Thursday, August 29, 2013

2 Million Bikers to DC

I guess by now you have heard about the 'Million Monkey Muslim March' on Washington DC set for 9-11. If this is not an in your face so what you gonna do about it moment I don't know what is.
This would be like the Nazi's having a march in Jerusalem on a Jewish holly day or maybe like the KKK having a march in Washington on MLK's birthday (I am sure the media would frown on that) but you get a bunch of inbred Muslims who want to march in DC on 9-11 and it is a wonderful thing.
Now we have a 2 million biker march ride on DC set for 9-11 as well, they even have a Face Book page which you can go to and 'like' (over 37,000 in about a week) The organizers of the MMM are now trying to re name it due to the backlash from the general population but the word out.
What I would like to see is two million armed bikers show up, I don't care that it's against their unconstitutional law to be armed in DC (I'm fairly sure the Patriots in 1776 didn't worry about silly little rules like that) and to be honest the police up there could not handle the magnitude of something like that. I hope there is enough motorcycles show up to choke all the roads in and out of DC and I hope it's loud enough to drown out all the anti-American speeches. I know for a fact some of these bikers are just crazy enough and not afraid of being arrested to make a point, wish I could say that about the rest of the sheeple.
Free men don't need and don't ask for permission. 


  1. I hope they get a huge turnout. Even better, maybe the two groups will interact and the Warriors of Islam will get a chance to show their metal instead of run their mouths. I have a pretty good idea that in such an event things might not go well for the followers of Allah.

    They won't be satisfied until they turn Washington into another Londonistan. England is now overrun with Moslems, and their government is passing laws as fast as they can to help the process along.

    1. Harry, I have no doubt the bikers will outnumber the MMM 10 to 1 and as usual the bikers will be made to look bad.

  2. Gonna be interesting, to say the least.

  3. Gonna be one helluva fight! :-) I'm putting money on the bikers!!!


    I just experienced Harleyfest 110th! Go Bikers!!!

  5. God Bless all the riders who turn out to show the MMM, and the disillusioned man in our whitehouse just who this country TRULY belongs to. (THE PEOPLE) We the People of the UNITED STATES DEMAND OUR COUNTRY BACK.

  6. I hope this is what starts the revaluation that needs to happen in this country it's not just the Obama administration it's been all of them for 20 yr's tring to take r rights away are fore fathers are rolling in there graves that Americans have become to lazy to take our country back