Thursday, December 15, 2011

3 Legged Hog

I was reading a blog by Modern Day Redneck , he was talking about smoking bacon and such.  It reminded me of a 3 legged hog we had once.
The reason he had 3 legs was he was really a family pet and we hated to eat him all at one time.


  1. We once had one where we began with its tail...makes great stock.

  2. hey - i have heard this joke told a different way - bahahahah! you and Stephen are something else!

    your friend,

  3. Thanks for the Plug Duke. I guess the same would be true for one of mine. This weekend I have to castrate one so talk about starting at one end working our way to the head.

  4. you're doing it wrong.

    Should start with the back feet.

    That way, when you get both feet removed, he can still pull itself around with the front feet. Now he'll have to push himself around with the hind legs, ruining the good pork belly area.

    Unless you are planning to make a little roller belly thingy so he can wheel himself around. Then you can position it over his belly when all legs are gone, so you can cart him to the trough for feeding time.

    Just a thought.

  5. Muddy - yer my brotha so i really shouldn't say this but - you are one sick little MF! bahahahah! glad to see you back bud!

  6. Heroditus Huxley, I know
    Phelan, Glad you enjoyed
    Stephen, The tail was next.
    Kymber, Stephen is a little strange sometimes, I try and keep him straight.
    MDR, you're welcome. castration, would be one place to start also.
    Mudbug, I thought it out, if the front legs are gone it is perfect for rooting in the mud, less strain on their back and the belly stays nice.