Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Lesson

After my post the other day I got to thinking is there anything Muslims as a group contribute or good they do for society as a whole.
Hmmmm, lets see, there are hospitals, orphanages and self-help agency's run by, Methodists, Catholics, Baptists, Presbyterians, Lutherans etc,  all these and more are religious organizations trying to do good, promote brotherly love, save souls and improve society as a whole but I have NEVER seen a Islamic Hospital or Muslim orphanage.
Come to think of it you don't see Atheists running hospitals and such either, you don't see any 'anti-God'  people trying to do any good at all.......Oh wait a second, that's what the government is for, we all see how well that works.


  1. It is because of the church's failings that the government is involved in social issues. For full disclosure, I attend church, and support our local pantry, and neighborhood center. This is where kids (and adults) can find a meal, educational help, and fun.

  2. K, you are spot on my friend, but you don't see Muslim groups doing what you and I (and others) do. Thanks.

  3. Ain't THAT the damn (ugly and not covered) truth

  4. Amen! A point well made, indeed. However the atheists, muslims and liberals who support both aren't going to like it. They'll call you bad names since they can't refute it.

  5. Duke

    This is way off topic, but I need some advice.

    I stood in line at a major sporting goods store yesterday early in the A.M. and was rewarded with one of five cases (1000 rounds of Federal .223, 55 grain, brass) I paid $450.00

    I already have a whole mess of .223/5.56.

    I was offered $750.00 for the case. Im trying to judge the ammo market right now and wondering if I should sell the case for a handsome profit or keep it???

    any opinions are appriciated.

  6. Anon, That is kinda a tough question. I do think the ammo situation will continue to improve over the next few weeks and months so I think (me personally) if I had enough ammo on hand to make me feel comfortable I would cash in and sell the case because I believe you could replace in for maybe even less money in a few weeks or months. I know there is no guarantee of what the future holds but all indications are no political action is happening right now so my gut feeling is supply will rebound if only for a short term so you could buy more.
    Another option is to sell off 600 rounds for $450 and keep 400 rounds for free. Anyway this is just my opinion for what it's worth.

    1. Duke

      thanks for the input. I will go back to the store where I got the first case from and see if they have anymore cases early Friday morning. If they do, I will try to get another case and sell the first.

      I will monitor the ammo shortage carefully.