Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Assault Rifles

There is a lot of hype about assault weapons, I have written before about how things may have changed if politicians in the past viewed the second amendment like the losers we have running the country today.
Just to be clear, in 1776 the average citizen could own the state of the art weapons just like the military did......Talk about keeping politicians honest, could it be that was what the founding fathers had in mind?


  1. I'd say, "Yes, of course!" except I'm sure you had tongue firmly in cheek.

  2. Rev Paul, I am just glad in 1776 the government didn't say we could have bows and arrows but rifles were for military and police only.

  3. Actually some had BETTER arms than the military with their "Kentucky" rifles. Far more accurate than the English smooth bore Brown Bess musket...

  4. The militia took whatever they needed including cannon. The militia had been forbidden arsenals, cannon making foundries and powder manufactories, sort of like the present commie POS and his minions, all commies.

    1. Anon, King George and the current admin have a lot in common. Kind of funny in a way considering 0bama despises England.