Monday, December 19, 2011

It's About Time.

 In the news....................................
It's about time, A man was fatally shot by a Jacksonville Florida homeowner last Tuesday during an attempted auto theft. (Court records show he was arrested at least 16 times since 2005) he was shot and killed in a West Side neighborhood following an attempted break-in at a nearby residence and a string of attempted car thefts, police said.
He was shot while trying to steal a car,  Earlier, a homeowner reported an attempted break-in at the house there.
Within 20 minutes, police were called to the shooting scene.
Duke Observations.
1. After being arrested 16 times you are overdue to be shot
2. At least he wont be stealing anymore things.
3. If you have a string of 'attempted' car thefts you are not smart enough to live.
4. Good thing the home owner had a gun because the police took 20 min. to arrive/respond, 
How's that 911 thing working for ya.



  1. A huge reflection upon our courts too. I mean 16 times? Really~all that rehabilitation snuggly cozy warm jail is ineffective. We need to punish criminals, instead we have someone with 16 priors being sent out~my guess is that 16 priors could actually mean hundreds of successful crimes. I remember taking the kids to Yuma Territorial Prison a few years ago(old west prison)-and think if we punished folks in prison like those of yesterday one may not be so apt to repeat offend.

    And~I hope that the person responsible is not charged-but I worry for them.


  2. Does Fl have a castle doctrine type law without any obligation to retreat?

    BTW how the MIL doing?

  3. Humble Wife, I don't think the home owner was charged.
    Matt, yes Fl does have the Castle Doctrine. They are usually very sympathetic towards the homeowners in cases like this.

  4. When its me vs you and my home, my family, you lose.

  5. Some people have all the fun...shucks.

  6. Rob's Bunker, I hear ya.
    Stephen, My thoughts exactly.

  7. Castle Doctrines are your friend. This guy was playing with bad odds. If you suck at your job that bad in that line of work, getting fired obviously isn't the worst that can happen.

  8. Permanent Disability, I love it!

  9. Brawny, Permanent and totally as in 'never again'

  10. Lived on the west side of Jax years ago. Wife and I were having dinner at a local seafood joint there on Lane Ave When two brothers came in and one pulled a gun on the hostess and demanded money. A customer two tables over stood up and fired on shot hitting the armed "suspect" Myself and another customer both had drawn our weapons and were chasing down the second "suspect". Yes he did fall down a couple of times how did you know? The west side is a little ruff around the edges.Oh and 20 mins for police thats a fast response time for Jacksonville Sheriff's office.