Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ultimate Assault Weapon

Alright, got your attention, maybe a little misleading but something to ponder. I have long been a fan of shotguns for defense, I know they have limits for range but if you think about it there is no other gun which has the capability to deliver 2 shots faster than a double barrel, in fact most can fire both barrels at the same time and with 00 Buck there is nothing than can come close to delivering 18 chunks of 30+ caliber lead down range faster.
I was pondering all this a few weeks ago and decided to do some tinkering. I had a double barrel coach gun with exposed hammers and decided to 'play' with it so to speak.  I stripped the finish and gave it an oil rub stock to subdue it somewhat. I then installed sling swivels on the stock and barrel rib. I caution anyone about drilling and tapping the rib on a double (not a job for faint of heart) as the barrels almost touch in the center of the rib and you could easily drill into them or damage them. I finished it up by slipping a shell holder on the stock and installing a aftermarket SKS sling.
I like the exposed hammers because it makes it safer to carry it loaded and is not cocked till the hammers are activated. I know it is not a gun to replace a MBR but it would make a nice supplemental piece and excellent for close range work. Even the military has had shotguns in their arsenal for over 100 years and realize their benefit and value.
Not a bad choice for a 'truck' or 'trunk' gun and if broken down it fits easily into most back packs or hand luggage.
Shotguns can be had cheap, maybe not many double barrels but certainly pumps and they to make good defense pieces (in fact the military uses pumps). I think any serious prepper should consider a shotgun in their arsenal. The shells can be reloaded by hand with no special tools and ammo may be easier to obtain one day because it is not viewed as 'dangerous' as 223 for example, even Wally Wart keeps it out on open shelves and not locked up like other ammo, I don't understand their reasoning because I can't think of ANY weapon I would dread more at close range.


  1. I need to stay on your good side and out of range. ;) Great post sir.

  2. Duke, 'ole buddy, I agree with all my heart. Now, on my fireplace mantel sits a nice old double barrel 12 gauge...and it sure needs one of those nice sling jobs...and well, was wondering if perhaps you'd like the job. I mean, it'd be easy for me to slip her into the truck and take her out to the Boar's Nest for our next meeting....'ole buddy of mine.

  3. Good post and great timing, Duke.

    I was also thinking that in a neighbor hood setting, you're not as likely to shoot through 2 or 3 walls and possibly kill your neighbor as you might with an AR or a 44 or 357 when you are defending against a home invader.

    That's something that's been on my mind lately. Does that sound about right?

  4. Rich T and Rob's Bunker thanks.
    Stephen, Might could do, this was the first one I had done and it worked well but I went slow but it was a little scarey when I drilled and tapped right up to the barrels.
    Matt, you are right, if you are concerned about penetrating multiple walls a shotgun would be a good choice. Even small shot size in center body mass would inflict major trauma at close range that probably could not be survived. While not near as potent the Taurus Judge offers some of the same benefits.

  5. I like double barrels because the extra weight helps with the recoil(to me). You also have a good point about not setting off Mall-Ninja alarms unless...

  6. Absolutely! I used to have a Mossberg 500A for HD - but I found that the Savage O/U was quicker to deploy and a little less obtrusive where I kept it at the ready. The sling with ammo finished it off nicely. AND the others in the family took to it quicker that the pump action.

    Excellent write up!

  7. Stephen shoved me over here, though I would have ended up here eventually. I have an old SxS 20 gauge for the wife. I think that would be pretty substantial if she had to use it.

  8. I have a double-barrel Stoeger Coach Gun for home defense and like the way you're thinking, Duke. However, if you're talking about an "assault" weapon, e.g. door-kicking in Afghanistan or SWAT in the States, I'd much prefer a reliable semi-auto.

    Whatever you choose ... practice, practice, practice.

    BTW, Stephen sent me.

    Author of The Union Creek Journal

  9. A 12 gauge is the last weapon I added to my collection, and enjoy it tremendously. I wouldn't have such a good selection of weapons without the help of bloggers like you, Stephen, Arsenius, and others.


  10. Odysseus, good points
    JC Speiser, Thanks, yes they are nice to have.
    45er, a 20 ga. is still a good choice, I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end.
    Mudinyeri, I used 'assault' loosely here, I was talking mainly about defense but I think the shotgun is overlooked a lot as well. BTW some SWAT teams use shotguns at times.
    Mudbug, Good choice, 12 ga. is worth having for sure.

  11. Stephen directed me your way as well.
    A 12 ga (Maverick 88 by Mossberg) was one of the first guns I bought when I started my collection, it can be used for a number of things from deer hunting to target shooting to home defense. IMO, no one should be without a good shotgun or two.
    Besides, shooting clay targets on the fly is just a lot of fun.

  12. Duke - that's a real Beaut ya got there! couldn't agree with you more!

    your friend,

  13. Larry, I agree and shooting clays is fun and good practice. Shotguns are extremely versatile.
    Kymber, Thanks.