they are afraid to return home.
One of the most baffling aspects of this story is the news agency has posted armed guards at their offices to protect themselves....this I truly don't understand, why not just create a 'Gun Free Zone' around their office ?
All this does make you wonder, it there is this much backlash over the publishing of a gun owners map in a couple of counties in a liberal state like NY what kind of backlash would we see if the government tried a gun ban across the entire country. 
Video and story here

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Welcome Down Range.

I would like to take a time out and welcome Kelly as a recent follower to my humble blog. Kelly has a blog called Happy Hollow Farm and she writes about homesteading and related issues. Please be sure to stop over and say hi.
Again welcome, I try and answer all comments and questions.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pt. 2 Gun ban, what may happen

I read a lot of blogs, news, history and I get emails and there is a lot of speculation about a possible gun ban and how it would go down and what the reaction would be. I could tell some did not think by blog yesterday was serious and it was partially poking fun but bottom line is nobody has a clue exactly what will happen.
I have no doubt that the left seeks to delete the Second Amendment from the Constitution. I also try not to get too caught up in a lot of hype but use past history to get a feel for where we are headed.
I do think there is a lot of hype and as much as I despise the liberals for "not letting a good crisis go to waste" there are also those who seek to profit from a situation like this. You have all received the emails telling you all your guns will be banned by next month if you don't send them $29.95 (or any other amount) for them to fight it or to send a fax to your congressman.
Don't get me wrong I am 100% against ANY and ALL gun laws they are unconstitutional and should be repealed  but lets take a look at past history.
1934, the National Firearms Act heavily regulated and registered fully auto weapons
Gun Control Act of 1968,  it stopped the ordering of modern weapons through the mail among other things. Interesting note this was a big reform and a backlash to the Kennedy assassination in 1963, it took 5 years to hash this out.
Brady Handgun Act, 1993 this included the requirement to do background checks for handgun purchases.
Federal Assault Weapons Ban 1994-2004, banned high cap magazines, and evil features like folding stocks, bayonet lugs and threaded muzzles.
In each of these cases there was complaining from those effected but I did not hear or read about widespread uprising so with more sheeple today than ever before I wonder what it would really be like.
After 0bama was first elected in 2008 there was a massive scare and gun sales went through the roof and he had control of both the House and Senate and could have banned all weapons like Australia did but nothing happened because I believe there was not enough votes even within the Democrat party to do it and I still don't think they have the votes to get a wide sweeping ban especially considering the Democrats don't control the House. Just my gut feeling.
 An all out ban on weapons would be a nightmare to enforce. To get an idea, the drug war is a huge problem, just think how bad it would be if there was actually a constitutional amendment that said "The right of the people to have and use drugs shall not be infringed"

    Tuesday, January 8, 2013

    Gun ban, what may happen.

    There is lot of speculation as to what may happen if there is a gun ban or an all out confiscation or registration of weapons. For the record I really don't think confiscation is something we need to worry about this time around but registration may be a threat soon (I say may) I think the way it would work is they would require all guns be registered in the next 6 months (lets say) They would estimate half of the households have a gun which needs to be registered, my guess is at the end of the required deadline only about 10% of the sheeple  good citizens would have done so. This will cause them to realize that  overnight they have made 40% of the population felons so the next step will be to extend the registration period another 180 days (with a few threats added) and this will continue for up to a year  I would guess. In the meantime people like myself will be driving around with  fake AR15's in the back window of their trucks just to mess with the liberals limited brains.
    Side Note: Full auto weapons were banned in 1934 but an Amnesty day was held as late as 1968
    If it ever does get to the point of authorities going door to door it has been speculated and wondered if cops, military etc will go against the constitution and citizens and if they would refuse to uphold the law. I know a lot of cops and most are really good people and on our side. I think personnel assigned to go door to door (or whatever method they use) would not disobey an order directly. I think more than likely what would happen is an officer of some kind would show up at your door with a clipboard with your address on a list and say something like......"Sorry to bother you Mr Duke Sir but we have been assigned this stupid ahhh...task of checking for illegal guns, I am sure a fine upstanding citizen like yourself doesn't have any do you?" at which you respond "No sir" they then check the box marked 'compliant' and they move on. Even if they were required to look inside the house they may walk in the entrance, look at the ceiling and say "looks good to me"
    It would be a daunting task to do this and I dare say not very pleasant and they would most likely not want a confrontation, I mean how would you like to be poor slob assigned to go into the rural back woods and mountains, miles from anywhere and do this. Some would never be seen again.
    My personal opinion is this would be such a major headache and impossible task and cause such an underground economy that they would have NO control over it would end up like prohibition and be repealed.....But what do I know, the war on drugs has been successful so far and is fully under control.

    Just Saying.

    Some people are freaking out they may not be able to buy an AR15 or AK47 very soon and I am against a gun ban BUT......

    Anyone armed with a M1 Garand and a few hundred rounds of 30-06 in clips would not be under-gunned.
    Anyone armed with a SKS with a fixed magazine and a bunch of ammo in stripper clips would be a force to reckon with.

    In a close quarters situation (under 25 yards) I would rather fighting/defending with a 12 gauge pump gun than  a AR15 (any threat at that range which needed 180 rounds in 30 round magazines would really not be good odds anyway. That by the way was our standard battle carry)

    A well trained marksman with a little Ruger 10-22 or even a lever-action 22 would be able to take out any target they desired, and very discreetly I may add.

