Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Not Good # 21

Not a good time to ask your wife for a favor. 
PS, I did not take this picture at Stephen's  home.


  1. Given what Stephen got his wife for Christmas such behavior would earn a Darwin Award.

  2. She painted my boat, man. My boat.

  3. That's a funny name for a boat.
    And did the windstorm knock over the yard sale?

  4. Odysseus, Very true.
    Stephen, I'm trying to cover for 'ya man.
    Mudbug, That would be a funny name on a boat, I bet someone has tried it.

  5. There was a woman near here who rented one of those flashing, 4X8 signs on wheels and put it in the front yard with the message "$&$&$ is a lying, cheating, adulterous SOB! Quiet the conversation starter around the community. HA

  6. that's just too awesome buddy! and aren't you going a little too hard on Stephen? he's a bit sensitive ya know?

    your friend,

  7. Swamp Dog, that would be funny and like you say, cause a lot of talk
    Kymber, Stephen can handle it, but I was careful not to pin this on him.