Thursday, January 12, 2012

How would you like to find this in your pond?

During WWII a boy saw a German tank being driven into a Russian lake. Apparently this was done to prevent it from being captured.
60 years later he was relaying the story to others and it was decided to try and find it. He remembered the location and after some exploration it was found. This video shows it being removed. It was later put into running order, it was very well preserved in the lake because the water was very cold and it was buried in the mud. (only 1 minute long)


  1. That was pretty cool. It looked like new. The caterpillar tracks looked like they were moving freely not bad for being in the water for 70 years.

  2. Good morning Duke.

    Lots more info here: ( some adult stuff at the bottom of page)

  3. My first thought is, daily driver.

  4. I remember's great. Makes you wonder what else is hidden waiting out there. Matt was right, the tracks free wheeled.

  5. How incredible! When I walk about and find an arrowhead I am thrilled~this must have been a memory making day for all involved. It looks as if just went in~preserved so well.

    Thanks or sharing

  6. Matt, I guess the cold water and mud has very little oxygen content so corrosion is not a big issue.
    Pissed, Thanks for the link
    Odysseus, Apparently they got it running fairly quickly.
    Stephen, It would be neat to find other stuff like this, ATF would have a cow about the guns.
    Humble Wife, I agree, I would love to be at something like that.

  7. I so need a tank.

    I would make it run and go into business with it. By night, I would drive it around the county. By day, I would go door-to-door selling Tank Insurance.

    "Good evening, Sir or Ma'am. Awful thing, these tanks driving around here, isn't it? Destructive things. Just look how they ran over your neighbor's parked car the other night. But if you should buy my tank insurance to protect your parked car, I'm willing to bet that this will never happen to you. Just a hundred dollars a month. Cash only, please."

    Yep. I could use a good tank, all right. And most of my neighbors are liberal Democrats--they'd pay up.

  8. You may not have a tank but you could offer 'bulldozer insurance', or maybe 'drive-by shooting insurance'

  9. Wish I could find a tank in my pond...

  10. That is pretty darn cool. Being a war history buff, this is awesome.

  11. We The People, Me and you both.
    45er, I thought so. Thanks.

  12. That is soooo cool. If you had a metal detector. You would break the speaker and head phones, from the tone you would get from that thing.
    And if diving with a dry suit for the cold, and a metal detector in hand. You would just about jump out of the suit.

    Now all we all need is a huge pond. I'll supply the metal detector. But we will need a new wet/dry suit. I've put on a few pounds since my last dive.

    1. It is pretty cool, I think it was buried in mostly mud so visibility might have been tough for diving,I used to dive offshore a few years ago, it was fun.