    A hunter with his 30-06, 308, 270 etc bolt action rifle could remove a threat long before they would be in range of someone armed with an AK47

    Just saying.

    Sunday, January 6, 2013

    Just so you know.

    This may seem a little elementary to many of you but there is some misinformation out there about what the federal government knows about your guns and I thought I would throw this out in light of all the recent talk of a possible federal  gun registration.  

    As of right now there is no way the federal government can go to a computer and pull up a list of your weapons regardless of where they were purchased and unless you live in a locale which requires you to register them like NY City for example no other government agency can either.
    We all know private party purchases are fairly untraceable but some are unaware of what happens when you fill out a form 4473 to purchase from a firearms dealer.
    When you fill out a 4473 it is background check to see if you are legally able to purchase and it does contain the serial number but when the gun store calls in to the State to get approval the State is NOT given the serial number and the form is NOT sent anywhere, it is filed at the gun shop and is required to be kept there. So here is how it works if that gun shows up in a crime. Lets say police recover a Smith & Wesson gun at a crime scene, the authorities go to S&W and ask for records of who they sold that gun to. They may say it was delivered to ABC wholesale in Atlanta, they then go to ABC and ask who they sold it to and they may have sold it to XYZ Guns in Houston Texas. When the authorities go to XYZ they go to their file cabinet and pull out the form and see you bought the gun......Busted.....However if for example you said "I needed rent money last month and sold it at a gun show" the trail is lost unless you happen to know who you sold it to. Furthermore you are not required to keep a record of that and everything is totally legal.
    It is not legal to purchase a gun with the intent to walk out the door and resell it but you are totally legal if your car broke down the next day and you had to sell the gun it to get your car fixed.
    I only mention this because people are afraid to buy from a dealer because the think someone is keeping a list. I myself prefer to buy private but if I find what I want I am quite comfortable doing so from a dealer as well and over the years I have bought and traded many times.

    So to recap, if there is a gun ban or if you are required to register all your guns and if for example the government could dig enough to get a list of guns you have bought in the last 20 years (an almost impossible task for one individual let alone millions I may add) and if they were to stand at your door with that list and ask why did you not register them you could shrug you shoulders and say  "I'm sorry, I sold them all privately because I did not want the hassle of all this registration" then all is golden, just don't get caught lying about it that would not be cool and we all want to be cool.
    Now that I think about it I might start selling my guns because I don't want the hassle either.

    Friday, January 4, 2013

    Gun Ban, My Gut Feeling.

    There is a lot of talk out there of assault weapons bans coming back and that may well be the case but I will stick my neck out and weigh in with my thoughts.
     If it looks like the Clinton ban it will be fairly useless, the biggest pain with that ban was the hi-cap magazines, even though they weren't allowed to produce and import them they were still readily available  as long as you paid the high price. The other parts of the Clinton ban was threaded muzzles, bayonet lugs and adjustable/folding stocks all of which have zero bearing on the function of the weapon.
    I have been reading about the Illinois proposed gun ban and even with a liberal state government it faces an up hill battle, why ? because regardless of what we think there are liberal gun owners. I have friends, acquaintances and even some family who would call themselves democrats but like to shoot or hunt and don't want to see their rights erode. You can walk into any crowded gun show or gun shop and see people who you strongly suspect would vote democrat. In 0bama's first term he had control of House and Senate and could have outright banned all weapons but he did not because there is no way he would have had the votes and he wanted to be re-elected which tells you they know it is a loosing issue.
                               So having said all that I don't think we will see a bill jammed through like the most recent 'fiscal cliff ' bill because they are not up against the clock on this issue and I am sure there will be plenty of debate. You also have to factor in the NRA which is a huge and powerful lobby group who many Democrat and Republicans are afraid of.
    I would not be overly surprised if they fail to get anything passed. If I had speculate on a bill that does get passed I think it would include the so called 'gun show loophole' which means private sales would be subject to a background check and maybe a hi-cap magazine ban and maybe parts of the Clinton ban.
    While any ban or law is against the Second Amendment I personally don't see an all out ban or registration this time around, it surely will come at some point I think which is why if you were caught sleeping this time you should not let it sneak up on you in the future.

    So, I may be totally out to lunch on this one...... What do you think ?

    Thursday, January 3, 2013

    Being Prepared.

    I have a brief comment about being prepared. What is all the excitement people have about wanting to run out and purchase guns and ammo at this time ? Unless you just turned 18 and have been waiting to purchase your first rifle I have little sympathy. You could have bought all you wanted a few weeks ago. There has been talk of gun bans for the last 4 years...where have all these people been.

      It is interesting to note that before the first Clinton gun ban sales of AR's and AK's was almost nothing. I would also like to point out anyone armed with only a 12 gauge pump shotgun would not be vulnerable and would be a force to reckon with. If you fall into the category of those who aren't ready I happen to think things will ease up a little again at least on some items and you will have a chance to buy. There will have to be a lot of debate in the House and Senate and I can assure all the manufacturers of firearms and ammo are working in overtime to 'make hay while the sun shines'

    Weapons Bans.

    My friend Stephen had a interesting link in his blog today,  It is a story about what we might see in a government gun grab.
    Worth checking out.

    Tuesday, January 1, 2013

    New year, Big Deal

    Another year has kicked us in the head.
    I don't get too excited about New Years I mean what really is new? you are going to be a year older, you are going to die a year sooner, we have the same idiots running the country, everything will cost more this year, taxes will be higher this year, you will have less freedoms before the year is over.
    Anyway Happy New Year, Hope I added some cheer to your day.