Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ultimate Survival Ammo?

My press set up to load 44 Special.
I stumbled across something the other day which surprised me. I like to shoot a lot and have done so even more in the past because of this I have saved a lot of spent brass over the years, I also like to shoot large caliber and therefore reload my own ammo to keep from going broke.
One of my favorite calibers is 45 ACP and I have been reloading from my brass stash for years. Recently I was at a public shooting range and policed up a bunch of fresh brass some of which was new Federal 45 ACP.  

 45 ACP, Top Small Primers, Bottom Large Primers.

While reloading 45 other day I realized some of the new brass had a small primer pocket (shown here at top of photo) At first I was put out, I mean 45 ACP has always had large primers (bottom of photo) and it almost seemed sac-religious to utilize the same primer as a 9mm. I did some research and come to find out more than one manufacturer (besides Federal) has gone this route and apparently police departments are buying this stuff up as well. Most re-loaders I read about were scraping the new stuff out to get rid of it therefore  avoiding confusion during reloading, others said they would reload it and use it at ranges or locations where it was not convenient to save brass.
I pondered all this and decided it makes it a unique survival ammo. I don't know of another caliber which you have the flexibility to use either small or large primers depending on what you have available.
In fact in a real crunch if you had a stash of both these types you could physically load for your 45 ACP with any large or small pistol primer or any large or small rifle primer. I believe rifle primers are a little harder to fire than pistol primers but nevertheless it could be done in a pinch.
What some see as a inconvenience I see as a benefit......just my opinion.   

Friday, February 21, 2014

Field Trip

Heading out this weekend for a much needed break with a few friends including Stephen and Senior. We plan to eat some big steaks, build a big fire, tell some big lies, shoot some big guns, dream some big dreams and leave a really big carbon footprint. Hope your weekend is as productive.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Life is tough and then you die.

I am sorry I seemed to have dropped out lately, heavy stuff going down.  I need a little break.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Going Postal

The United States Post Office is getting geared up for a big ammo purchase in the near future.
Now on the surface this may seem like another government agency stocking up on ammo for some dubious reasons but maybe this is different.
The mailman has to deliver in the worst neighborhoods and suffer attacks from dogs, thugs, democrats who did not get their government checks, and little old ladies upset because the price of stamps went up or the mail truck ran over their dog so I can see where the postal employees might want to be armed.
I mean how would like to deliver mail in the slums of NY, Washington, Detroit, Chicago, LA. anytime let alone during civil unrest.
In the old west the stage coaches delivered mail and they were armed so I guess if you wait long enough things come around again.

Of course it might give a little more twist to the phrase "Going Postal"

Friday, February 7, 2014

Why are men so callous ?

I guess after the last post I should redeem myself a little, I mentioned that I did not like the show 'The Bachelor' because I thought it was cruel to the women involved.

This got me to thinking, what if they changed the script a little, how about after the woman is rejected they give her a gun, she could chase him around the set while firing off a few rounds, maybe wounding him and then cornering him and giving him the option to change his that would make for a good show.
How is that for callous ?

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Why are women so callous ?

The other night I was within earshot of the TV where my wife was watching a show called  'The Bachelor'  
Now I have never had a desire to watch the show and I wondered why that was and then it occurred to me, it's because I am such a kind thoughtful person. I do not get pleasure or do not conciser it 'entertainment' to watch a bunch of  ladies get their hearts warmed up and then ripped out when they are rejected.  It is like taking a few puppies from the pound, taking them home and playing with them, giving them the chance to have a good home then sending all but one back because only one was worthy to be adopted.
I am sure those watch the show would not like it if it was their daughter getting her heart dashed and crying for the whole world to see while everyone thought it was entertainment, I think of it as the ultimate trash TV.  I don't know why I even care about stuff like this......sorry I brought it up, I am sure I am in the minority.