Thursday, January 10, 2013

Welcome Down Range.

I would like to take a time out and welcome Kelly as a recent follower to my humble blog. Kelly has a blog called Happy Hollow Farm and she writes about homesteading and related issues. Please be sure to stop over and say hi.
Again welcome, I try and answer all comments and questions.


  1. She's mine...I saw her first. You can't have her. Okay, I'll share. She's too sweet to keep all to myself.

    The coffee is hot.

  2. LOL Stephen!!! Thank you Duke! I have really enjoyed reading your blog. When I was looking at Stephens I found yours and read quite a bit, you two are funny and informative ;) I look forward to learning more from you both!

    1. Kelly, you are quite welcome my friend. Ignore Stephen, I am just nice to him because he gives me free coffee when I go to visit him.

    2. Kelly they even color coordinate their outfits in the morning....

      Smile, guys!

  3. Replies
    1. Old NFO, it's good to see new bloggers come on line. Thanks.