Monday, November 14, 2011

All American Muslim

Last night I watched the show All American Muslim, it was a pretty dull show. As I thought it was meant to show them as all normal. Interestingly enough I don't think it will be a big hit with Muslims either because some of the people on the show would  be better suited to the Jerry Springer Show. There was one looser guy he was a Irish Catholic and was converting to Muslim in order to marry a Muslim girl. As I also thought there was NOTHING American about any of them, it was a total waste of time but my main purpose was to see who would advertise on the show. Below I have listed them. There may have been one or two others but they were local or obscure companys I did not know of.
The show set out to show how tolerant they were of others, at one point they joked about some of them converting to Jewish. If they wanted to pull that off they should have shown one of them converting to Christianity and how the rest of the family would embrace that but we all know that would not happen. Instead they had a Catholic converting and how his family had problems dealing with it. Anyway I wont watch again, just wanted you to know the Anti-American  advertisers.
Show Advertisers
Kayak (online) Travel Site
Pet Smart
Dyson Vacuum Cleaners
Kettle Chips
Ruby Tuesday's
John Fredi hair color
Clinique makeup remover
Centrum Vitamin
Kahula Rum
Trumoo chocolate drink
K Mart
Home Depot
Chase Bank
Blue dog food
Airborne chewable tablets
Sweet and Low sweeteners
X-Box 360
Cystex cranberry
Pet Meds

Interestingly enough, Walmart and K Mart were advertising Christmas sales.


  1. Thank you for doing the dirty work and wasting an hour of your life for us :)

  2. I am glad someone watched it. I planned on it, but then I figured I needed to find something better to do. I did wonder how is was going to be taken by the general public.
    I felt this was just another way for them to pull the wool over our eyes and make Americans more Muslim friendly.
    Thanks for the review.

  3. Hopefully it goes the way of the dodo and airs for a few episodes and disappears. Last thing we need is a Muslim Kardashian wasting oxygen.

  4. I didn't bother with it and will not. It had to be one boring ass show. Like PISSED said, thanks for the leg work...

  5. Pissed and Stephen, It is a waste of time, I did not do it for show content but rather to watch ad's.
    MDR, your time would be better suited throwing rocks at passing cars.
    mmasse, I hope you are right, I tend to agree.

  6. Thanks Duke, for making that sacrifice for us. What a dedicated soldier.

    Nothing in the previews appealed to me. The only thing that I learned from the preview is that Muslim women wear their religion on their sleeves and demand that you respect them.

    Frankly, I'd rather watch the Kardashians or Jersey Shore before that garbage...

  7. Duke - thanks for taking the hit for us all - we appreciate it! and thanks for catching the ads and sharing them here.

    i am with MDR - i wonder how the general public will take it? i hope it just fizzles after a few boring episodes.

    your friend,

  8. Mudbug, good take actually that seems correct about Muslim women being up tight, I think they know they are second class citizens and have to spout their hatred to others.
    Kymber, you're welcome, I don't see it lasting long. I actually think if many people see it they will have the opposite reaction as to what is intended.

  9. Thanks, big guy. I just spent an hour emailing and calling folks to inform them that I will not be spending my money with them. Suprisingly enough, the folks at Sonic seemed truly upset. We'll see. Appreciate the list. I hope your MIL is doing better.

  10. I find it ironic that Wal Mart would not advertise during a good wholesome show like Glen Beck. And I am just sick about Sonic, what am I going to do???

    *Still keeping your MIL in prayer, hope she is still improving!

  11. Duke you are a true scout. SO I missed that show, oh crap. Can we not see it again? I bet many company's had no idea their ads ran on that show.

  12. Hillbilly, You're welcome, I was surprised by some of the advertisers myself.
    Shar, I think Sam Walton would be ashamed of the way Walmart is today considering he built his stores on American made goods.
    Rob's Bunker, You may be right, some company's may not have known, but if that's so even more reason to contact them and give them the chance to pull the ad from that time slot.

  13. honestly i just hate reality tv period, people act in such foolish low ways just for attention or money ... yuck, never been interested

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