Monday, February 18, 2013


I have been as busy as a one arm paper hanger it seems. It has turned cold and we had our first (maybe only) freeze of the year which is good for killing off a lot of bugs and other pests in the garden and yard. 
I was visiting a local gun shop the other day and they had quite a few CMMG   AR-15's for $789 (best I remember) one guy was buying one and asked if his friend from NC could get it shipped to his FFL in NC but was told no, they were only selling 'in store' but it is a sign that things are cooling off.
 If the Congress and Senate keep fighting over the budget and don't talk about guns I suspect supplies will return to normal soon but be warned and don't get caught again because we will have shortages and runs on ammo and guns again.
Anything you can find at a decent price, now or in the future like magazines, ammo, reloading components etc they will be like silver or gold eventually. 


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    1. Always trying to think ahead of the curve. Thanks.

  2. Excellent grouping of M-1 Garand Stripper clips:)

  3. Yes, I have noticed prices coming down, on one of the state gun trading sites I have AR's coming down from $1500 plus with one selling for $975 today. Of course you have the idiots who want premimum prices, but will never get.

    1. Some people are behind the times, Kind of makes me wish I had cashed in a little....oh well.