Saturday, January 14, 2012

Not Good # 23

Not a good thing to find in your Fido, here boy....where is Fido????


  1. Poor Fido...we should mount a hunt for these suckers some day...

  2. " Honey have you seen Fido?.....Honey.....Honey??

  3. Snake. It's what's for dinner.

  4. screw Fido - i'd run screaming from that thing in a heartbeat...i really really do not like snakes!

  5. You know what? I love this the critter is dead. Snakes creep me out to no end. Of course in Southern New Mexico, we have a large jar filled with rattles from good rattlesnakes(you know-the dead kind).


  6. Stephen, good plan.
    John, a snake this size could eat a person for sure
    Odyesseus, I think this fence was electric
    45er, Lot of meals in this sucker.
    Kymber, I am not fond of them either, I can stand them but I don't want to be surprised by them.
    Humble Wife, It is pretty neat, I agree a good snake is a dead one, you do have your share of rattlers out there.