Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Concealed Carry Philosophy, Part II

Yesterday I did my first post on Concealed Carry Philosophy and I showed my backup pocket gun.
In the next few posts I will show some of my other concealed carry pistols. Before I get to that I want to build on my thinking. It has often been said a handgun is really just a stop-gap till you can get to a real gun (or something to that effect) This is why police carry handguns for close-up impromptu threats but if they have a standoff or have to respond to a hostage situation they break out the shotguns or AR15's.  A cop carries a 9mm Glock with extra magazines because he might be called upon to run into a situation to defuse it.
I said yesterday I choose not to try and provide for every conceivable situation because I am not a cop, it is not likely someone on the street will stop me and ask me to go into a building and stop a robbery. Nobody knows what situation may arise or how they may react and every situation is different. Part of my philosophy is everyone is responsible for their own protection just as I am responsible for mine and my family.  If I was in a convenience store for example and someone tried to hold it up there are many different responses depending on the situation, like how close is the thug, does he see me, is he alone, am I standing near or fifty feet away, does the clerk have a gun (they should and it may not be my duty to rescue them, if they don't care enough to be armed why should I care)
If I was walking down the street and saw a mugging I might react differently depending if the victim was a man or a woman or someone who was handicapped, I may risk serious bodily harm for a someone in a wheelchair but maybe not for a able bodied man especially if I had kids with me and especially if he choose not to protect himself.  Subconsciously you will determine if you are in grave danger and if the risk or odds are worth you not going home to your spouse or kids or being there for your grandchildren, it is a tough call but life is full of tough choices. Some of us may make the harder choice but it is our choice and it does not make us right or wrong.
I will add, I am not recommending any courses of action I am just stating my thoughts and beliefs, I have also not taken into account what is technically legal because my moral compass is more important than some politicians rules (especially given the moral giants they are)
Like I said before I won't debate which gun is better only show what I carry. Yesterday I showed my 22 mag pocket revolver.

Today  I will cover my Kel Tec 380 pistol. It is not my most favorite but I have had it a long time. I like this one for deep concealment especially in dress pants because it has a single stack mag and is very thin. The holster is like a wallet in the back pocket, I have only seen these holsters at gun shows, I like it because the back part hinges which allows for a good firing grip before it is removed from the pocket but still does not 'print' at all because of the solid back part which also has a grip finish on the back side so it stays in the pocket. I have had this gun for many years and by the wear you can tell it has been carried a lot. When I bought it Ruger did not make the LCP but they are almost identical in size and looks. If I had to buy one today I would probably get the Ruger because I think they have a slight edge for fit and finish but I must say this one goes bang every time I pull the trigger provided I don't have a dud round. The only issue I have is because of the location of the mag release it can get pushed when in the pocket (not exactly sure how) and the mag will not be seated correctly and may not cycle the second shot. It has only happened a very few times but for that reason I have a habit of using my thumb and forefinger to make sure mag is full seated before it is drawn and before I might use it so potential problem solved.

I usually carry the ammo in it for a couple of months before I shoot it at the range in order to test function and keep fresh ammo rotated in it.
For what it is this (or the Ruger LCP) is a good carry gun if size is a big issue. The 380 is not a bad defensive round especially with a good load and hollow points. This type of gun also makes an excellent back-up piece.
Bigger rounds may make bigger holes and kill deader but they also take bigger guns and are harder to conceal. A lot of people bad-mouth the 380 but none of them are volunteering to get shot by it to prove a point. For me personally I would not carry this in the woods but around the grocery store it fits the bill, it will stop an crazy woman from stealing the last package of bacon.
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  1. I like your philosophy: protect the bacon!

    Srsly, good thoughts. I look forward to the continuing posts.

  2. The Col. Cooper philosophy, a hand gun is what you use to fight your way to your rifle.

    1. Robert, That's the quote, sometimes I draw a blank, Thanks.

  3. For a pocket carry, it works as well or better than most others. I have a Mustang as a pocket carry, but I haven't found a holster like that dammit...

  4. Old NFO, I wish I had a little Mustang 380, that is a neat pistol.