Friday, December 16, 2011

My Entire Childhood.

45 rpm spindles,
Green Stamps
Metal Ice cube trays
Roller-skate keys
Shooting 22 rifles off the back step, (neighbors didn't care the 22 was a gun kids played with)
Carrying a new knife to school to show the teacher. (try that today)
Marlin Perkins
Drive in Movies Drive in restaurants
Driving around with a rifle in the back window of your truck.
Car Hops 
Washtub wringers
The Fuller Brush Man
Reel-To-Reel tape recorders
Tinkertoys Erector Sets Lincoln Logs
15 cent hamburgers
5 cent packs of baseball cards
Penny candy
25 cent a gallon gasoline
Jiffy Pop popcorn
5 cent stamps
Gum wrapper chains
Speedy Alka-Seltzer Cigarettes for Christmas
Burma Shave signs
Brownie cameras
Flash bulbs
TV Test patterns
Old Yeller
Timmy and Lassie
Aluminum Christmas Trees (but they were very tacky)

 I am sure I forgot some. Maybe you can remember some others.

If you can remember most or all of these,Then you have lived And if some or all of these are unknown to you, I'm so sorry! You missed out on the "good stuff"! Life was a lot better back then.
Now I want to cry.


  1. Hey Duke, yeah I could add to the list. One thing that sparked a memory was the .25 a gallon gas. My first vehicle was a 1957 Harley Davidson and I remember at the time if I had a tank full of gas and a quarter in my pocket I knew I had enough to get where I was going and to buy gas to get home. Also one of my first jobs was pumping gas at a Phillips 66 station. I was expected to be standing at the driver's side window by the time the car came to a complete stop. I'd find out how much gas the customer wanted and then while the gas was pumping I would wash the windshield, check the oil and if the customer wanted check the water level and air in the tires. What a joke, if you want water or air today you have to pull your car around to the side to the station and pay for self service. Times have changed. Don

  2. I remember 19-cent gas, in my part of the country. And when the price of postcard postage went from 2 to 3 cents, my mom took off on an epic rant about TEOTWAWKI which my sister and I still laugh about today.

    She was right, just 50 years ahead of her time.

  3. Don, You are correct you won't see those days anymore.
    Rev Paul, That is funny, I remember people a few years ago were saying $2 a gallon gas would never stand, now we would be happy to see it that price.

  4. Rob's Bunker, I forgot about Tonka Toys.

  5. Ten cent movies.
    Stores open in town on Saturday nite.
    No TV.
    KOMA radio.
    Snipe hunting.

  6. You have it covered...well, maybe deer on fenders after a good hunt. I'm out of tears...shame isn't it.

  7. John, yes TV used to go off at 11PM
    Stephen, I think kids today have no idea what they have missed.

  8. I remember all of it. How about 10 cent movies in a theater? ....with two features?

  9. Practical Parsimony, Good addition, Thanks.

  10. How about the local stores all had vacuum tube testers, your tv or radio would go on the fritz, pull all the tubes, ride your bike to the corner store and test all the vacuum tubes. Once you found the bad one you'd just pick a new one from the vast selection right there by the tester.

    Roller skates had metal wheels

    Remember when a box of Cracker Jack had a real toy in it, now all those toys would be considered choking hazards.

  11. JP, I do remember the tube testers, in fact I used one in the late 70's (probably one of the last)And I had the metal wheeled skates which clamped to your shoes, bad news when it came loose and the strap was around your ankle.
    Very true about the C.J. toys.

  12. Duke, you mentioned the 22 rifle. I didn't get mine until my 13th birthday, it was a Marlin and it was beautiful. But before the 22 came along I had my trusty Daisy Red Rider BB gun. I took out many an enemy soldier in the backyard with that BB gun. I think the Daisy belongs on the list. Don

  13. Don, absolutely the Daisy belongs on the list. My bad.

  14. How about cans of beer without a pop tab? I noticed the picture of the car hop is a recent picture. Note the tatoo. Back in the days you described, the only tats you saw were Hell's Angels types and old Navy swabs. Man you are older than dirt! Just like me.

  15. Swamp Dog, I noticed that tattoo as well, it's just a pic I found. Yes the pop tabs were used on most all cans soda included.

  16. Swamp Dog brings to mind 'church keys'.

  17. CoolChange, not many young people would know what they were (if any)