Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ramblings and Welcome.

Special welcome to Destination Self Sufficiency , thanks for hitting the follow button, please be sure to swing by and check out his site.

Things are slow right now, Stephen is out of the hospital now so I guess it's time to stop being so nice to him.

I see DHS has ordered a whole bunch of ammo, I'm looking on the bright side, maybe they are going to start self defense training classes for the general public and need lots of practice ammo.

Oh well, life goes on. 


  1. Maybe they can find something better to do with the ammo than sell it to Mexican Narco-cartels.

  2. You know good and well they're just watching the cost of ammo, giving us taxpayers a break...

    Now, come on, just because I'm free doesn't give you license to be mean to me.

    1. But it's so much fun, Stephen...

    2. Stephen, Yea maybe they are just giving the ammo makers a stimulus package.

  3. Alright you two, settle down, or you will have to go to your room!

  4. Yeh right! And it goes down hill from here, if that is possible.