Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Junk Mail Solutions.

We all complain about the economy but what do we do to help it out?  I like to solve problems so here is one of my solutions. 
  I get lots of junk mail (like a lot of you I am sure) and I have read many ways stop it or slow it down but this is what's partially wrong with our economy, I mean business has it's hands full fighting all the regulations and taxes that 0bama lumps on them and so to drum up business they send out junk mail to advertise their products and services and what do we do?.....we throw it away, no wonder they are having such a hard time. 
Here is my solution, I take all my junk mail for the week and open it on the kitchen table and put it in little piles, they all have those postage paid return envelopes which is perfect. I survey all the different products I see before me and think...........
 I decide that AARP might like to have information on new window blinds for their office so I put all that information in their little 'postage paid' envelope. Maybe the AARP information I will forward to Progressive Insurance, I mean everyone likes to see what the competition is doing. I might send information on swimming pool products to Disney Vacations, they must have tons of pools so just think of the boom in business the pool company might get. I send the Disney Vacation information to the phone company (they need a break) and I send Burger King coupons to any elected officials (we need to save tax money somehow) anyway you see how it works, I then put all those postage paid envelopes back in my mail box the next day, stuffed with lots of good information for people who might need it. now here is the beautiful part, just look at all the ways you are helping the economy and environment.
1. Keep funding for the postal service, you see all those postage paid envelopes are money makers for the postal service. If they are thrown away the post office gets no money from them so by using them you help the post office stay solvent.
2. Help keep postal employees employed, this helps keep people working and off food stamps and welfare, how cool is that?
3, Help tree farmers sell more trees for paper, This is a huge boom for the tree farmers. They need to sell their products and it keeps loggers, truckers, fuel company's, tractor dealers, repair people, fertilizer manufacturing, pulp wood mills and a host of other business solvent and hiring people which also keeps them off food stamps as well.
4, Share info with those who need it and keep those business fluid by helping them make sales, If you cant use a service don't waste the information just forward it to someone who might need it, give a struggling company a boost.
5, Save landfill space, This one is for my 'green' friends. Just think of all the landfill space that will be saved by not throwing all the junk mail away.
6, Save money on trash bags, By doing this over the course of a year you save a lot of money on trash bags which is money in your pocket.
  I am sure there are other benefits I have not thought of  but you clearly see the good it can do, sure it is a little time consuming but what is wrong with us if we can't spare a little time to help our fellow citizens so do it for our country, do it for the children.
 Don't be a slacker, be a problem solver and do your part to help our economy. I promise you will sleep good at night knowing you have done so.


  1. Here is one. Those subscription cards that coming in all the magazines, just fill it out for say your local elected official or maybe even the DR office. Mostly I would fill it out for anyone you want to help get more junk mail. Same with the internet ads. Put some well deserved persons phone number on it. Ah congress. Telemarketers just call anyone.

  2. You can always tape a pre-paid envelope to a brick and mail that. They are charged by weight. A concrete block would be even better. To be really nasty you can fill one of the medium mail boxes with dog poo and tape your envelope to that. The possibilities are endless.

    1. I thought about that, but why take something useful and send it to some one/group that is utterly useless?

    2. Robert, Thanks
      Matt, I tend to agree. Thanks

  3. You can also raise their cost for the postage by using a magic marker to obscure the bar code which contains their address. This make the PO handle them and costs first class instead of bulk rate. A guy I met one time was a welder, he would cut 1/4" steel plates the size of the envelope and mail those back.


    1. Eddy59, why waste good steel especially with the price of scrap

  4. LOL, I love it... Gotta start getting a little of my own back! Matter of fact, I need to check the mail... :-)

  5. bahahahahahahahahah! oh my Dear Duke - yer killing me here. and i had to stop and actually check to make sure i wasn't reading The Mohave Rat's blog....and that is a serious compliment.

    your friend,

  6. Kymber, glad to share little tidbits of knowledge. You are so kind as usual. Thanks my friend.

  7. Was just piling up a bunch a junk mail earlier this week wandering what to do with it now I know!