Friday, December 9, 2011


I got these pictures in an email, thought it was interesting. 
This might be the new home of the future, Pictures are not in a particular order but you get the Idea. I actually came up with a design along the same line to use in Iraq except with the idea to bury them as a bunker/command post (but not as fancy).
You could also dig these into a hillside as extra protection. These shipping containers have a good load strength if buried correctly.


  1. Not bad. We could sure use one for storage. Just not as fancy.

  2. Clever interior finishing. Having a few of those around for a group retreat would give people something to expand out into and not be too crowded together.

  3. Stephen, We will have to keep an eye out for them.
    Odysseus, I agree, should be able to find a few around for scrap prices (may not be too cheap now days)

  4. The American home of the future, just not so nice I fear.

    That was just killer awesome though, the way it was fixed up inside.

  5. Ah yes, the CHU. Not just for Military anymore.

    If you bury it, what is your "Tactical Withdrawal" plan?

  6. I could see myself living in something like this. I would get 3 of them, more storage/bunker.

  7. That is so cool. Just wait, some one will start a business. And have them all made up. Pick out what you want, they deliver and set up.

  8. I have been looking for them around here for years. They have always cost to much. I have read you can bury them if you reinforce the sides and roof. I was planning on only half buying mine and then mounding the excavated dirt up the other half and over the top having a living roof.
    I am not going to give up, I am still looking

  9. Yup, prices have gone shy high. You can still get the fiberglass/wooden ones for a decent price.

  10. while reading the comments i was wondering who would recognize the CHU - good job TinCan Assassin!

    i have been looking at these for years on the net...they are definitely becoming more popular. you can get some that are just a little rusted for 1/3 of their original price. something that me and jambaloney are considering adding to our Manor. we would be able to put up entire families if we had some of these!

    great post Duke!
    your friend,

  11. Matt, Could be, it's good to have ideas to fall back on
    TinCan Assassin, They come in a few different sizes as well. I guess if they were buried it would pretty much be a bunker. you could also leave them half buried in a hillside.
    Rob's Bunker, that's what I was thinking, you could make it bigger.
    Flier389, I've heard that in Japan they do make homes similar and they can be moved and put into slots in different complexes.
    MDR, I think there has to be some around which someone would like to be rid of. maybe even a damaged one which could still be used for this. Ypo could also pour concrete over the top as a deck.
    Hillbilly, Even a tractor trailer box could be used if needed, they can still be found at good prices if very old.
    Kymber, good point, rusty ones would be cheaper. I have seen them in years past fairly reasonable.

  12. Fantastic! I thought I was gonna be the first to get their's done. Good show!

  13. ShallNotBeInfringed, I thought it was neat also. Thanks.