Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cold Camp

It has turned cold here today, and I don't feel too well, still getting over the 'bug' I had last weekend. I thought about going over to Stephens place and sharing the love but he would kick me out.
For those who have been following the story of my Mother in Law who was beaten, she had to go back into hospital with some stomach problems, doesn't appear too serious but she keeps getting set-backs.
Stay safe friends.


  1. I hope both you and your dear mother-in-law recover soon.

  2. Now you know better, I'd never kick you out. Although on second thought, I don't won't your disease...perhaps if you stood - over, remain still...

  3. Duke - i feel terrible for your Mother In Law - what a strong and courageous lady and these setbacks must be near doing her head in. Please pass on that we still have her in our thoughts and prayers!

    as for you not being over the bug - we haven't been feeling properly well since jambaloney's "incident"...which was a month ago. but i think that we are run-down and maybe that is what is wrong with you. lots of rest my friend and lots of warm, healthy soup.

    your friend,

  4. Heroditus Huxley and Kymber, Thanks, it does seem like it is harder to bounce back when run down.
    Stephen, I've seen the sign on your door that says "Sick people will be kicked to the curb"

  5. Duke:

    sorry your MIL is still suffering, we hope this is the last hurdle.

    get lots of rest and get better!

  6. Even colder now tonight. This is not even cold. Oh did I forget to tell you, I'M from Minnesota. Now that gets cold!

  7. Jambaloney and 45er, Thanks, I hope it's all better from here also.
    Rob's Bunker, I don't mind cold weather just hate felling sick. Of course I don't know how I would handle Minnesota weather.