Thursday, May 22, 2014

Government is Correct (sometimes)

I hate to admit it, I always thought the government had the wrong ideas about everything but sometimes they get it exactly right.

While doing some research about national parks I came across a policy that said "do not feed wildlife" it went on to say "feeding wildlife creates dependency and leads to overpopulation" 
Maybe the National Park Service should forward this policy to the Food Stamp Administration.

And you wonder why the welfare class is growing so much.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sometimes even stupid people make a point.

I was listening to a news report regarding raising the minimum wage and some idiot being interviewed said "why should someone working for McDonalds in Denmark make $15 an hour and I can't here in the US" I admit sometimes ignorance makes me speechless but my first instinct was to say "because you don't live in Denmark you idiot" It did get me to thinking so I did some checking.
Most minimum wage people here in the US pay little or no income taxes after deductions and even if they did the lowest tax rate is 15% on the other hand if a McDonalds employee in Denmark makes $15 an hour their lowest tax rate is 45% so that $15 per hour turns into $8.25 take home. On top of that their overall their cost of living is higher, gasoline averages $8.55 a gallon, an average pair of Levis cost $145 and the average cost of a Big Mac meal in Denmark is $8.20 USD compared to about $5.75 here.
I guess ignorance is bliss, I am sure if wages go up here our businesses will just eat the expense for the good of the employee and I am equally sure government will waive the higher tax brackets to help out the struggling workers as well.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers Day

Special days like this can be happy and sad. Mothers day for me is a mixture, I am happy I have my mom to share good memories with and she is in good health which is a blessing. I am also sad for all my children who lost their mother, for them it is a sad reminder.
I wish all mothers a happy mothers day and for those who are hurting I pray a special blessing for you today.